Eat Like a Dinosaur: Recipe & Guidebook for Gluten-free Kids

Eat Like a Dinosaur: Recipe & Guidebook for Gluten-free Kids


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Don't be fooled by the ever-increasing volume of processed gluten-free goodies on your grocery store shelf! In a world of mass manufactured food products, getting back to basics and cooking real food with and for your children is the most important thing you can do for your family's health and well-being. It can be overwhelming when thinking about where to begin, but with tasty kid-approved recipes, lunch boxes and projects that will steer your child toward meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and healthy fats, Eat Like a Dinosaur will help you make this positive shift.

With an illustrated children's story describing the paleo diet, and colorful, mouthwatering photographs of recipes without grains, dairy, soy and refined sugar, this book is written for children. For those with food allergies, the top 8 allergens have been visually marked on each recipe for children to self-identify recipes that may contain eggs, nuts, fish, or shellfish.

Parents needn't panic! Details on the tools and products your family needs to get started have been provided, as well as an assortment of tips to help you along the way. Eat Like a Dinosaur will inspire your entire family to shop for new ingredients and get into the kitchen together. Let Matt and Stacy, the Paleo Parents, show you how to make the transformation in your family's life. With positivity, practicality and an appreciation for the fact that even the healthiest children sometimes want cupcakes and chicken nuggets—this book simply provides healthier ways to give kids the foods they love.

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ISBN-13: 9781936608874
Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing
Publication date: 03/20/2012
Edition description: Original
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 8 - 2 Years

About the Author

In the home of the Paleo Parents, overwhelming health successes have occurred since adopting a new diet and lifestyle. Matt and Stacy together lost over 200 pounds in a little over a year while their seasonal allergies, bouts of depression and digestive issues have disappeared. In their three young boys asthma, eczema, allergies, attention deficits and self-control issues have been solved. It is the authors' sincere wish that this book will have a positive impact on your family's health and well-being.

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Eat Like a Dinosaur: Recipe & Guidebook for Gluten-free Kids 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 38 reviews.
itsajenism More than 1 year ago
I started following the Paleo Parent's journey a little over a year ago, so when they announced they were writing a book I was excited and couldn't wait to see what it was all about. After reading through the entire book, and making nearly a dozen recipes, this book has become my all-time favorite of all the Paleo/Primal books out there on the market today (and I do own them all!). Every recipe is easy and most don't call for ingredients you don't already have on hand. There is nothing fancy -- it's just real food that tastes GREAT and that kids will love. Of all of the recipes we've tried so far, they have ALL become favorites of our family. Don't be fooled though, this book is not only for busy families who want/need easy, quick and HEALTHY recipes, but they can easily be suitable for busy people without kids as well. Not only is this a cook book, but Paleo Parents talk about their, and their children's, journey through paleo and the drastic difference it has made in their lives. I was touched by the thoughtful and serious descriptions of their previous health ailments and how switching to the paleo (or rather, real food) "diet" has free'd them of these. It touches close to home as my family has made a similar journey and are no longer riddled with similar health problems. I also love the children's story they included. More so, though, my 7 year old son loved it and squealed with joy over the many pictures of their boys and the realization that there really are other children out there that eat (or *have to* eat because of food allergies) just like he does. He was diagnosed with several food allergies (wheat/gluten, soy, cow dairy, eggs and a handful of other grains) right around the same time I came across Paleo Parents, which at times can be a struggle when those around him are constantly eating things he can't have. I can not say enough how invaluable this story is for my family, and especially for my son. He continues to talk about "the boys who eat like him" and how he wishes he knew them in real life. :) One of the biggest struggles we have is finding quick snacks to grab when on the go. "Eat Like a Dinosaur" has been the FIRST paleo/prima/allergy-friendly book I have found that has EASY to make snacks that children will love, that are easy to make, and easy to grab when running out the door. The snacks aren't the only easy recipes though, and for someone like me (who isn't very graceful in the kitchen) the ease of these recipes really make it simple to provide quick, healthy meals for my family without all the fuss. Last, there is a chapter included where Paleo Parents try to share tips and tricks on how to approach diet change with your kids, and the book visually highlights the top 8 allergens so that even children can self-identify recipes that work for them. My 7 year old has already picked out several recipes he wants to try and the food allergy visuals made it especially easy for him to know which recipes to avoid (eggs). I cannot recommend this book enough. It is a great book for ALL families (or anyone, really); from those with food allergies, to those who wish to feed their families whole foods that do not come from packages, those who struggle with health issues or even for those who struggle with getting their children excited about foods they aren't used to eating. When we serve meals from recipes in this book, my 7 year old and 2 year old both finish the entire plates and always ask for more... and we all know how hard it can be to get our kids to eat all of the healthy foods. This book has really become a treasure in our family and we plan on purchasing and/or recommending it to all of our friends/families.
