Earth Facts for Earthlings, Book 1: The World

Earth Facts for Earthlings, Book 1: The World

by Kathy D. Stewart, Effe Team


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ISBN-13: 9780977358304
Publisher: EFFE Books
Publication date: 12/28/2005
Series: Earth Facts for Earthlings Series
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 10.06(w) x 8.53(h) x 0.17(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

Table of Contents

Latitude with Attitude     6
Poles Apart     7
Is Iceland Icy?     8
Is Greenland Green?     9
Snow in the Tropics?     10
Here's the Scoop     11
What's the Connection?     12
"S" as in     13
The Ends of the Earth     14
A Long Night     15
Saltiest Water in the World     16
Does Anything Live in the Dead Sea?     17
The Lowest Point on Earth's Surface     18
"Z" Stuff     19
Can You Tell Which Is Bigger?     20
Now Which Is Bigger?     21
The Largest Country in the World     22
Where in the World Do People Live?     23
Fun Quiz: The Great Lakes     24
The Iceberg Factory     26
Oh, Man!     27
Which Would You Choose?     28
How Many Countries Are in North America?     29
Where on Earth Are These Two Mountains?     30
Mountains of the Moon     31
Which of These Are Satellites?     32
What Exactly Do Satellites Do?     33
The Seven Stans     34
Spanish, English or Something Else?     35
Where in the World Are These Pyramids?     36
Three for One: The Island Country Continent?     37
Are Deserts Cold or Hot, Sandy or Not?     38
One Hump or Two?     39
Island Living     40
Think 70     41
Where Do People Use Chopsticks?     42
The Northernmost Country in Europe     43
Name That Country     44
Where Africa Ends and Asia Begins     45
What's an Is-mus?     46
By Land or Water or Both?     47
Isn't England a Country?     48
On the Equator or Not?     49
What Do You Know about the World's Religions?     50
Which Way Does This River Flow?     51
Name That Tree     52
Hurricane or Typhoon?     53
More "S" Countries     54
How Much of Earth Do Astronauts See?     55
Making the Facts Fit: One After Another     56
Two More "One After Another" Facts     57
The 10-Second Country Quiz     58
Mixed-Up Facts     60
Index of Place Names     62
Fact-Finding Adventures     64

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