E-Learning Techniques Using PowerPoint: Creating Cost Effective and Engaging Learning Experiences

E-Learning Techniques Using PowerPoint: Creating Cost Effective and Engaging Learning Experiences

by David Miller, Veronica Miller


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This book was designed to introduce educators, instructional designers, and college instructors to Microsoft PowerPoint, as an inexpensive software application for developing engaging, appealing and interactive learning solutions. Here you will learn that many of PowerPoint's technical functions and features can be adapted to required instructional design methods, techniques and procedures for producing effective learning experiences.

Content for the book was derived from interviews with learning and development professionals, instructional designers, and teachers, as well as research of best practices in print and online resources. Each chapter is dedicated to providing demonstrations and information on the critical functions, specifications and learning outcomes of instructional design. The primary goal of the book is to help with achievement of meaningful learning whether the delivery mode is e-learning, classroom instruction, tutoring, self-paced learning, wikis, blogs, web-based instruction or computer-based instruction. Listed below are the book's objectives for achieving this goal:

You will learn to:
• Develop course notes that are concise and clear.
• Use methods to break lectures into chunks.
• Choose text boxes as an option to display or list objects, graphics and text.
• Use audio and video in lessons.
• Animate and embed objects to enhance learner understanding.
• Create in-class learning activities.
• Develop learners assessments such as multiple choice, matching and true/false items.
• Upload courses and instructional content online.

I hope that you will have a productive and rewarding experience learning about course creation in PowerPoint.

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ISBN-13: 9781536952810
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/05/2016
Pages: 86
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About the Author

David Miller is an instructional designer in Tampa, Florida. Educated at home by his mother, a certified teacher and experienced instructional designer, David was exposed to a technology-rich learning environment and a diverse curriculum from kindergarten to high school. He had the opportunity to learn from various modes of instruction including the computer, the Internet, CDs, field trips and self-directed projects. David consistently scored above grade level each year that he was tested by certified educators in accordance with Florida's requirements for home schooled students. At fifteen he took the SAT examination and scored high enough to be accepted at most universities. But based on parental guidance, he began his undergraduate education at Hillsborough Community College. Two years later he transferred to the University of South Florida where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology. After obtaining his first degree, David decided to pursue a master's degree in the field of education. Specifically his goal was to apply his technology skills and knowledge to design educational courses and programs. Enrolling at Walden University in the fall of 2011 he began working towards his graduate degree. In January 2014, David graduated with an impressive GPA and a Master of Science degree in Instructional Design and Technology. To date he has authored two technical books and works as an independent contractor developing e-learning courses and management of online instructional programs.

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