The Early English Baptists - Volume 1

The Early English Baptists - Volume 1

by Benjamin Evans, Benjamin D. Evans


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ISBN-13: 9781579788971
Publisher: The Baptist Standard Bearer
Publication date: 04/01/2001
Series: The Baptist History Series , #20
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.68(d)

Table of Contents

Early Baptists1
Were the British Churches Baptist?2
Austin's questions5
Baptist sufferers in Henry the Second's time10
Wickliffe--sentiments on Baptism12
The Lollards14
Anabaptist--its misapplication16
Chapter I.The Tudor Dynasty
State of the nation18
Discovery of Printing18
The Papacy19
The spirit of Civil Liberty21
Accession of Henry the Seventh21
His policy--favourable to the Church23
Persecution--the Lollards23
Chapter II.Henry the Eighth
State of Europe on Henry's Accession25
His character and magnificence25
Causes which led to the Reformation27
Low state of religion27
Moral condition of the people31
Glimpse of the popular superstitions32
Wolsey--his influence with Henry33
Aspires to the Popedom37
Conflicting interests of parties in the State37
Baptists, persecution of, by Wareham41
Henry head of the Church42
James Bainham suffers43
Anne Boleyn elevated to the throne45
Dutch Baptists--their sufferings46
Elevation of Cranmer to the Primacy48
Baptism--its varied Ceremonies48
The Pilgrimage of Grace50
Commissions to hunt for Anabaptists51
Elector of Hesse urges Henry to persecute them52
Proclamations against them53
Excluded from a general pardon54
Death of Cromwell55
Condition of the Anglican Church56
Chapter III.Edward the Sixth
The joy of the nation at Edward's birth57
His Accession to the throne58
Parties in the State and the Church59
Urgent need of Reform60
Moral state of the People61
Cranmer's efforts63
The Prayer-Book on Baptism64
Mode of Baptism65
Significancy of Baptism67
Influence of Continental Reformers in England67
Extent of the Reformation68
Baptists persecuted69
Commission to Cranmer to seek them69
Calvin excites persecution against them70
Ridley's Enquiries71
Joan of Kent72
Putts suffers at Colchester75
Baptists in Kent76
Baptists in Kent and Essex77
Hart and the Free-Willers79
Family of Love79
George Van Pare80
Giles Van Bellan81
Death of Edward82
Chapter IV.Mary
Accession of Mary82
State of Parties84
State of the Church84
Mary's early Character86
Influence of the Papacy88
The Spanish Ambassador90
Cardinal Pole in England91
Reconciliation to Rome92
The form of ditto93
Articles issued to the Bishops94
General Apostacy95
Enquiries about Dissidents98
Baptist Martyrs99
Robert Cooke102
Smith and others103
Discussion in Prison108
Philpot on Baptism109
Baptists in East Anglia109
Charge against them111
Bonner's complaints114
Growing hatred to Rome114
Death of Gardiner115
Misery of the Queen116
Her death119
Death of Pole119
Chapter V.Elizabeth
Hostility to Elizabeth121
Her danger from Papal influence121
True estimate of her reign122
State of the Church123
State of society124
State of the Universities125
The Reformation more political than religious127
Elizabeth's difficulties131
Her policy132
Debate between Romanists and Protestants133
Defects of Elizabeth's Reform135
Act of Uniformity138
Controversy about vestments138
Influence of the Separatists from the Church141
Destitution of ministers142
Moral state of the people143
Rise of the Presbyterians144
Rise of the Romanists146
Wide diffusion of Baptist principles147
The cause149
Anabaptists ordered to leave the country149
The minister of the Dutch Church150
Dutch Baptists suffer151
Their examinations152
Their complaints153
Apostacy of some155
Fox's sympathy with them156
Their confession157
The order for their execution158
Somers's account159
Perverted account by historians165
Spread of Anabaptists166
Hatred of Elizabeth to the Puritans166
Strengthened by the Episcopate167
Spread of Puritanism168
Personal character of Elizabeth169
State of religion171
Closing scenes172
The Family of Love (note)174
Chapter VI.The Stuart Dynasty.--James the First
The Stuart Princes176
Influence at work176
Accession of the King181
All parties hopeful182
James's principles184
Appeal of the Puritans186
Hampton Court discussion187
James patronises the Episcopates191
Cause of this191
Bancroft raised to the Primacy192
The Puritans--their position193
Separatists in Holland196
John Smith, Helwys, &c.197
Smith's self-baptism, &c.198
History of it200
Action of the Dutch Baptists203
Subsequent history of the English Baptists in Holland212
Helwys in England217
D'Ewes's testimony to the spread of our principles220
Leonard Busher--Plea for Religious Liberty221
Pilgrim Fathers223
Edward Wightman--his opinions232
Consigned to the secular power--martyrdom233
Close of James's reign234
Personal and social character235
Immoral state of his court236
His death and funeral237
A.Rites and Ceremonies observed about Baptism239
B.The sentence against Joan of Kent, with the certificate made upon it242
C.Examination of Giles Vanbeller243
D.Names of the English who confess their errors, &c.244
E.A short Confession of Faith, by John Smith and his friends245
Confession of Faith253
Confession of Faith254
G.Confession by the remainder of John Smith's company257
H.Letter of Henry Hart, &c.272

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