Earth: An Alien Enterprise: The Shocking Truth Behind the Greatest Cover-Up in Human History

Earth: An Alien Enterprise: The Shocking Truth Behind the Greatest Cover-Up in Human History

by Timothy Good


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A shocking new exposé of the twentieth century’s extraterrestrial encounters (and cover-ups) by distinguished UFOlogist Timothy Good

This fascinating new volume tells the story of contact between aliens and humans from all across the globe, dating back to 1932, including meetings with military personnel and American presidents such as Eisenhower and Kennedy.

For the first time, a former member of MI6 reveals her conversation with Neil Armstrong at a NASA conference, when he confirmed that there were “other” spacecraft on the Moon when Apollo 11 landed in 1969. Armstrong also confirmed that the cia was behind the cover-up.

In a further admission in December 2012, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev revealed that “the president of Russia is given a special top secret folder [that] in its entirety contains information about aliens who have visited our planet. Along with this, the president is given a report of the Special Service that exercises control over aliens in our country. I will not tell you how many of them are among us because it may cause panic.”

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ISBN-13: 9781605984865
Publisher: Pegasus Books
Publication date: 11/14/2013
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.70(d)

About the Author

Timothy Good is one of the world’s leading experts on alien phenomena. He has lectured at the Pentagon and the
French Air Force and also acted as consultant for several
U.S. congressional investigations. Tim is most recently the author of Need to Know. He lives in england.

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An Alien Enterprise: The Shocking Truth Behind The Greatest Cover-Up In Human History

By Timothy Good


Copyright © 2013 Timothy Good
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4804-4814-8



It was a late afternoon in the summer of 1932. A mile and a half east of Killdeer, North Dakota, two farm boys, twelve-year-old Leo Dworshak and his younger brother Mike, had finished their chores for the day and were exploring a grassy hilltop near the farm. It was little Mike who first spotted a strange object in the valley below.

"It was a huge, round thing," Leo recounts in his remarkable book, UFOs Are With Us—Take My Word. "We just stood there gaping at it and began excitedly discussing what it was doing down there and trying our best to understand just what we were seeing. It was silvery, and although it was probably more than half a mile away, we could tell it was certainly as big as our barn, maybe even bigger. It appeared to be perfectly round [and] I counted many different colors of light on it that came from a band around the edge.

"I thought it must be a machine because it was rotating in a complicated way. The flashing colored lights formed an outer shell, like a band or belt that went completely around it at the widest point and was turning one way. The inner shell seemed to be standing still or perhaps turning the other way.... It was totally silent and produced no cloud of exhaust fumes or smoke.

"We stood there on the hilltop for some time, just watching that incredible machine.... Then we decided to try to get closer for a better look. As we began to walk downhill toward the machine, we were still more amazed to find our way blocked by an invisible force that would not let us get any closer. It was as if we were bumping up against an invisible fence or wall. We encountered that invisible 'something' again and again, sliding to one side and the other against its unyielding surface. Finally we gave up our efforts to approach it and just sat on the hillside next to the barrier, watching the machine and debating the situation...."

The boys renewed their efforts to penetrate the invisible barrier by approaching it from different directions. To no avail. "Finally we just sat back down and watched," Leo continued.

"Before too long, we saw the curious rotation slow and eventually stop, and the colorful lights stopped blinking at the edge of the machine. We also noticed that the outer shell now had an opening [that] had somehow opened up in the side of the machine. Out of it came three people who walked down a sort of ramp that, just as miraculously, sprouted out of the side of the machine. They stood in the dry weeds beside their enormous, silvery machine....

"We watched the distant figures very closely and saw that they were all wearing the same type and color of suit or coverall. These people walked only a short distance from the machine and moved around near it.... They finally returned to the machine and closed the door, and the ramp just went away again."

The boys were anxious to return to their farmhouse near Kildeer, a long walk away, in time for dinner. They refrained from telling the rest of the family what had happened. The next day, they hiked directly back to the hillside, but the huge machine was nowhere to be seen, nor did they see it again until two weeks later.

"It was mid-afternoon as we stood in the same valley, looking at the ground, and puzzling about how there was no sign that anyone had even walked here," wrote Leo. "I cannot explain why, but our senses somehow told us to look up. There, high in the sky and almost straight above us, we saw the machine. It was flying! It was an airship! We quickly moved back up the hillside and out of the way behind some bushes. The airship we had spotted was now slowly nearing the valley floor. It was clearly coming in for a landing.

