Earth Will Be Re-born: A Sacred Wave is Coming

Earth Will Be Re-born: A Sacred Wave is Coming

by Marc Maramay, Val Young


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Earth Will Be Re-born: A Sacred Wave is Coming by Marc Maramay, Val Young

Earth is on the brink of a great awakening. Mother Earth is to be reborn and Humanity will be reborn with her. We will open again to the One Heart we all share. Through this book, we explore the realms of our One Heart and the living Web that connects us all. We make these exciting journeys in the company of Elders and Guides, Ancestors and Angels who meet as equals in the Circles of Love to weave peace and share wisdom. Enjoy the deep insights and lively stories from these wise ones, including Elders-in-Spirit from the Indigenous traditions of the Earth, as they help us heal our hearts and prepare for our new beginning...

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781905047802
Publisher: Axis Mundi Books
Publication date: 02/25/2007
Pages: 360
Product dimensions: 5.52(w) x 8.54(h) x 1.14(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction     1
The Serpent and the Tree of Love
Begin with One Thread, The Sacred Sphere, Rainbow Circle, In the One Heart: The Golden Thread     20
Sword of Light, The Portal to Truth, The Universal Fabric, One Heart Thread: The Great Game     38
Rainbow Web, All-seeing Eye, Real World of Play, Heart Map, Now Moment: The Rabbit's Wonderful Warren     56
Crystal Cave, Weavers of One Heart, Light within Dark, One Name, The Pearl: The Man by the Lake     77
Source of One Wisdom, Sacred Fire Speaks, Rainbow Flame, Spider Dancers: The Fox's Dream     93
Call of Wild, Rainbow Serpent, Songs of Stone Beings, Chants of Creation: The Flame and her Shadow     112
Orb of One Moment, Threads of Time, Playground Gate, Egg of Creation: The Fledgling and the Egg     124
Flower Portal, Keeper of Dreams, Spiral of Life, Crystal Tree of Ancestry: The World beyond the Field     148
Dark Speaks, Family of the Spectrum, Crystal People, Seeds and Harvest: The Sisters     163
Garden of the One Heart, A Surprise to the Creator, A Lesson of History: The Dancer in the Garden     183
Cosmic Crossroads, The Spinning Wheel, The Rainbow Heart: The Seven-legged Spider     197
A New Earth, Circle of Circles, Rainbow Tribe Rises, The Earth Walk: The Cormorant and the Clam     212
The Sacred Wave, Song of One Love, The Ocean knows Us, The HeartTribe: The Foal with the Golden Mane     227
The Petalled Portal, Elemental Journey, First World, The Web is Torn: The Rainbow Fish and the Shoal     246
Winged Ones, The Second World, New Learning, the Balance of Life: The Fawn and the Stars     266
Lodge of Memories, Way of Peace, The Third World, Pain of the Earth: Flight of the Golden Eagle     283
Star Threads, The Fourth World, The Crazy-Quilt, The Veil of Silence: The Goose and the Golden Egg     304
Wild Horse of Light, Cold Web of Chains, Birth of Fifth World, Earth Reborn: The Bears and the Sacred Cave     217
Breaking the Veils, Fear-Weaving, Embrace in the Cave, Heart of Earth: The Butterfly Awakens     345
Epilogue     365
Afterword     367

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