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Oxford University Press, USA
Early Modern Catholicism: An Anthology of Primary Sources

Early Modern Catholicism: An Anthology of Primary Sources

by Robert S. Miola
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Early Modern Catholicism makes available in modern spelling and punctuation substantial Catholic contributions to literature, history, political thought, devotion, and theology in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Rather than perpetuate the usual stereotypes and misinformation, it provides a fresh look at Catholic writing long suppressed, marginalized, and ignored. The anthology gives back voices to those silenced by prejudice, exile, persecution, or martyrdom while attention to actual texts challenges conventional beliefs about the period.

The anthology is divided into eight sections entitled Controversies, Lives and Deaths, Poetry, Instructions and Devotions, Drama, Histories, Fiction, and Documents, and includes sixteen black and white illustrations from a variety of Early Modern sources. Amongst the selections are texts which illuminate the role of women in recusant community and in the Church; the rich traditions of prayer and mysticism; the theology and politics of martyrdom; the emergence of the Catholic Baroque in literature and art; and the polemical battles fought within the Church and against its enemies. Early Modern Catholicism also provides a context that redefines the established canons of Early Modern England, including such figures as Edmund Spenser, John Donne, John Milton, William Shakespeare, and Ben Jonson.

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ISBN-13: 9780199259854
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication date: 08/23/2007
Pages: 608
Product dimensions: 9.70(w) x 7.60(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Robert S. Miola has been Lecturer in Classics at Loyola College since 1990. He is currently the Gerard Manley Hopkins Professor of English.

Table of Contents

On the New Testament, 1516, Desiderius Erasmus
On Free Will, 1524, Desiderius Erasmus
A Dialogue Concerning Heresies, 1530, Thomas More
A Treatise on Mary, Queen of Scots, 1566, Edmund Plowden
A Treatise of the Images of Christ and of his Saints, 1566, Nicholas Sander
A Letter to the Privy Council, 1580, Edmund Campion
The Tower Debates, 1581, Edmund Campion
Reasons why Catholics may go to Church, 1580, Alban Langdale
A True, Sincere, and Modest Defence of English Catholics, 1588, William Allen
A Declaration of the Sentence and Deposition of Elizabeth, 1588, William Allen
On the King and the Education of the King, 1599, Juan de Mariana
On the Authority of the Pope, 1610, Robert Bellarmine
An Antidote against Purgatory, 1634, Jane Owen
Lives and Deaths
Augustine of Hippo (354-430)
Teresa of Ávila (1515-82)
Thomas More (1477-1535)
Edmund Campion (1540-81)
Margaret Clitherow (1556?-86)
William Weston (1550-1615)
Alexander Rawlins (1555?-95) and Henry Walpole (1558-95)
Toby Matthew (1577-1655)
Mary Ward (1585-1645)
A Lament and Some Ballads
Chidiock Tichborne (1558?-86)
Francis Tregian (1548-1608)
Thomas Pounde (1538-1613)
Henry Constable (1562-1613)
Robert Southwell (1561-95)
Anthony Copley (1567-1607?)
Richard Verstegan (1548-1636)
William Alabaster (1567-1640)
Toby Matthew (1577-1665)
John Donne (1572-1631)
Ben Jonson (1572-1637)
John Beaumont (1583-1627)
William Habington (1605-54)
Gertrude More (1604-33)
Richard Crashaw (1612-49)
Instructions and Devotions
Prayers and Hymns, 11th-16th centuries
The Life of Saint Winifred, 1130, Robert, Prior of Shrewsbury
The Imitation of Christ, 1420-7, Thomas à Kempis
The Spiritual Exercises, 1521-2, Ignatius Loyola
Consolations, 1534, 1588, John Fisher, Thomas More, Robert Southwell
Meditations, 1582, 1589, Luis de Granada, John Bucke
Memoirs of Long Melford, ca. 1590, Roger Martin
Gradualia, 1605, William Byrd
An Introduction to a Devout Life, 1613, Francis de Sales
Partheneia Sacra, 1633, Henry Hawkins
Sancta Sophia, 1657, Augustine Baker
The Pardoner and the Friar, ca. 1530, John Heywood
Iphigeneia in Aulis, ca. 1555, Jane Lumley
Cenodoxus, 1602, Jacob Bidermann
Hamlet, 1599-1601, William Shakespeare
Measure for Measure, 1603-04, William Shakespeare
Pericles, 1606-08, William Shakespeare
Henry VIII, 1613, William Shakespeare
Sejanus, 1603-04, Ben Jonson
The Alchemist, 1610, Ben Jonson
The Renegado, 1624, Philip Massinger
The History of the Church of England, tr. Thomas Stapleton, 1565, Venerable Bede
Rise and Growth of the Anglican Schism, 1585, Nicholas Sander
The Spanish Colony, 1583, Bartolomé de Las Casas
A Treatise of Three Conversions of England, 1603-04, Robert Persons
A Restitution of Decayed Intelligence in Antiquities, 1605, Richard Verstegan
The History of Catholic Ireland, 1621, Philip O'Sullivan-Beare
The Life, Reign, and Death of Edward II, 1627, Elizabeth Cary
Colloquies, 1518, Desiderius Erasmus
Wits, Fits, and Fancies, 1595, Anthony Copley
Wit's Misery, 1596, Thomas Lodge
Prosopopeia, 1596, Thomas Lodge
The Sickness and Death of Queen Elizabeth, 1607, Elizabeth Southwell
Argenis, 1629, John Barclay
Documents (Papal Bulls)
The Inquisition, 1231
The Colonization of the New World, 1493
The Publication of Books, 1515
The Excommunication of Elizabeth I, 1570

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