The E-Business Formula for Success

The E-Business Formula for Success

by Susan Sweeney


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ISBN-13: 9781885068606
Publisher: Maximum Press
Publication date: 01/28/2001
Pages: 338
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Table of Contents

Part 1Understanding e-Business
Chapter 1e-Business Overview3
What Is e-Business?4
Industry Overview5
Chapter 2Demystifying e-Business Myths8
Myth #1"Anyone Can Build a Web Site."8
Myth #2"If You Build It, They Will Come."10
Myth #3"My Online Store Will Offer the Same Products and Services as My Offline Store."11
Myth #4"My Web Developer Takes Care of That."11
Myth #5"My Web Site is the Same As My Corporate Brochure."12
Myth #6"E-business is e-Business is e-Business."13
Chapter 3The e-Business Formula14
Understanding the Formula14
Everyone is Different15
Applying the Formula16
Chapter 4Laying the Foundation18
Some Things to Consider18
Taking Payment20
The Advantages of Taking Online Payments20
Acquire an Internet Merchant Account21
Protecting Your Customers23
Locate a Payment Processing Company25
Storefront Solutions27
Select Storefront Features That Meet Your Objectives28
Use a Storefront Template Service43
Using an ASP46
Purchase Storefront Development Software46
Program and Develop Your Own Storefront48
Use a Hybrid Storefront System50
Customer Service50
Internet Resources for This Chapter51
Part 2The Right e-Business Model
Chapter 5e-Business Model 1--Electronic Order Taking55
Is Model 1 for You?55
Exploring e-Business Model 156
Ordering Alternatives57
Behind the Scenes59
Chapter 6e-Business Model 2--Accepting Electronic Payment60
Is Model 2 for You?60
Exploring e-Business Model 262
Chapter 7e-Business Model 3--Storefront Selection and Payment Automation67
Exploring e-Business Model 367
Who Uses e-Business Model 3?68
Before You Get Started69
Storefront Solutions Recap71
Other Considerations88
Chapter 8e-Business Model 4--The Fully Integrated e-Business Solution91
Exploring e-Business Model 491
A Closer Look at Integration99
Chapter 9Start with your Objectives101
Setting Primary Objectives101
Setting Secondary Objectives103
A Final Word on Objectives107
Part 3The Right Web Site
Chapter 10Designing a Dynamite Site from the Start111
Building Traffic to Your Site111
Objectives of Your Web Site111
Clearly Present Your Web Site Message112
Take Advantage of Your Competitor's Sites112
The Importance of Your Domain Name113
Web Site Design Essentials115
Proper Use of Web Site Graphics118
Use Site Maps to Make Navigation Simple120
Use Page Titles to Identify Your Site120
How the Browsers See Your Site120
Meeting Marketing Objectives with Different Web Site Features121
Using Meta-Information to Guide the Search Engines122
Internet Resources for This Chapter125
Chapter 11Going Beyond the Basics127
Spread the Word with Viral Marketing127
Leverage Your Site with Permission Marketing129
Personalize the Experience for Your Visitors131
Chapter 12Enhancing the Experience with Rich Media135
Streaming and Nonstreaming Media135
Advertising with Rich Media137
Uses of Webcasting138
Internet Resources for This Chapter139
Chapter 13What the Innovators Are Doing141
CRM in the e-Business World141
Personalizing the User Experience143
Providing Optimal Customer Service144
Managing Opportunity in Real Time147
e-Tailers are preparing for m-Commerce147
Internet Resources for This Chapter148
Part 4The Right Traffic
Chapter 14Preparing Your Site for the Search Engines153
Understanding Search Engines154
Image Maps156
Dynamic Pages and Special Characters157
Splash Pages and the Use of Rich Media157
Page Size158
Use of Tables158
Keywords Are Critical159
Know Your Competition160
Keep in Touch with the Trends161
Use Descriptive Page Titles163
Design Effective Meta-Tags168
Page Content Considerations169
Additional Design Techniques170
Internet Resources for This Chapter171
Chapter 15Generating Repeat Traffic and Building Consumer Loyalty173
How to Get Repeat Visits173
Coupons and Discounts175
A Calendar of Events176
Contests and Competitions177
Resourceful Links178
Providing a Tip of the Day or Week178
Get Bookmarked179
Bulletin Boards179
Site of the Day or Week179
Cartoons, Jokes, and Trivia179
Update Reminders181
Events Reminders181
Real-time Chat Sessions182
Advice Columns183
Virtual Postcards183
Photo Galleries183
