Yu Gi Oh: Master of Magicians - Season 2 V.4

Yu Gi Oh: Master of Magicians - Season 2 V.4

DVD (Stereo)

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Yu Gi Oh: Master of Magicians - Season 2 V.4

Package Description: The Master of Magicians - Part II EPISODE 161: It's DARK MAGICIAN versus DARK MAGICIAN! However, while YUGI only controls one DARK MAGICIAN, ARKANA has three residing in his deck! Though outnumbered, YUGI never gives up, as long as he believes in the heart of the cards!? The Master of Magicians - Part III EPISODE 162: To counter ARKANA's DARK MAGICIAN, YUGI pulls a rabbit out of his hat and fights back with his secret weapon, DARK MAGICIAN GIRL! It's the battle of the sexes to determine the true master of spell casting! Playing with a Parasite - Part I EPISODE 163: The trickster WEEVIL spins a web of lies to bait JOEY into a lopsided duel! WEEVIL secretly infests JOEY's deck with a parasite that prevents JOEY from summoning high-level monsters! Without the support of his most powerful beasts, what chance does JOEY have against a monster even YUGI didn't dare face at Duelist Kingdom, the PERFECTLY ULTIMATE GREAT MOTH!?? Playing with a Parasite - Part II EPISODE 164: JOEY swats GREAT MOTH only to have WEEVIL let loose the ferocious INSECT QUEEN, the crown jewel of insects that grows in strength for every creepy crawler it cannibalizes! Will WEEVIL's loyal pain swarm JOEY straight out of the tournament?

Product Details

Release Date: 04/06/2004
UPC: 0704400056420
Rating: NR
Source: Funimation Prod
Sound: [stereo]
Time: 1:20:00

Special Features

Photo gallery; Season 3 show opening; Dueling lingo; Exclusive music video

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