Each Other's Angels: Practicing Personalism as a Catholic Worker Tradition

Each Other's Angels: Practicing Personalism as a Catholic Worker Tradition

by Toni Flynn


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ISBN-13: 9781498205337
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 07/13/2016
Pages: 158
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Toni Flynn resides on the California Central Coast in close proximity to Beatitude House and the Monastery of the Risen Christ. In addition to this current publication, Toni's first book, Finding My Way: A Journey Along the Rim of the Catholic Worker Movement was reprinted in 2015 by Wipf and Stock Publishers.

Table of Contents

Foreword Jeff Dietrich ix

Authors Preface xv

Acknowledgements xxi

Part I Overviews

Come Follow Me, a Catholic Worker Introduction 3

Personalism, Emmanuel Mounier, and the Catholic Worker Movement 6

St. Benedict and Dorothy Day 8

A Few Words About the High Desert Catholic Worker 10

The Salvation Army Homeless Project 12

Roy Bourgeois and the SOA 15

Overview of Toni's Arrest, Trial, and Jails in Georgia 17

Glimpses of Life in a Southern Jail 19

Part II Essays

Chapter 1 The Mean Streets and the Desert 31

A Guy Named Joe 32

A Woman of No Importance 34

Alan: Food and Company 37

Angela 40

Beggar Bowl Woman 42

Bill: A Veteran With Nothing Left To Lean On 45

Doc: Looking For Hope Beyond the Hype of the Season 47

Exiles In the Desert, Part I 50

Exiles In the Desert, Part II 53

Fond Farewell to a Noble Friend 55

Imagine William's World 59

Michael: Soap Box Prophet 63

People With Habits 65

Tiffany: Mary's Word Resounding From the Maryland Hotel 69

Walter: A Baptism of Beans 73

Chapter 2 Protests and Jails 76

Alice: Angel Under the Broom Tree 76

Dora Jean Raises the Cross in Jail 80

Jerry, Phil and Dan 82

Kaya and Tammy: Lessons in Lockdown 86

Kimberly in Ordinary Time 89

Miss Wanda 92

Officer C. 95

Opal Takes On the System 100

Pentagon Man 101

Shannon, Eric, Toni and Elvis, Part I 105

Shannon, Eric, Toni and Elvis, Part II 107

Shannon Faces Chemo and Joanne Meets the Judge 109

Sister Louise 116

Stranger In the Night 120

The MPO 123

The Screaming Man 126

Waiting In the Belly of the Beast for My Grandson's Birth 128

Afterword Eduard Loring 133

We Are Each Others Angels Chuck Brodsky 136

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