"We could sense a strange stillness that grew about us. This stillness gave us the first hint I can remember of a feeling that these people could stop all movement around them at any given time.... I am certain we were the only witnesses to the ship's landing. The appearance of the ship was the same as we remembered from our first sighting—a mirror-like exterior with a central rotating band that emitted colored lights. When the ship came to rest, the rotating band slowed to a stop, and the lights went out as before."

Once the craft had landed—on four legs with pads at the end of each—the boys were again prevented by the mysterious invisible force from approaching. "We noticed nothing was moving, not a blade of grass or the branches on the bushes," Leo continued. "While we sat by the barrier and watched this huge machine, the strange door started to open again....

"A total of six men emerged from the door and walked down the ramp. They were dressed in a different kind of uniform than when we first saw them, but we were somehow certain they were the same men as we saw before. We were close enough to see that they now wore a shirt-slack type of clothing that looked quite comfortable. We wished we had such fine clothes, instead of our ragged overalls and patched cotton shirts.

"The men began doing something that looked peculiar. We couldn't figure out what they were up to. All six men would repeatedly reach down to the ground and apparently pick up something from the earth. Whether or not they took it with them, we could not tell. I don't know why, but I was convinced they could see us...."

The boys stayed for an hour or so but, as before, needed to return home for supper. "Mike and I were not happy about leaving, but the length of the shadows and the position of the sun told us our time that day was up...."

Leo and Mike decided to tell their parents. "Mom and Dad listened patiently to our excited story," explained Leo. "They agreed with us that something like this machine, this airship, could exist, but advised us just to forget about everything we had told them. We were very, very disappointed at their response to what was for us the most exciting experience of our lives."

The next day, Leo and Mike went into Killdeer, anxious to discuss the matter with their friend Mr. Brooks (described for me by Leo's friend Barry Potter as "an educated, well-traveled man—Killdeer's cosmopolitan intellectual"), who operated the grain elevator and who they thought might be able to explain what they'd seen. "One of our theories about the machine," said Leo, "was that it was a new government plan for killing the hordes of grasshoppers that were eating our crops. We thought these people might be part of a government project to spray the countryside with DDT, a new chemical that was supposed to kill troublesome insects like grasshoppers and mosquitoes." (DDT, per se, was not introduced until 1939. However, as Barry explained to me, Leo had described spray units driving through Killdeer around this time, fogging the neighborhoods with what he referred to as DDT.)

"Boys, I don't think you are crazy," said Mr. Brooks. "I saw one of those things flying through the air without a sound. It was definitely some kind of airship. What I saw fits right in with what you have seen." He was mystified, however, that the machine made no sound, such as produced by Zeppelins, for example.

"In those days, people did not even mention things like what we had seen," Leo explained. "The talk was about the drought and the depression and the government and local doings. Many families went broke in those times and gave up, auctioning the farm to pay the bills and then leaving town. That is part of the reason Mike and I were not afraid when we first saw the ship and the men. I felt that they would do us no harm and might, in some way, help us out. I don't know why I felt like that, but I was convinced we were safe with them...."

Although the boys visited the site repeatedly, it was weeks before they had another encounter. "One afternoon," Leo recounted, "our persistence was rewarded and we again watched the ship come in for a landing. This time, we were about 800 feet from the spaceship when we encountered their invisible wall, the closest we had been to them yet. I still figured there must be some way we could get closer, and somehow get to talk to these men. We waved and hollered, but to no avail."

Many return trips proved uneventful, though others brought insights about the strangers. The boys would check the actual landing area for signs of the landed machine, but found no markings of any kind. "The earth was completely undisturbed," observed Leo. "I thought it was mighty strange that there was no sign of any heavy object having landed there [and that] surely those four mighty prongs beneath the ship would have left some holes in the ground."

One afternoon the boys watched a jackrabbit bounce off the invisible "force field." "The rabbit [then] nuzzled up against the 'wall' with what must have been a sore nose, moved along it one way and the other, and then just hopped off....

"We got a peaceful feeling from [the men]. Their movements near the ship were peaceful and purposeful. I got the feeling they probably were making a survey of some kind. We always thought of them as men, people, humans like us.... Neither of us could quite accept the fact that these people might be from a very distant planet, yet both of us were able to sit there and think about the possibility."

Leo describes the departure of the spaceship. "There was no sound, but we could distinctly feel the earth vibrating," he explained. "This vibration continued for long moments until we wondered what was going to happen. Then we heard a slight hum, and the vibration ended. It was the first time I ever heard anything like a mechanical sound associated with the ship. The outer shell of the ship started turning, rotating faster and faster with perfect smoothness. Then it suddenly started rising....

