Eagles of the Damned

Eagles of the Damned

by David Black


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Eagles of the Damned by David Black

It was autumn in the year AD 9. The summer campaigning season was over. Centurion Rufus and his battle-hardened century were part of three mighty Roman Legions returning to the safety of their winter quarters beside the River Rhine. Like their commanding General, the Centurion and his men suspected nothing.

Little did they know, but the entire Germanica province was about to explode...

* • * • *

Three of Rome's mightiest Legions were systematically and ruthlessly annihilated, during seventy-two hours of unimaginable terror and unrelenting butchery. They were mercilessly slaughtered within the Teutoburg, a vast tract of dark and forbidding forest on the northernmost rim of the Roman Empire.

Little could they have imagined, as they were brutally cut down, their fate had been irrevocably sealed years earlier by their own flawed system of provincial governance, and a rabid traitor's overwhelming thirst for vengeance.But how could such a military catastrophe have ever happened to such a well trained and superbly equipped army?

This is their story...

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ISBN-13: 9781477500156
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/07/2012
Pages: 444
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Best selling author and former soldier David Black now lives and works in Hertfordshire UK. For years, he lived an extraordinary double life as a London taxi driver and reserve SAS Senior Instructor and Troop Sergeant. He has recently launched a new career as a novelist.

His first book - 'PLAYING FOR ENGLAND' - takes a first-hand look at exactly what the SAS require in a man, and what they demand to pass their rigorous and exhausting selection process. With a 90%+ failure rate...you'll have to see for yourself what's entailed!

David Black served with the Territorial SAS, based in Chelsea, London for 11 years while working hard as a black taxi driver in the capital. His double life was the inspiration for his first novel in the new SAS Shadow Squadron series - The Great Satan.

The book is based around the very real concept that Iraq did have a secret weapon of mass destruction, which disappeared during Saddam's overthrow in 2003. The weapon - a small but viable atomic bomb - goes missing in Iraq before eventually turning up in London and threatening the very existence of the city. The hero of the book, Pat Farrell is, like David Black, a part-time SAS soldier and part-time London taxi driver.

David Black said: "I left the regular army after three years because I wanted a normal life. But while I was doing The Knowledge I quickly became bored with a mundane civilian existence, so I joined the TA SAS for some new action and adventure. I loved my life as a part-time soldier and part-time taxi driver. I would be driving around London, picking up and dropping off fares, when suddenly I'd get a call and be summoned in by the Regiment. I'd drive to the barracks in my black cab, park up, go off on a job for as long as was necessary - a day, a week, perhaps a month? - And then return and get straight out on the road again. It was a life filled with incredible adventure and perfect inspiration for my first book, and the forthcoming Shadow Squadron Series."

As well, David has recently written the first of a new series of historical fiction adventure stories - 'SIEGE OF FAITH' - set on Malta in 1565, against the savage backdrop of the Great Ottoman Invasion. Siege of Faith was first published on Amazon in Kindle Format - May 2011, and then published in paperback - October 2011.


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