Dying into Life

Dying into Life

by Sahar Ghamati Ph.D


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ISBN-13: 9781504336666
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 01/06/2016
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.27(d)

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Dying into Life

By Sahar Ghamati

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Sahar Ghamati Ph.D
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-3666-6


Love The Body And Mind

One of the scariest aspects of dying is losing our body. This physical body that we have grown so accustomed to during our life and that is the first thing we identify ourselves with is actually an instrument carrying us through our earthly experiences. When we lose touch with our true and divine self and discern our being in a physical and material way, it's only natural to be frightened by the thought of giving up the only thing we know as our self. If we have learned anything from people who have gone through an NDE, it is the fact that they still existed and were even stronger after leaving their physical form. Death is only the end of the material and substantial experience we have with our divine being and is a transition from matter to spirit.

The fact that this body and the physical urges relative to it are at our disposal for a short earthly period shows us the important role they actually have for our soul's growth. We are meant to experience our divine being with a physical exposure and expand our innate abilities to be able to break through this restricting structure, to rise above the limiting walls of physicality with our inner strength of wisdom and love and make a big leap in our soul's evolution to its inherent excellence and wisdom. I see now that the body assigned to me for this specific earthly journey is in truth the best assistant to me on my path and needs to be meticulously cared for and respected.

There are so many things we are here to experience and a very important one is the physical aspect of ourselves. Being from the all-encompassing God and carrying his traits, we are qualified to go through all dimensions. Now we are experiencing the spiritual aspect combined with the physical. There is a limit to this specific experience though. We will never have this body at this point in time ever again, so we might as well take the best care of it and let it help us through this journey.

While we are on this planet going through this experience, we need to be conscious of our one and only vessel, our body. This body we are in now is the only ride we have to use on this journey. Thin or fat, black or white, tall or short, it's our only option to be able to experience the physical world, no replacements nor exchanges. We need to love it and take the utmost care of it so it can help us achieve our goals and learn the lessons regarding the physical world.

I understand this fact and from this moment I will love my body and respect it fully. I love the lumps, the lines, the imperfections and perfections. All this body can do and can't do is part of the master plan for my growth. All the incompetency and aptitudes are different ways of achieving awareness as humans go through different and unique experiences solely of their own. All our features are blessings bestowed upon us to help us through life. There are so many lessons in what we have and don't, and all lessons are unique to each and every one of us, alone.

Seeing all our body can or can't do as a precious gift helps us appreciate, respect and love it as we should. We start respecting it by understanding its needs for the right nourishment and appropriate downtime for healing. Provided that we listen to our body and trust that by getting in touch with it we will know the right ways of nourishing and empowering it, our body will in return fulfill its potential to help us reach our physical needs to have a consummate earthly experience. Our body is in complete union with the state of our mind and soul. An ill-minded person that exercises negativity and ill thoughts in her life will go on to have a weak and diseased body. Anita Moorjani mentions in her book Dying to Be Me, "I understood that my body is only a reflection of my internal state. If my inner self were aware of its greatness and connection with All-that-is, my body would soon reflect that and heal rapidly."

I myself have firsthand experience in this matter. I have lived with multiple sclerosis since 2003. Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks itself and ruins the nerve cell covering called myelin. The result shown in MRI scans is white dots that are actually scar tissues called plaques created by the destruction of the myelin sheath. An MRI scan that was done on my brain about two years ago showed numerous plaques, the biggest of which was 1.5 centimeters. I decided to help my overall health and therefore manage my M.S. symptoms by being more positive, doing regular meditations and keeping myself happy and calm. Heeding my body's needs, I didn't over-exhaust or over-heat myself. As a result I have been feeling more in control of my M.S. symptoms and healthier overall. I had another MRI scan done recently and it showed significant reduction in the number of the plaques and in the size of the biggest plaque–from 1.5 centimeters to 6 millimeters, almost one third of its former size! I am proof of the fact that if you keep your internal self satisfied, at peace and happy, you will definitely affect your body's health for the better.

There are so many easy ways to take care of our bodies. One is letting the creative energy of our body and mind move freely in whatever way it needs to, by walking, swimming, dancing, wheeling ourselves to the fresh and open air of the outdoors or singing at the top of our voice. Some may enjoy painting or writing poems. We need to get the energy of the universe flowing and let creativity blossom through us. Even if it is just by cooking a new dish we are appreciating and helping ourselves.

We need to be attentive to the things we put in our body, providing it with fresh air, fresh water and fresh produce that are in sync with our body's needs and use, rather than bad chemicals and artificially produced food that don't give us any kind of nutrients. The same is true for our minds. The emotions and thoughts going through our mind during the day need to pass through filters and be purified. Get rid of any negativity of the day that has accumulated in you by any means that you are comfortable with. When it comes to what you put in your body and mind just think, "If it doesn't benefit me I don't need to keep it."

We can give our body and mind a much deserved time of relaxing and just calming down, away from all the activities and the rat race of life. Daily time put aside to just get in touch with its own innate state of health and peace is imperative. There are so many different ways for each of us to enjoy the peace and quiet of our body and mind. We might enjoy walks in nature, listening to music, meditating, taking short naps, reading or writing. As long as we are aware of our inner calm and let it work its magic on our body and mind we are on the right track.

The important thing to always keep in mind is to put yourself first. I know to a lot of people this might sound selfish, but it's the most honest and necessary trait we need to apply in our life. The closest entity to each human is their own self. I am the only person that truly understands and knows of what goes on in my heart, mind and body. I am the only one that can help me blossom and achieve whatever it is I desire and lead myself to failure or success. So the first person I need to take care of and respect is myself. A person who doesn't respect and value themselves first, isn't reliable to take care of any other being. You have to first show the utmost respect for the person that never ever leaves you, the person that is with you in the loneliest hours of the dark as well as the brightest and happiest experiences of joy.

How can I be trusted with another being's care or upbringing if I don't care enough about my own needs and desires? How could I say I truly love or respect someone when I don't show the slightest attention to myself?! There is a big difference between being selfish and being self respecting. A selfish person's main care is his or her own ego's desires not the desires of the soul. The soul sees the equal beauty in each being and is observant of the divinity and communion of all, but the ego only cares about the materialistic desires of one and doesn't care about the bigger picture which is sharing and intertwining each soul's growth and journey with all and evolving as a divine unity.

A self-respecting person understands the uniformity of all beings and knows that to care about the Whole you have to start with the closest person to you, which is you. By respecting yourself and the spiritual or material desires that are derived from the soul's physical journey, you have taken the first and most important step toward respecting and caring for the Whole. A woman who isn't in contact with her own inner desires or doesn't pay attention to fulfilling her soul's needs isn't going to be as productive as she can be in her roles as a lover, wife or a mother. A man that has been so far from his soul's innate needs and has so far failed to maintain peace within himself is, of course, untrustworthy to be a good mate, father or son. When we put the most important being in our life second, third or sometimes last, we are that much farther from the synchronicity of the soul's divine peace. All turmoil arises from not being in contact with our true serene self and that causes misconduct and discord in our personal and social lives.

When we care about the person in the mirror, try to fulfill his immanent divine desires and show him or her the respect and love that we mistakenly request from others, we will open the doors to a life of joy and peace with amazing experiences of love and support because we won't be looking for attention and approval from an outer source and we are the main source of love and care for ourselves. When I sincerely love myself, don't blame or judge myself for any misbehavior and provide the support and care I desire on my own, I won't long for a savior on a white horse to come and change my life. I have the means to change my life to the better at any point with the power of my own love and inner peace. Believing in and living with this awareness renders me fit to be in any other kind of relationship and take on roles as a good daughter, caring sister, loving wife and a giving mother. I first need to be in love with myself, shower myself with my inner peace, enjoy my own support and abilities, and have a deep and joyous relationship with myself. Then and only then can I have prosperous relationships with others, otherwise any relationship I have will end up being a wreck of disharmony and commotion that has started from within myself. I now know that if I'm hurting inside due to detachment from my inner serenity caused by not paying enough attention to my soul's innate desires, I can't function to my full capacity in my personal and social life. So first I need to treat the disorder within and heal the wounds by paying attention to what's being called out at me from my soul and meeting my inner desires. Until then I can't possibly behave according to my higher essence and have healthy relationships with others. After all nothing pleasant can flourish from a damaged field.