"Those four tremendous prongs, which were maybe four feet by eight feet, began receding into the body of this flying machine. Again the earth started vibrating and we heard this slight hum. It was not loud enough to draw attention for any distance at all. Then the ship started lifting higher, going straight up. A tremendous amount of colored light flashed out from the ship. It kept going straight up. The speed was so great that when it got about ten or fifteen feet off the ground, it completely vanished...."

"It is significant," Barry pointed out to me, "that although the ship was literally as big as a barn, it did not exert enough force on the earth to leave 'footprints.' The four-foot ? eight-foot prongs would imply four contact points with earth, each the size of two coffins side by side. Perhaps the prongs served an electrical grounding function rather than providing mainly structural support. Vibration ended when the prongs left the earth."

Leo wished they could have taken photographs, but the cost of a camera, films, and processing was beyond most adults in those difficult times. Leo also expressed doubt that the unusual men would want any photographs taken. Attempts to obtain proof were further stalled when the boys failed to persuade some of their playmates to accompany them on their trips.

Another landing occurred toward the end of August 1932. On this occasion the brothers were a little closer than before. "As the ship approached the ground, we found ourselves immersed in the invisible field of force. It came over us like a flood of water that got thicker and thicker as the ship dropped lower and lower until we could not move. Always before, we couldn't get any closer. Now we couldn't get out. We were caught inside the shell of force and were unable to free ourselves, no matter how hard we tried....

"We were just sitting on the ground and watched the door open and the men appear again. The door was so different from any doors we had ever seen, and it opened in such a very unusual way, I have no words to describe it. Anything capable of traveling at such a great speed, I reasoned, would have to be very complex.... We thought if we could get close enough to them, we might be able to talk with them. I knew this wouldn't be easy and I was a little scared to try it ... but they held us in their forces. We could not get any closer to them [so] we just sat there keeping an eye on that ship. They had come here for some other reason than just advertising.

"Here we were, trapped maybe two or three hundred feet from the ship, fighting our feelings of panic. I wish I could adequately convey the way we were rapidly alternating from feelings of fear to safety, from doubt to curiosity, from wonderment to speculation. The great intensity of the experience is very memorable to this day.... They gave us the feeling that they were very interested in what was happening with the plants and creatures in the countryside. These impressions were entering our minds just like our own thoughts."

Three days later, on August 28, at around eight in the evening, the craft returned to the valley. "As we approached the ship, moving carefully down the brushy, uneven hillside, we could see them moving about, strangely illuminated in the growing shadows. We again found ourselves blocked by that invisible force, but we were now far closer than we'd ever been. By this time, we had concluded the barrier was like a magnetic force that affected people and animals instead of iron and steel....

"Six men were outside the craft, all about the same build and size, between five and six feet tall, wearing a similar light coverall or jumpsuit. They appeared to be smooth-faced, with no sign of a beard or moustache. The men near the ship often bent down and touched the ground. From a distance of no more than forty feet, Mike began waving and yelling at them and shaking the bushes to attract their attention, which resulted in the invisible force-field preventing any further approach."

Although convinced the craft was an airship of some kind, at no point did Leo and Mike think the operators were from another planet. "I had to agree with Mike that I didn't think they were Americans," said Leo. "Maybe they were Canadians, though most of the Canadians we had seen looked like ordinary North Dakota Americans to us." However, once the ship had taken off with the familiar spectacular display of brilliant colored lights, and the boys were walking home under the stars, having been released from the force-field, they began to wonder what place the travelers called home.

The boys revisited the landing site the following day at dawn, hoping for another encounter, but nothing happened. They went home, returning to the site in the early afternoon. Again, nothing. But following a hunch, Leo told Mike that they should wait for a while. "After we spent only a short time on the hilltop, our ship approached," said Leo. "We could not understand how, but we felt they had some way they could land the ship and depart again without being seen. We had experienced this before. When we watched them take off, the minute they got a few feet above the ground, we lost sight of them. They were just gone. The feeling was growing in us that they were instantly moving so fast that they were just invisible to us [and] if they could move out that quickly, they could certainly slow their ship just as quickly."

As the boys tried to approach the ship, they were blocked as usual by the force- field—but this time while they were still very near the hilltop. Mike worried that the men might have lost some confidence because of the way he'd acted the previous night. "They did not want us any closer," said Leo, "but again we finally managed to draw their attention. They raised their hands and then mostly ignored us. As we stood watching and speculating about them, we could feel them looking us over, examining us in some way I could not quite define. We felt they were definitely interested in us in a friendly way....