QsMama More than 1 year ago
This book is a MUST for Paleo and great for children with food allergies! My family has been eating Paleo/Primal for four years. My daughter started the lifestyle before she was born and was used to just eating what mommy and daddy had on their plates. But then, Paleo Parents came around and released Eat Like a Dinosaur. When the book arrived I had to wait my turn! My daughter is just shy of two years old and knew the book was for her and started flipping pages. She enjoyed the cartoons and the creativity and so I used it as an opportunity to discuss food. Our family doesn't suffer from allergies but we do avoid certain foods. I found the allergy bar on the page edges to be one of the greatest children's cookbook ideas I have ever seen. A child who may be too young to read and recognize ingredients CAN tell what they can and cannot eat in this book easily from the allergy bar. A simple colored illustration was all it took. We have made MANY of the recipes in the cookbook and my daughter devoured them all. Much to my surprise, many of her traditional diet (picky eater) friends liked the recipes, too. Especially the Maple Chicken Salad. I have yet to meet a person who disagrees that it's the best chicken salad EVER. I cannot emphasize enough that this book is a MUST when introducing your children to a Paleo or Primal lifestyle. It truly engages them, gets their attention and best of all lets them participate in their eating. This book is much more than just a list of recipes as there are many useful suggestions and ideas about where food comes from, how to get your children involved and especially how this lifestyle and diet makes a difference in health. Stacy and Matt and their children are living proof!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Eat Like a Dinosaur, the story of how a family resolved issues of health and behavior by devising a new kind of healthy diet in which kids as well as parents are full partners, is an absorbing piece of work--not "just a cookbook" but a philosophy of health and life, a wise and absorbing commentary on creative parenting, and an inspiring and entertaining story of a family adventure. Reading this book is a happy experience. The text is crystal clear, appealingly modest in its voice, natural and conversational, never wordy, and very persuasive. The storybook design just jumps off the page, especially the sprightly and highly original way recipes are presented. In a word, terrific. Every element of East Like a Dinosaur just jumps off the page.
RSD32 More than 1 year ago
This book is definitely filled with some kid friendly recipes and a good introduction to paleo and its benefits. Its also not filled with a bunch of crazy hard to find ingredients, which is always nice.
MandiM More than 1 year ago
I purchased this book within the first 2 weeks of making the switch as a family to a Paleo style of eating. It is great tool to use to help the younger kids (6, 6 and 4) understand they aren't the only ones eating this way and why we made this healthy change! My 16 year old is just as impressed and I have found her flipping through it for fun stuff she can surprise us all with. Cooking has now become something we come together to do as a family (the "little hands" markers are great!)and as we made their Spaghetti and Meatballs last night my 4 year old excitedly asked, "Mama, are we eating like dinosaurs again?!" Love!
DanielleA More than 1 year ago
We switched to Paleo 4 weeks ago and have been using this book religiously with our full conversion to Paleo. Our children are 1 and 3 years old and these recipes are easy and also involve the kids! How great for them to be in the kitchen with us cooking up "dinosaur food." They just love it, we love it. Happy happy happy all around. I actually became a more confident cook with this book and learned appropriate times to use spices etc... Needless to say we LOVE this book! Definitely should be a staple in anyone's home who practices a Paleo diet!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an awesome cookbook for the entire family. Eating healthy by just making a few simply changes. My favorite part of the book is that the ingredients for most of the meals are simple ingredients that most of us have in our spice cabinets already. Love this book and recommend it to ALL families!!