Carrying out lesson 1

1. Spend a few moments every morning admiring the person in the mirror. Let her/him know how special they are to you and mention some of the unique and amazing qualities that make you, you!

Mirror work is a very effective practice of self love. Try looking deep into your own eyes and letting yourself know how important and amazing you are. No one can tell you what a marvelous human being you are and name your amazing characteristics better than yourself. Some people don't take a look in the mirror all day, or if they do, they don't stop to take a moment to admire what they see. The more you send love your own way and appreciate all there is about yourself, the more love you will start to feel inside. It's as simple as that, take a moment to love yourself.

2. Do one thing that will make YOU happy each day.

Every single day, pick something that you know will make you happy and do it. It really doesn't need to be anything drastic. It could be calling a favorite aunt, having coffee with your friend, drinking coffee by the fire with your favorite book or dressing up for no reason whatsoever. The important thing is to pick something that would make you happy. Most of the things we do daily are to please other people, be it our spouse, child or boss. I want you to choose something that you will really enjoy and do it. Do it for the sake of making yourself happy. After all there is no one more important than you and only if you make an effort to make yourself happy can you be genuine in doing things to make others happy. So make it a habit of deciding on one thing to do each day, just for yourself.

3. Spend a few minutes of absolute alone time every single day.

How can we truly know what our soul desires unless we take some time every day to figure it out? Our soul is desperately waiting for us to pay some attention to it, to be in touch and listen to its desires and wishes. It really isn't a lot to ask but the results will be incomparable. It only takes a few minutes of alone time with no distractions, doing nothing but diving inside your soul and simply listening. You will be amazed by the peace and understanding you carry through your day just by spending this time with yourself. Isn't it a shame that we plan all our events and meetings and make sure to have enough time for important people but neglect the most important one of all, our self?


Review Your Daily Life

One of the things that all near death experiencers go through is reviewing their life. Reviewing whatever they did or didn't do and finally being able to somewhat understand some of the ripple effects of their decisions and actions. In the book, Saved by the Light, Dannion Brinkley talks about his life review experience, "The depth of emotion I experienced during this life review was astonishing. Not only could I feel the way both I and the other person had felt, I could also feel the feelings of the next person they reacted to. I was on a chain reaction of emotion, one that showed how deeply we affect one another."

My father once had an encounter with death that luckily ended well. He was flying a T-38 (a front-seat-back-seat supersonic fighter trainer) in Columbus, Mississippi in 1978. After he finished his five maneuvers in the 10000-25000 feet above ground with an impressed response from his check-pilot, he unlocked his shoulder harness to stretch a little. The check-pilot who was in control of the plane at this point and was having trouble pulling back the stick while accelerating for a loop at 15000 feet yelled for my dad to help him pull the stick back. My dad found that his stick was jammed against his seat and therefore couldn't be pulled back. The instructor told him to prepare for bailout. My dad reached for the arming handles but discovered he could not bailout for the stick was jammed against his seat.

This is when the horrifying reality hit him, passing 8000 feet with the airspeed approaching the maximum structural limit; they were plummeting to their death. He felt a cold shivering sweat and a sharp pain, almost paralyzing his whole body. He started seeing all the important events of his life. He saw every milestone and important contributory event of his life pass by in front of his eyes, faster than the speed of the plummeting jet. He saw all his loved ones and at last my mom who at that point was newly engaged to him. Suddenly a voice within told him to check behind him and that's when he realized what had happened. My dad's back cushion which was issued by the flight surgeon had slipped behind his seat's bottom cushion while he was suspended in a state of negative g's, forcing it forward, thus jamming against the stick. He pulled out the back cushion freeing his seat cushion and stick just as the airspeed indicator needle was a small fraction away from the point of structural damage and the altitude was a terrifying 1000 feet (actually a few hundred feet above the terrain). He pulled on the stick with all the force he could muster, saving both their lives.


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