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Table of Contents

Foreword Jonathan Caplan xi

Introduction xv

Part 1 1

Chapter 1 Environmental Survey 3

Chapter 2 Galactic Guardians 25

Chapter 3 Italian Developments 34

Chapter 4 Eisenhower and The Extraterrestrials 45

Chapter 5 Public Landings 64

Chapter 6 Tales from The Vienna Woods 76

Chapter 7 Infiltration 83

Chapter 8 Airborne Encounters 114

Chapter 9 "A New World-U You Can Take It" 131

Chapter 10 Gray Liaison 140

Part 2 163

Chapter 11 The Overlords 165

Chapter 12 Reluctant Guinea Pigs 181

Chapter 13 Amicizia 193

Chapter 14 Alternative Spacecraft 226

Chapter 15 Technology Transfer 253

Chapter 16 Leviathans at the Skies 280

Chapter 17 Exploitation 319

Chapter 18 Special Forces 348

Chapter 19 What On Earth? 370

References 411

Acknowledgments 439

About the Author 443

Index 445

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Earth: An Alien Enterprise: The Shocking Truth Behind the Greatest Cover-Up in Human History 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Timothy Good is the elder statesman of Ufology.  He's battle-worn and I trust his judgement and research.  I read above Top Secret when I was a young guy and I thought 'who is this weird English guy?'  But years later, as an adult, I have a new respect for his style of research.      Earth: An Alien Enterprise' is a good book with a large sampling of UFO and alien reports.  It pulls together various pieces of the puzzle to form a larger picture and reveals a possible motive of the aliens and the powers that be on Earth.  There very well could be a dramatic secret battle between various aliens and Earth humans with more than a few motives involved.  This has far reaching and very important implications for our world and what we consider to be reality.  In particular the book puts a lot of attention on the human types of aliens.  I found this to be a nice departure from the same old story of "Grays" abducting and genetically manipulating humans that we all force fed ad nauseam.  That being said, there is a chapter dedicated to the Grays that is unique.  In addition to all of the varied and informative reports, the book brings breaths new life into the Space Brothers movement of the nineteen fifties.  Passed off as ridiculous, the space brother movement faded away into obscurity because we now know that Venus and Mars are inhabitable. But what if Mars and Venus have underground bases?  And what if the ETs who live there have been there long enough that they would identify themselves as Venetian?  Good makes a strong case for this.   We now know that there are likely to be underground bases in Area 51.  In fact, a close relative of mine worked and lived in Area 51 for years.  He personally revealed to me that he spent a considerable amount of time in underground bases as part of his duties in Area 51.  His wife (a women who is inherently trustworthy) confirmed with me that men from the military or government (dressed in civilian clothes) would show up at the house and take him away without warning.  She knew not to ask any questions and he would always come back a few months later.  He was told that if anyone asked about what he did at Area 51 he was to call a number and report those people immediately.  He also revealed to me that he had worked in other underground bases in farm land areas.  He said that many of these bases are underneath normal looking houses where you would never suspect them to be.  He said there are Military agents dressed in overalls in these areas to fit in with the environment.     I have no doubt that there are underground bases because a person I trust worked in them.  So why would it be so hard to believe that civilizations thousands of years in advance to us would have underground bases in planets that are close to Earth? Good seems to think that George Adamski was telling the truth about his contacts with Venetians.  I've always viewed Adamski as a charlatan but Good sheds some new light on the Adamski case forcing me to take another look.  One of the aspects of the case that Good does not address is the the likelihood that Adamski faked some of his UFO films.  There is a young man named Phil Langdon who posts youtube videos where he shows exactly how Adamski hoaxed the UFO films.  He reproduces the films to a point where one can have no doubt that the films were indeed hoaxed.  But there are other Adamski films that are far more difficult to hoax and are likely genuine. This same mix of obviously hoaxed images and seemingly genuine films can be found in the Edward Meier case.  It would seem that there are people that are indeed contacted by aliens but for whatever reason feel the need to manufacture their own evidence - possibly because they are not satisfied with the genuine evidence they have already accrued.  This would lead me to believe that these "contactees" are not as important to the aliens as they would like to believe they are, and their ego causes them to augment their own importance, while in reality they might have just been in the right place at the right time.  This is an interesting phenomenon that Good does not address in the book.   The book has many other interesting accounts of a varied nature and rather than rehash the same old stories over and over again it overturns stones that other UFO books do not.  For this reason I believe the book to be a cut above the rest.  In a world of you tube sci-fi special effects wannabes, hoaxes, disinformationists, misinformationists, doomsday charlatans with a motive of profit, Good's 'Earth: An Alien Enterprise' is a much needed breath of sober fresh air and has an important underlying warning that we as a race will do good to heed.  This book is a must for any serious UFO buff, but is more of a must for the person who thinks that there is no intelligent life in the universe and that UFOs are not visiting our planet.  That person will have hard time clinging to his beliefs after reading this book.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago