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Springer Netherlands
Dynamic Pulse Buckling: Theory and Experiment / Edition 1

Dynamic Pulse Buckling: Theory and Experiment / Edition 1

by H.E. Lindberg, A.L. Florence


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Dynamic Pulse Buckling: Theory and Experiment / Edition 1

This book originally appeared as a text prepared for the Defense Nuclear Agency to summarize research on dynamic pulse buckling, by the authors and their colleagues at SRI International, during the period from 1960 to 1980. The original printing of 300 copies by the DNA Press was followed shortly by a small second printing to meet the demand by readers who heard of the book from the primary recipients. This supply was also quickly exhausted, to researchers and practicing engineers outside the DNA community and to academics who wanted to include the material in courses on elastic and plastic stability of structures. Commercial publication by Martinus Nijhoff Publishers was therefore undertaken to meet the needs of this broader community. The objective of the book was to gather into a cohesive whole material that had been published in reports and the open literature during the two decade period. In the process of knitting this material together, a substantial amount of new work was done. The book therefore contains many new results never published in the open literature.

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ISBN-13: 9789024735662
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 07/31/1987
Series: Mechanics of Elastic Stability , #12
Edition description: 1987
Pages: 404
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.- 1.1 Forms of Dynamic Buckling.- 1.2 Examples of Dynamic Pulse Buckling.- 2. Impact Buckling of Bars.- 2.1 Introduction.- 2.2 Elastic Buckling of Long Bars.- 2.2.1 Equations of Motion.- 2.2.2 Static Elastic Buckling of a Simply Supported Bar.- 2.2.3 Theory of Dynamic Elastic Buckling of a Simply Supported Bar.- 2.2.4 Amplification Functions.- 2.2.5 Dynamic Elastic Buckling under Eccentric Load.- 2.2.6 Dynamic Elastic Buckling with Random Imperfections.- 2.2.7 Framing Camera Observations of Dynamic Elastic Buckling.- 2.2.8 Streak Camera Observations--Effects of the Moving Stress Wave.- 2.2.9 Experiments on Rubber Strips--Statistical Observations.- 2.2.10 Buckling Thresholds in Aluminum Strips.- 2.3 Dynamic Plastic Flow Buckling of Bars.- 2.3.1 Introduction.- 2.3.2 Differential Equation of Motion.- 2.3.3 The Initially Straight Bar.- 2.3.4 The Nearly Straight Bar.- 2.3.5 Comparisons of Theoretical Model and Experimental Results.- 3. Dynamic Pulse Buckling of Rings and Cylindrical Shells From Radial Loads.- 3.1 Introduction.- 3.2 Dynamic Plastic Flow Buckling of Rings and Long Cylindrical Shells From Uniform Radial Impulse.- 3.2.1 Introduction.- 3.2.2 Postulated Character of the Motion-Dynamic Flow Buckling.- 3.2.3 Equation of Motion.- 3.2.4 Perfectly Circular Ring, Almost Uniform Initial Radial Velocity.- 3.2.5 Strain Rate Reversal.- 3.2.6 The Buckling Terms-Representative Numerical Cases.- 3.2.7 Experimental Technique and Characteristic Results.- 3.2.8 Comparison of Experiment with Theory.- 3.2.9 Buckling Threshold.- 3.3 Dynamic Elastic Buckling of Rings and Cylindrical Shells From Uniform Radial Impulse.- 3.3.1 Introduction.- 3.3.2 Theory of Elastic Shell Motion.- 3.3.3 Initial Growth of the Flexural Modes--The Stability Parameter.- 3.3.4 Small Initial Velocity--Autoparametric Vibrations.- 3.3.5 Intermediate Initial Velocity--Onset of Pulse Buckling.- 3.3.6 High Initial Velocity--Pulse Buckling.- 3.4 Critical Radial Impulses for Elastic and Plastic Flow Buckling of Rings and Long Cylindrical Shells.