Dynamics Of Life

Dynamics Of Life

by Terry Slayton


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The main focus of a number of Terry's poems is to raise the conscious level of our political leaders towards the hardships and injustices of America's working class. Having been greatly affected herself, while working for several companies and corporations during certain stages in her life, by the new trend in lay offs, down sizing, job freezes and restructuring, she would ideally like to see our great nation return to a more stable work environment. Terry would like to see all of America, who have the need and desire to work, be equally and gainfully employed.
The more lighted hearted poems which include a broad array of poems on love, fantasy, comedy, wonder, silliness, encouragement and sentiment are for the reader's enjoyment with hopes that they will create a smiling face, a reminder of good times, both old and new, as well as also giving the reader a desire for positive living. In addition, my hope is that the reader will gain the perseverance and strength to continue to seek and reach their goals. Finally, Terry's greatest hope is that her poems will aspire and inspire the reader to "Remember to follow your dreams and never give up"!

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