EasyWalks in Israel: Sites and Stories

EasyWalks in Israel: Sites and Stories

by Aviva Bar-Am



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ISBN-13: 9789659004850
Publisher: Aviva Bar-Am
Publication date: 05/01/1997
Pages: 206

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EasyWalks in Israel makes absorbing reading, even if you can't make it to Israel. An excerpt from the chapter called "Mount Scopus" will give you an idea of what you can find in this unique volume:

"Two thousand years ago, a rich Jew from Alexandria named Nikanor decided to present King Herod with enormous copper gates to adorn the Temple. During the journey by sea from Egypt a tremendous storm came up, and to balance the ship the sailors threw one of the heavy gates overboard. Although the ship made it to safety into Jaffa port, it carried only one of the magnificent gates. Miraculously, the second was washed ashore and eventually both gates were brought to the Temple.

"This story was generally considered only a myth until one Sir John Gray-Hill, a Liverpool attorney, began building a home on Mount Scopus late in the 19th century. During the groundbreaking for his estate, he came upon a burial cave and a sarcophagus with the following Greek inscription: 'The bones of Nikanor who provided the gates of the Temple.'

"You can view this and other Second Temple-period burial caves on a fascinating tour of the botanical gardens at the Hebrew University's Mount Scopus campus. The outing includes a stop at the Gray-Hill mansion, later to become the first building of the first Hebrew University in the world, the view from the unique Hecht synagogue's picture windows, and a visit to the Scopus amphitheater."

Table of Contents

A word About Wheelchairs
Traveling in Israel
Map of Israel
Upper and Eastern Galilee
Hurshat Tal National Park
Huleh Nature Reserve
Nahal Ayoun Nature Reserve (Tanur)
Dado Overlook - Mitzpe Dado
Old Mishmar Hayarden
Scenic Jordan Route

Tiberias, Jordan Valley, Golan Heights and the Foot of Mount Gilboa
Ein Poriya
Swiss Forest
Beit Alpha National Park
Bik'a Monument - Andartat Habik'a
Golan Archeological Museum
Katzrin Doll Museum
Mount Bereniki

Western and Lower Galilee; Carmel and Gilboa Mountains
Tefen Industrial Park
Golani Brigade Memorial Site and Museum
Cyclamen Hill - Giv'at Harakafot
Gilboa Mountains
German Colony - Haifa
Ramat Hanadiv Memorial Gardens

Coastal Region
Neveh Tzedek
Etzel Museum
Yarkon Park - Ganei Yehoshua
Park Lachish Ashdod
Ashdod Sand Dune
Ayalon Institute - Machon Ayalon
Neot Kedumim

Jerusalem, Jerusalem Hills, Judean Desert
Sculpture Route
Nahal Hame'ara
Jerusalem Zoo
American Independence Park
Ein Kobe
Ein Fawwar
Mormon Center
Hebrew University - Mount Scopus
Mount Scopus Observation Point
Mahane Yehuda Neigborhoods and Jaffa Road
Hanevi'im Street
Bell Outpost and Olive Tree Park
Wadi Kelt Overlook - Mitzpe Wadi Kelt

Israel South
Nahal Grar - (Grar Wadi) Park
Amram's Pillars

Important Phone Numbers
Subject and Site Index

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