clnrun More than 1 year ago
I love this book! I had heard of people who actually sit down and read through a cookbook. I did not understand. I read novels, biographies, non-fiction but cookbooks?! Who sits down and reads through a cookbook? Alas, I have joined the ranks of those who do. I literally am mid-way through reading this book. First of all, the design is excellent. It is visually attractive and just "feels good" to look at. The left and right margins are color-coded by chapter/type of food. In the right-hand margin you can tell at a glance if the recipe contains common allergens such as fish, shellfish, tree nuts, eggs, dairy, wheat, peanuts and soy. None of the recipes contain the last four. In the left-hand margin are little "post-its." Some have recipe notes already written on them and some are for YOUR personal notes. How awesome is that?! You can write in how the family enjoyed the recipe, if you used any substitutions or plan to try it a different way next time. Fantastic! In addition to the recipes there are a few other sections at the beginning of the book. Elana Amsterdam wrote the forward. Then there is a "key" containing the icons for the various common allergens I mentioned above as well as little hand prints for steps that children may be able to help with. Following this is the Boring Chapter for Parents. Here you will learn the Paleo Parents' story as well as some kitchen tools and foods it is helpful to have on hand. Chapter 2 is the Eat Like a Dinosaur story for kids. It is a great simple story that kids will enjoy whether or not they eat gluten-free or paleo or primal or not. The illustrations by Amanda Gates are just precious! Lastly, there are a several pages at the end, after all the wonderful-looking recipes, that talk about farmers' markets, u-pick farms, resources, indices, etc. Thumbs up to this fantastic book! I must add my own testimonial to my review. *****HAPPINESS***** My 11-yo ds ate a plateful of kale chips at dinner!!!!! (Yes, this event warrants tons of asterisks, exclamation points and all manner of excitement.) He is EXTREMELY picky, has oral sensory issues as well as anxiety issues and has Crohn's Disease (as of fall 2011). The last time he ate a green vegetable was, well, a long time ago! He even helped me prepare them every step of the way: tearing the kale leaves off the stem, adding olive oil and salt, grating the lemon zest. I got YOUR cookbook Eat Like a Dinosaur and he was looking through it yesterday commenting on various recipes (no meat ones, but this will be an agonizingly slow process). Because it was in a book geared to families and children he was able to feel it could be for HIM. Yeah! THANK YOU, STACY & MATT!
Jens0207 More than 1 year ago
The front cover had my 3 year old son enticed from the moment I opened the box. I loved reading the introduction and how the transition played a role Stacy and Matt's household. Chapter 1 "The Boring Chapter for Parents" was very amusing and very informative, especially with useful tidbits on how to get your household transitioned to a Paleo stocked household. We have already tried two of the recipes: "Grain-Free Granola" on page 175 is absolutely delicious and the perfect fix for the cereal loving folks out there. "Anytime Cookies" on page 171 was the perfect treat. My husband could not believe that I did not add sugar to the mix. The banana, apple, and almond butter naturally sweetens these cookie treats. This is a must have, especially for those with children. I love how the book has useful icons to let you know steps your children can be involved in and the little sticky notes with helpful reminders or tips on the sidebar. Love this book and can't wait to cook some more recipes!
eileenbean More than 1 year ago
Eat Like a Dinosaur is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in a gluten-free lifestyle, especially parents of gluten-free kids or interested in going gluten-free. The Paleo Parents, Stacy and Matt, welcome the reader into their family, offering a genuine, personal narrative about the incredible changes they witnessed in their kids and experienced themselves after removing grains, dairy, and processed foods from their diet. This book is a testament to the love and dedication Stacy and Matt have for their children’s health and well-being, and will certainly be an inspiration for any parent struggling with transitioning their kids to a gluten-free lifestyle. Stacy and Matt provide helpful insight into the benefits of going gluten-free, including improvements in their children’s symptoms of ADHD, eczema, allergies, and childhood obesity. They also offer a wonderful children’s story told from the perspective of their oldest son, Cole, to help parents and children begin a conversation about their food choices. An incredible collection of delicious recipes follows, which is sure to please every dinosaur in your family, young and old! Lastly, they offer ideas for fun family projects that promote an inquisitive, healthy lifestyle, including trips to the local farmer’s market and making fruit and nut bars. Eat Like a Dinosaur is not only bursting with advice and inspiration, but is also a pleasure to read. The design is fantastic and the photos and illustrations are beautiful! Stacy and Matt have created a extremely reader-friendly book, with a recipe key, ingredient index, and allergen guide to help parents find recipes quickly and easily. This is a must have for any gluten-free family!