Online Training Sessions184
Loyalty and Reward Programs184
Permission Marketing184
Internet Resources for This Chapter185
Chapter 16Increase Your Sales Force with Associate and Affiliate Programs187
What Are My Affiliate Program Options?188
Selecting the Right Affiliate Type for You190
How Affiliate Programs Can Boost Traffic and Online Sales191
Affiliate Tracking Software191
Internet Resources for This Chapter193
Chapter 17Setting Up Shop in Cybermalls194
Cybermall Categories194
Selecting the Right Cybermall195
More Than One Cybermall?197
What Will It Cost to Participate?197
Where Are Cybermalls Found?198
Internet Resources for This Chapter198
Chapter 18Submitting Your Site to the Search Engines and Directories200
Understanding Search Engines and Directories200
Search Engines and Spiders201
Getting In-depth with Directories203
The Submission Process203
It Doesn't Always Come for Free206
Internet Resources for this Chapter209
Chapter 19Use Effective E-mail Marketing211
Getting Connected with E-mail211
How to Write Effective E-mail Messages212
HTML or Text Messages?217
Internet Resources for This Chapter218
Chapter 20Reaching Out with Mail Lists220
Connecting with Your Target Audience220
Types of Mail Lists221
Composing Effective E-mail Messages223
Starting Your Own Private Mail List224
Starting Your Own Publicly Available Mailing List226
Internet Resources for This Chapter227
Chapter 21The Value of Incoming Links229
Finding Web Sites to Link From230
Tools for Identifying Competitors' Links232
Arranging Links233
What Is a Meta-Index?236
How to Find Meta-Indexes236
Enhancing Your Links for Optimal Exposure236
Widening Horizons with Web Rings237
How Web Rings Can Increase Your Exposure238
How to Participate in Web Rings239
Internet Resources for This Chapter240
Chapter 22A Closer Look at Banner Advertising242
Keeping Your Advertising Objectives in Mind242
The Various Forms of Banner Ads244
Banner Ad Design Tips248
Taking Advantage of Ad Networks250
Saving Money with Banner Exchange Programs251
Bartering for Mutual Benefits with Banner Trading252
Internet Resources for This Chapter252
Chapter 23Spread the Word through Media Relations255
Managing Successful Public Relations255
Publicity vs. Advertising256
What Is a Press Release?256
Advantages of Interactive Press Releases258
Sending Press Releases on Your Own vs. Using a Distribution Service259
Tips for Press Release Distribution260
Formatting Your E-mail Press Release261
What Is Considered Newsworthy?262
What Isn't Considered Newsworthy?262
Preparing Your Press Kits/Media Kits263
Develop an Online Media Center for Public Relations263
Internet Resources for this Chapter264
Chapter 24E-zines and Other Online Publications267
E-zines Defined268
Web-based E-zines268
E-mail E-zines269
Promoting Your Site through E-zines269
E-zine Publishing's Three Golden Rules270
Internet Resources for This Chapter271
Chapter 25Communication with Your Target Market through Newsgroups272
Newsgroups--An Ideal Marketing Vehicle272
The Benefits of Newsgroups273
Different Newsgroup Categories273
Target Appropriate Newsgroups274
Read the FAQs and Abide by the Rules275
"Lurking" for Potential Customers276
Posting Messages on Newsgroups276
Signature Files as Your e-Business Card277
Advertising When Advertising Isn't Allowed277
Internet Resources for this Chapter278
Chapter 26Winning Web Site Awards and Being Voted "Cool Site of the Day"280
How Do You Get Nominated?280
Choosing Your Awards and Submitting to Win281
Cool Sites: What's Hot and What's Not?282
Posting your awards on your site283
Internet Resources for this Chapter283
Chapter 27Generating Online Exposure the Offline Way285
Offline Promotion Objectives285
URL Exposure through Company Material286
URL Exposure through Promotional Items287
URL Exposure through Clothing288
URL Exposure on Novelty Items289
URL Exposure on Your Products289
Internet Resources for This Chapter290
Chapter 28Measure Your Success with Web Traffic Analysis291
Do You Know Who Is Visiting Your Web Site?291
What Is a Log File, and What Can It Tell You?292
Web Traffic Analysis Options293
Learning from Log File Analysis294
Internet Resources for This Chapter299
Appendix ATerminology303
Appendix BImplementation and Maintenance Schedule312
Appendix CStorefront Features Selection Chart319

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