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The E-Myth Chiropractor

The E-Myth Chiropractor

5.0 3
by Michael E. Gerber, Frank Sovinsky

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The E-Myth Chiropractor 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
ReadingRoom More than 1 year ago
The E-Myth Chiropractor is a well written book with a very unique perspective of the nuts and bolts of creating and maintaining a chiropractic business.  This unique perspective is based upon the idea of understanding the difference between a chiropractic office and a chiropractic business as well as the importance of acting as an owner not just an employee of your practice.  I have read many books, attended countless seminars and joined many practice management companies throughout the years and this concept has never been presented in any of those.  The book highlights a step by step plan to succeed as an owner, chiropractor as well as personally.  The concepts in this book were easy to follow which made it very easy to implement into my practice.  Another very unique aspect of this book was that it was not written by a chiropractor, although he combines many thoughts/stories from actual chiropractors.  This concept made me think outside the box and take a look at my practice from the outside looking in.  Reading from not only a chiropractor’s prospective allowed me to notice a few things that needed to be corrected immediately; as a businessman not as a chiropractor.  Overall this book allowed me to re-focus, organize and implement a strategic “blueprint” in regards to my chiropractic practice/business that it has been lacking.  Although the book was easy to read it was packed with great ideas and concepts that will take your practice to the next level. ~ Reviewed by Dr. Richard Winch
DrTadR More than 1 year ago
This is a how to manual for Chiropractors on the business of chiropractic and being a Chiropractic Entrepreneur. Mr. Gerber and Dr. Sovinsky break down the essentials of how a highly successful practice works, making it easy for all chiropractors, from early graduates to seasoned chiropractors, to obtain a successful, enjoyable, stress free and profit making business - without spending thousands of dollars in advertising, expensive equipment or consuming every waking hour of the doctor's time. Mr. Gerber brings principles necessary to be a succcessful entrepreneur, in any business, and Dr.Sovinsky shows how these principles are essential for a successful chiropractic business. If you are a chiropractor that wants more out of life and your business, this is the manual for you. Get two books (one for home and office) along with highlighters, because the informational nuggets are everywhere.
DrP96 More than 1 year ago
I was turned on to The E-Myth in Chiropractic school over fifteen years ago and many of the concepts have stuck with me during my time in practice. The challenge that is only now clear, after reading The E-Myth Chiropractor, was how to apply the great ideas and concepts described in The E-Myth to my chiropractic office since "Sarah's pie shop" was the backdrop for the application of these concepts in The E-Myth. Thankfully for us all, Dr. Sovinsky took on that challenge and with Michael Gerber's ingenuity to write books that illustrate the relevance and application to different specific professions, we now have a "Success Guide" to each of our practices. The book literally reads like a 'How To' manual but with the 'Why' behind the task. Without application, these great concepts remain just that, concepts. Now I am reinvigorated and equiped with the knowledge on how to take my business to greater heights. In today's turbulent economic and unstable healthcare market it is necessary to take control of the direction of our practices and this book explains how to do just that. A customized business plan for about $20! This is a no brainer.