- 3.4.1 Approach.- 3.4.2 Strain Hardening in Engineering Metals.- 3.4.3 Equations of Motion.- 3.4.4 Plastic Flow Buckling.- 3.4.5 Summary of Formulas for Critical Impulse.- 3.4.6 Buckling with a Cosine Impulse Distribution.- 3.4.7 Effects of Strain Rate Reversal.- 3.5 Dynamic Pulse Buckling of Cylindrical Shells From Transient Radial Pressure.- 3.5.1 Approach and Equations of Motion.- 3.5.2 Donnell Equations for Elastic Buckling.- 3.5.3 Fourier Series Solution--Static Buckling.- 3.5.4 Critical Pressure-Impulse Curves for Dynamic Buckling.- 3.5.5 Simple Formulas for Critical Curves.- 3.5.6 Experimental Results and Comparison with Theory.- 4. Flow Buckling Of Cylindrical Shells From Uniform Radial Impulse.- 4.1 Plastic Flow Buckling With Hardening and Directional Moments.- 4.1.1 Theory of Plastic Cylindrical Shells.- 4.1.2 Effect of Shell Length on Strain Rates.- 4.1.3 The Unperturbed Motion.- 4.1.4 Axial Strain Distribution.- 4.1.5 Perturbed Motion.- 4.1.6 Directional Moments.- 4.1.7 Governing Equation.- 4.1.8 Modal Solution.- 4.1.9 Amplification Functions.- 4.1.10 Asymptotic Solutions for Terminal Motion.- 4.1.11 Strain Hardening Moments Only.- 4.1.12 Directional Moments Only.- 4.1.13 Directional and Hardening Moments.- 4.1.14 Displacement and Velocity Imperfections.- 4.1.15 Threshold Impulse.- 4.1.16 Comparison of Theory and Experiment.- 4.2 Viscoplastic Flow Buckling with Directional Moments.- 4.2.1 Viscoplastic Moments.- 4.2.2 Theory of Viscoplastic Cylindrical Shells.- 4.2.3 The Unperturbed Motion.- 4.2.4 Perturbed Motion.- 4.2.5 Governing Equation.- 4.2.6 Modal Solution.- 4.2.7 Amplification Functions.- 4.2.8 Approximate Solutions for Terminal Motion.- 4.2.9 Preferred Modes and Threshold Impulses.- 4.2.10 Displacement and Velocity Imperfections.- 4.2.11 Viscoplastic and Directional Moments.- 4.2.12 Comparison of Theory and Experiment.- 4.3 Critical Velocity for Collapse of Cylindrical Shells Without Buckling.- 4.3.1 Strain-Hardening Moments Only.- 4.3.2 Strain Rate Moments Only.- 5. Dynamic Buckling of Cylindrical Shells Under Axial Impact.- 5.1 Dynamic Buckling of Cylindrical Shells Under Elastic Axial Impact.- 5.1.1 Analytical Formulation.- 5.1.2 Static Buckling.- 5.1.3 Amplification Functions for Dynamic Buckling.- 5.1.4 Buckling From Random Imperfections.- 5.1.5 Impact Experiments.- 5.1.6 Formula for Threshold Buckling.- 5.1.7 Dynamic Buckling Under Step Loads.- 5.2 Axial Plastic Flow Buckling of Cylindrical Shells.- 5.2.1 Introduction.- 5.2.2 Unperturbed Motion.- 5.2.3 Perturbed Motion.- 5.2.4 Governing Equations.- 5.2.5 Modal Solutions.- 5.2.6 Amplification Functions.- 5.2.7 Preferred Mode and Critical Velocity Formulas.- 5.2.8 Directional and Hardening Moments.- 5.2.9 Description of Experiments.- 5.2.10 Comparison of Theory and Experiment.- 5.2.11 Slow Buckling.- 5.2.12 Axial Impact of Plates.- 5.3 Forces and Energy Absorption During Axial Plastic Collapse of Tubes.- 5.3.1 Axial Collapse Experiments.- 5.3.2 Theoretical Estimates of Collapse Forces.- 5.3.3 Comparison of Theory and Experiment.- 6. Plastic Flow Buckling of Rectangular Plates.- 6.1 Introduction.- 6.2 Perturbational Flexure.- 6.3 Governing Equation.- 6.3.1 General Loading.- 6.3.2 Uniaxial Compression.- 6.4 Uniaxial Compression of Simply Supported Plates.- 6.4.1 Modal Solution.- 6.4.2 Amplification Functions.- 6.4.3 Preferred Mode and Critical Velocity Formulas.- 6.4.4 Directional and Hardening Moments.- 6.5 Uniaxial Compression of Unsupported Plates.- 6.5.1 Governing Equation, Modal Solution, and Amplification Functions.- 6.5.2 Preferred Mode and Critical Velocity Formulas.- 6.6 Comparison of Theoretical and Experimental Results.- 6.7 Slow Buckling.

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