ForkandBeans More than 1 year ago
I am always looking for new grain, dairy, and refined sugar free recipes and this cookbook does not disappoint. Taking a creative spin on recipes that are known and loved (Caramel Sauce, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Bubble Pudding, etc) but making them friendly for the Paleo palate. I, myself, am not Paleo, in fact I follow a vegetarian diet, however I did find the majority of the recipes to be adaptable...and delicious! Recipes such as Shepperd's Pie and Kale Egg Pie--all have been easily converted to tofu and tempeh dishes. Love this book. Love the story behind the Paleo Parents--a true inspiration!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Talon25man More than 1 year ago
I was very fortunate to get a copy of this book before it was released from my daughter. Although my children are now adults, I have 4 Grandchildren that will benefit from the hard work that The Paleo Parents, Stacy and Matt have done to get this book in the hands of many parents just like them and their family. Everything about this book is amazing, especially for such a young couple, already raising 3 active boys, to produce in such a short period of time. The Paleo Lifestyle has obviously had a tremendous impact on Stacy and Matt, and they are passionate about sharing their amazing transformation with the world. My daughter has already tested many of the recipies on her children and even some on me, and I have to say that they were all delicious. Although I have not adopted the paleo diet completely, I am anxious to try more of these delicious recipies, especially with my Grandchildren.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
maggie_fazeli More than 1 year ago
I’m going to begin this review with a confession: I am not an aspiring paleo parent. In fact, I’m not a parent at all. I am a single, urban 20-something who for the last 6 months has been making the transition from subsisting on a sad diet of frozen meals and protein bars to eating real, whole foods without grains, dairy, legumes or refined/artificial sugar. I read every popular book on the paleo/primal lifestyle, followed countless recipe blogs, and even tracked down annoyingly obscure studies on food allergies and analyses of omega-3:6 ratios. As you can imagine, I felt like I was drowning in information and struggling to make paleo work for me. When “Eat Like a Dinosaur” found it’s way into my life a couple of weeks ago (thanks to a friend), I briefly skimmed through it assuming it wouldn’t apply to my life. But I was distracted by the beautiful, appetizing photos. I slowed my skimming to read the simple, easy-to-follow recipes. And I finally flipped back to read the story of the lovely family that created the book. I learned how Stacy and Matt lost more than 200 pounds combined. And how their children no longer have asthma, eczema, allergies or behavioral issues. Curled up in bed that night, I devoured “Eat Like a Dinosaur,” and it felt like a light-bulb went on in my head. The Paleo Parents story reminded me of the original reason I decided to try paleo: Because I wanted to be free of a cycle of failed diets. Because I wanted to find physical health and emotional well-being. Because I didn’t want to hate my body anymore. That’s a message that’s important for children, parents, and all of us who fall in between. “Eat Like a Dinosaur” may seem like just another cookbook for families, piggy-backing on an extension of the gluten-free trend. But for me, personally, it is so much more. It’s an inspiration to take care of myself and proof that taking the time to treat your body with respect, with foods that nourish/fuel it, is absolutely worth it. I know the paleo/primal eating isn’t for everybody. But I truly believe “Eat Like a Dinosaur” is.
SunflowerCF More than 1 year ago
As an adult diagnosed with gluten sensitivities, I found this very very helpful with large color photographs for each recipe. It gives resources on finding hard to find ingredients. I thought the transition from wheat products would be difficult, but this book breaks it down to a simple level for beginners like me.
Liz_Kirchner More than 1 year ago
I should start by saying that we are not a Paleo family. We are not even gluten or dairy-free. Yet I totally love this book! It is great for us because I like to feed my kids real food and it can be challenging at times to come up with exciting recipes that my kids (ages 4 and 6) will enjoy. Although we do eat gluten, I know that a recipe made with almond flour is going to have a heck of a lot more nutritional value than a similar version made with white flour, and that is where my love for this book begins. The Paleo Parents take every day recipes (spaghetti and meatballs, cupcakes, etc) and "Paelo-ify" them, which basically means they take out all of the gluten, dairy and refined sugars and replace those ingredients with as many healthy and nutritious ingredients as possible while still maintaining the great taste and kid friendly-ness. Other things I love about this book: - It is organized into sections by color so you can easily find the type of recipe you are looking for. - Each page has a handy allergy guide that shows parents and children at a glance if the recipe contains any of the top 8 allergens. - My kids love the colorful recipe photos and pics of the authors' 3 adorable boys helping out in the kitchen and chowing down on their tasty creations. - The recipes are interesting and easily adaptable to suit different tastes. Everyone with kids should have this cookbook!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Eat Like a Dinosaur has been a wonderful addition to our kitchen and will be for anyone who has food allergies or medical and behavioral problems within their family! The beautiful bright colored sections are awesome. They make recipes so easy to find. Raising a new little girl, this book has given me several options for gluten-free treats as well as fun dinners, sauces, lunches and snacks. These recipes are not only for kids, but delicious for adults too! Their recipe for chocolate chip cookies is awesome and I love the meatball salad! The last chapter is a project chapter which holds more hands on ideas for the whole family that not only contribute to a better way of eating, but fun times for the whole family. We can't wait to share the fun of cooking with our daughter and go through the book at her choosing. The fun stories and pictures and cartoons helps the kids feel involved and excited to cook and eat in a healthier manner!
