E Pluribus ONE: Reclaiming Our Founders' Vision for a United America

E Pluribus ONE: Reclaiming Our Founders' Vision for a United America

by Sophia A. Nelson




Our Founders understood that America was the greatest experiment on earth. And they sealed it with these words: E pluribus Unum: "Out of Many We Are One."

"America is the story of us. And us isn't doing so great right now." Says award winning journalist and author Sophia A. Nelson. Coming on the heels of the raucous and divisive 2016 general election campaign, Nelson attempts to give the nation an inspirational charge and lift by helping us to reclaim our founders' vision for a united and strong America. Nelson reminds us that "we the people" are charged by our founders' to cherish life, liberty, freedom and equality, as well as to safeguard the nation from intrusive governance. The founders' also charged our leaders to be moral, virtuous, patriotic servants of the people.

In this groundbreaking book, Nelson challenges us to live out the call of our founding:

We are ONE America.

We are ONE People.

We are ONE nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Pulling from our founding fathers' core principles of liberty, citizenship, morals, virtues, civic engagement, equality, self-governance, and, when required, civil disobedience, Nelson calls us to a higher standard. She calls us to purpose. And she calls us to rediscover the things that unite us, not divide us.

One is a book that all Americans, regardless of political party, race, religion, or gender can embrace and share with their children and grandchildren for generations. It is a reminder simply of what makes America great and what makes us the envy of the world. Alexis de Tocqueville said it best: "America is great because America is good. If America ever ceases to be good, it will cease to be great." Nelson takes us on a historical, yet very inspirational journey of not just our founding values, but the men and women who walked them out and brought America to be the great light it is in the world over the past 240 years.

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ISBN-13: 9781455569397
Publisher: Center Street
Publication date: 01/17/2017
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Sophia A. Nelson, Esq., is an award-winning author and journalist. She covered the White House from 2010 to 2012 as a reporter during the first term of the historic Obama administration. She is a noted national political pundit, writer, and political insider, who in the past served as a Congressional Committee Counsel in the House of Representatives. She embodies the notion of "Oneness" in everything she does.

Table of Contents

15 Fundamental Codes of Our Founding Fathers 2

Prologue: E Pluribus Unum 5

Section I The Citizens' Codes

1 Be Informed, Engaged, and Self-Governing 33

Paul Revere 40

Elizabeth Cady Stanton 42

2 Be Virtuous and Moral 49

Benjamin Franklin 56

Harriet Beecher Stowe 60

3 Be An Individual-Nonconformity 67

Jackie Robinson 76

Amelia Earhart 79

4 Be Vigilant: Keep Watch on the Government, Establish a Free Press, and Open Courts of Redress 85

Bob Wood-Ward and Carl Bernstein 91

Thurgood marshall 96

5 Be Free in Enterprise and Commerce 103

Cornelius Vanderbilt 106

John D. Rockefeller 106

Andrew Carnegie 106

J.P. Morgan 106

Richard W. Sears (Sears, Roebuck) 112

Madam C.J. Walker 115

6 Be Courageous and Willing to Fight for Established Rights 123

Tecumseh 130

Alice Paul 132

Rosa Parks 133

Martin Luther King, Jr. 136

7 Keep the Family Unit and American Culture Strong 143

Richard and Mildred Loving 150

Cesar Chavez 153

Alex Haley 155

8 Be Engaged in the Free Exercise of Religion 159

Muhammad Ah 169

Sojourner Truth 171

9 The Right to Keep and Bear Arms: Reflections on the Second Amendment 177

Section II The leadership Codes

1 Public Service (Noblesse Oblige) 197

President John F. Kennedy 206

First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy 208

2 Accountability: Submission to the Will of the People 215

Governor Samuel Adams 223

Representative Shirley Chisholm 225

3 Foreign Diplomacy and Statesmanship 229

General George C. Marshall 235

Ambassador Shirley Temple Black 237

4 Equal Protection and Enforcement of the Laws 243

Thaddeus Stevens and the Radical Republican Congress of the 1860s 250

Chief Justice Earl Warren and the U.S. Supreme Court, 1953-1969 252

5 Provide For The Common Defense: Keep the Nation Strong 257

Governor Patrick Henry 264

President Theodore Roosevelt 265

President Harry S. Truman 268

President Ronald Wilson Reagan 269

6 Moral and Virtuous Leadership 275

President Abraham Lincoln 283

Eleanor Roosevelt 287

Senator Margaret Chase Smith 290

Representative Jack F. Kemp 292

7 Visionary and Expansive Leadership 297

President Thomas Jefferson 300

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt 304

President Lyndon B. Johnson 305

Epilogue: The Culmination of the Founders' Vision 311

President Barack H. Obama 314

Acknowledgments 317

Endnotes 322

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