Dyslexia: Sinistra Invictus

Dyslexia: Sinistra Invictus

by Carol Miller


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Book Description

Both the scientist and the layman tend to assume a distinction between the visual and the cognitive, but for the dyslexic the cognitive is visual. He learns from what he sees because he registers knowledge visually. But to benefit from both or apply the one to the other he must cease to see them as opposing forces; they are balance scales, each with benefits. Only then will he find harmony instead of torment. Carol Miller, journalist, artist, scholar and traveler (Ancestral, The World Over, The Bookcase, The Winged Prophet from Hermes to Quetzalcoatl, Other Stories), has given us her books on comparative religion and mythology, on Syria and the Ancient Near East, on Africa and the origins of humans, with their foibles, their fanaticism, their gentle devotion, their bellicose imperative. The journey now leads within, to the mysterious wiring in the right hemisphere of the brain, its perceptions, imagination, intuition and creativity, along with its painful vulnerability, and its persecution through history. Here we explore the nature of dyslexia, not as a curse but as a gift, of limitless potential. Dyslexia, left-handedness, invincible.

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ISBN-13: 9781543289824
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/13/2017
Pages: 160
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About the Author

Carol Miller is an anthropologist who has studied the Machvaia Roma of California. Gypsy ritual, belief and celebration are the topics of most of her scholarly publications. Carol Miller lives in Seattle.

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