Earth Music: Ten Years of Meridian Music - Composers in Performance

Earth Music: Ten Years of Meridian Music - Composers in Performance


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Earth Music: Ten Years of Meridian Music - Composers in Performance

Since 1998, the Meridian Gallery in San Francisco, CA has run a stimulating series of gallery concerts under the umbrella title of Meridian Music: Composers in Performance. Innova's Earth Music is a compilation of 14 cuts taken from live recordings from within this series, several being improvisations from star instrumentalist/composers -- Vinny Golia, Frank Gratkowski, Matthew Sperry, and koto virtuoso Shoko Hikage, to name a few -- and others being excerpts from loosely, or more strictly composed, pieces by Pauline Oliveros, Damon Smith, a voice/cello song by Theresa Wong, and even a simultaneous realization of two Anthony Braxton pieces performed by the series' first curator, Philip Gelb, and pipa player Jie Ma. It's a well-chosen selection, emphasizing some of those magical moments that seem only to emerge from improvising, usually off in the air and gone by the time anyone thinks to hit "record." Thankfully, the curators of the series thought ahead and had the tape rolling before the music got underway. As one might expect, there is a little inconsistency in the sound quality throughout the program, with older tapings sounding a bit more distant and hissy than later ones, suggesting a change in the recording rostrum along the way, or at least evolutionary engineering expertise. Several of the pieces are exceptionally striking, however, such as John Bischoff's "Quarter Turn"; nothing on Earth Music is really long enough to wear out its welcome, and some pieces, such as Shoko Hikage's koto improvisation, seem a little too short. Nevertheless, Earth Music is a solid snapshot of this interesting concert series and provides an enjoyable, ad hoc primer of the improvisation movement in the United States in the naughts.

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Release Date: 02/23/2010
Label: Innova Records
UPC: 0726708675127
catalogNumber: 751

Album Credits

Performance Credits

John Bischoff   electronics
Pauline Oliveros   Accordion
Bob Marsh   Accordion,Vocals
Ben Goldberg   Acoustic Guitar,Clarinet
Jon Raskin   Baritone Saxophone
Frank Gratkowski   Alto Saxophone
Philip Gelb   Shakuhachi
Carla Kihlstedt   Violin
Tom Bickley   Recorder,Vocals
Damon Smith   Contrabass (Vocal)
Shoko Hikage   Koto
Hugh Livingston   Cello
Ellen Burr   Flute
Sara Schoenbeck   Bassoon
Matthew Sperry   Contrabass (Vocal)
John Scott   Acoustic Guitar
Theresa Wong   Cello,Vocals
Viv Corringham   Vocals,electronics
Jie Ma   Pipa
Vinny Giola   Bass Clarinet

Technical Credits

John Bischoff   Composer
Pauline Oliveros   Composer
Anthony Braxton   Composer
Bob Marsh   Composer
Ben Goldberg   Composer
Jon Raskin   Composer
Philip Blackburn   Label Direction
Frank Gratkowski   Composer
Tom Bickley   Composer,Label Direction
Damon Smith   Composer
Shoko Hikage   Composer
Michael Zelner   Label Direction,Engineering
Sara Schoenbeck   Composer
Matthew Sperry   Composer
Theresa Wong   Composer
Viv Corringham   Composer,Field Recording
Vinny Giola   Composer
Robert Koska   Cover Art

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