E-Girls Entrepreneurial Women Revised Edition: HOW to Start Your Dream Business and WHERE You Go From There!

E-Girls Entrepreneurial Women Revised Edition: HOW to Start Your Dream Business and WHERE You Go From There!

by Sandra T. Lemire


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I am an Entrepreneur starting in 1979, the last time I worked on someone else’s

payroll. I’ve started and owned 9 businesses, including sole-proprietorship’s, both

kinds of corporations, and an LLC. (Limited Liability Company). In these last

forty years each business has taught me and led me to the next. A journey that

has carried my dreams heading to future dreams that I might not yet have even


I wrote this Guide to become a handbook for women of all ages who have a desire

to become an entrepreneur. I want it to be a resource for creating your team, and

as a “Go-To” book that will be your friend for many years to come. It’s for all of

you who have a dream or an idea that inspires you to reach for potential success or

create your own future by becoming engaged in structuring your own lives.

When you are an entrepreneur at heart, sooner or later you will have questions.

You’ll need advice to rely on; need to call on the voices of past E-Girls called

“experience,” fi nd networks to help you get over the hurdles, and become inspired

by others who have gone before you.

Entrepreneurs are not necessarily only engaged in “making money” as their sole

purpose. They might also be volunteers, or organizers of food banks, rescue

organizations collecting donations, or church activities needing leaders to reach

goals just to name a few. The goal, your goal, must be bigger than just making

money! The “mission of the company” is paramount to success. This is a place for

God to show you the way if you reach out to HIM.

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ISBN-13: 9781949338850
Publisher: Book-Art Press Solutions LLC
Publication date: 12/14/2018
Pages: 244
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About the Author

Author of Four Books Currently Published with another
Release coming very soon. She has also written and been published with a multitude of Narrative Short
Stories. These include articles (often based on her own Research), Essays, as well as being published in many Magazines, Annuals, and Breed Publications. Her articles have been published in "Dog Fancy" and "The
AKC GAZETTE" (the two largest dog publications in the world). She also has a series of children's stories waiting for the right opportunity.

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