Easy Adobe Photoshop Elements

Easy Adobe Photoshop Elements

by Gerald Everett Jones



Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780789731128
Publisher: Que
Publication date: 03/30/2004
Series: Easy Series
Pages: 228
Product dimensions: 8.04(w) x 9.98(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

Gerald Everett Jones is the author of more than 20 technical and business books, including Real World Digital Video, Excel for Windows Quick&Easy, and How to Lie with Charts. Besides writing technical books for nontechnical readers, he's had experience developing computer graphics software, as well as writing and producing film and video projects. He lives in Santa Monica, California.

Gerald's Web site is http://www.lapuerta.tv.

Table of Contents

1Learning the Ropes2
Starting Photoshop Elements and Opening a Picture4
Viewing and Adjusting the Active Image Area5
Using the Shortcuts Bar and Browsing for a File6
Selecting Tools from the Toolbox8
Controlling How Tools Behave with the Options Bar10
Using Palettes12
Arranging and Controlling Palettes14
Using the Search Box and Following a Recipe16
Taking a Tutorial17
Setting Your Own Preferences18
Saving Your Work19
2Getting It All Together20
Getting Photos into Your Computer22
Scanning Images24
Grabbing a Video Frame26
Capturing a Frame from a Video File28
Taking an Image from the Clipboard30
Copying a Picture from a Web Page31
Scanning a Slide32
Making a Positive from a Negative35
Importing an Acrobat Image36
Resizing and Printing an Image37
Printing Contact Sheets38
Changing Paper (Canvas) Size40
Printing a Picture Package41
Saving Your Picture Archive on CD42
3Basic Photo Fixing44
Making a Quick Fix46
Making a Quick Fix with a Slider Adjustment47
Undoing Your Mistakes48
Cropping a Picture49
Straightening a Crooked Picture50
Rotating an Image on Opening51
Rotating an Image for Artistic Effect52
Resizing and Resampling an Image53
Transforming Image Perspective54
Adding a White Border to Your Prints56
Removing "Red Eye" in Flash Photos58
Correcting a Color Cast59
Selecting Color Variations60
Replacing a Specific Color61
Adjusting Brightness and Contrast62
Changing a Color Photo to Black and White63
Sharpening Focus64
Making Edges Softer65
Selecting and Coloring Shapes in the Shot66
4Adding Titles and Text68
Adding and Printing Photo Captions70
Adding Text to Prints in a Picture Package72
Overlaying Text on an Image74
Selecting and Editing Text75
Changing Fonts and Text Properties76
Moving or Deleting Text77
Resizing Text78
Creating Vertical Text79
Rotating Text80
Transforming and Skewing Text81
Warping Text82
Adding a Talk Bubble84
Applying a Text Effect86
Adding a Drop Shadow to Text87
Creating "Hollow" Text88
5Creating Snazzy Effects90
Adding a Decorative Border92
Creating a Gradient Fill95
Mounting a Photo on a Fancy Background96
Adding a Beautiful Sky100
Creating a High-Contrast Black-and-White Picture102
Making a Photo Look Like an Oil Painting104
Posterizing a Picture106
Making a Photo Look Like a Sketch107
Applying the Pointillize Filter108
Using a Blur Filter109
6Painting and Drawing110
Creating a Shape112
Adding a Bevel to a Shape113
Filling a Shape with Color114
Using the Eyedropper to Pick a Color115
Using the Color Swatches Palette116
Painting and Drawing with a Brush and Pencil117
Controlling How Brushes Behave118
Painting with the Pattern Stamp119
Using the Erasers120
Softening Edges121
7Flattering Your Subjects122
Adding Eyelight for Personality124
Fixing Dark and Light Areas in a Photo125
Removing or Softening Facial Lines126
Removing Facial Blemishes127
Changing Hair Color127
Flattering by Softening Focus130
Enhancing or Toning Down a Color131
Adding a Vignette to a Portrait132
Adding a Soft Glow134
Trimming Contours on the Face or Body136
8Building Albums and Presentations138
Making a Web Photo Gallery140
Loading Your Photos into Photoshop Album143
Building an Album with Photoshop Album144
Creating a PowerPoint Photo Slideshow147
Creating a Screensaver Show with 3D-Album150
9Using Layers to Combine Photos and Artwork152
Painting on a New Layer154
Copying an Object to a New Layer155
Repositioning a Layer156
Controlling Layers157
Creating a Fill Layer and Adjusting Layer Opacity158
Flipping or Rotating a Layer160
Using an Adjustment Layer161
Using Blending Modes on Layers162
Copying and Pasting a Layer Style163
10Preparing to Publish164
Previewing a Halftone Image for Color Printing166
Previewing a Halftone Image for B&W Printing167
Using Color Management for Commercial Printing168
Preparing a Still Image for Video170
Sending a Picture via Email172
Converting to Indexed Color for the Web173
Optimizing a Picture for the Web174
Saving As an Animated Picture for the Web176
Downloading and Installing the JPEG 2000 Plug-In178
11Choosing Output File Types180
Saving Best-Quality Photos for Printing182
File Formats for Desktop Publishing183
Renaming a Batch of Files184
Converting Files in a Batch186
Applying a Copyright Notice189
12Just for Fun190
Placing Artwork in an Image192
Creating Panoramic Views194
Achieving a 3D Effect196
Try Some "Trick" Photography198
Getting an Antique Look202

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