kimstevenson7 More than 1 year ago
Finally, a healthy cookbook my kids are excited about! My five year old is a picky eater and she has loved the recipes in this book, especially the Maple Chicken Salad. Every recipe includes a photo, so it is fun for both my daughters (ages 3 and 5) to look through and help me pick out our next meal. The fun recipe names (like "Rat on a Stick") also reminded me how far a little creativity can go in persuading kids to try new foods.
gjob More than 1 year ago
My kids (and I) love this cookbook! The recipes are easy to follow, with lots of opportunities for the kids to participate in cooking. My kids really enjoy the stories, and are eager to try the recipes to “eat like a dinosaur.” We’ve enjoyed all the recipes we’ve tried so far, and although we don’t always eat Paleo, the recipes are great for my son with Type 1 Diabetes as they help him maintain a post-meal stable blood glucose level. This book not only tells a great story, but along the way our family is learning together about healthy eating habits! It’s a wonderful resource for any kitchen!
SunGryphon More than 1 year ago
My son's favorite cookbook! He likes the big pictures and the story, and I like the way it takes the mystery out of Paleo. I preordered this book back in January and couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I had started myself on Paleo last year, but I had no idea how to go about feeding my now 4-year-old son food he'd actually enjoy. Most of the Paleo/Primal recipes I had weren't exactly kid-friendly (and sometimes not even adult friendly). THIS book makes it easy, clear and simple, with no overly crazy ingredients. There's also an excellent list of tools used in the kitchen, some of which I knew about, but others I didn't. This is my new favorite go-to book for cooking for my family. Even my 4yo is starting to understand now that I can make some of his favorites without worry (just how many chicken nuggets can a 4yo eat in a day? don't answer that). Even better, when we're shopping at the store and he asks for something and I say no, he says "Because it'll make me sick, momma?" That's right bud, but if we eat like a dinosaur we don't get sick, do we? "No way!"
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Eat Like a Dinosaur, is not only an amazing cookbook but a great story of a family's journey to health and well being. I encourage everyone, with children or not, to buy this book and please read the narrative at the beginning of the book first. It is such a compelling story of a young family daring to change their lives for the sake of themselves and their children that you will want to learn how you can start changing your life for the better today. The writing is excellent and easy to understand, the illustrations are superb, and the recipes are well laid out and easy to follow. We have already cooked several of the recipes and they are not only simple to make but delicious as well. Our children are all grown now but this book would have been a great way for us teach our children a healthier and better way of living. It would have also made a great family activity to look through the book and meal plan with the children and even have them help with the meal preparation too. We are looking forward to continuing our paleo diet journey using Eat Like a Dinosaur as our guide.
mijoy17 More than 1 year ago
In a world where children are force fed the idea that sugar laiden processed foods with cartoon character shapes are the "in" thing, it is often difficult for parents to help their children navigate the grocery aisle tantrum free. It is especially difficult when your children are suffering from food allergies such as gluten or caisen. My 6 year old stepson was recently diagnosed with a dairy allergy and my home is now caisen-free. My one year old has both a gluten and a dairy sensitivity. Trying to figure out how to feed these two has been quite the challenge. Eat Like a Dinosaur not only provides kid-friendly (and parent approved) recipes, but it also includes a beautifully illustrated children's story to help you explain to your child how eating healthy can be fun. One of my favorite sections in the book is the chapter on how to make your own protein bars. These bars are often extremely expensive when bought in the store and the Paleo Parents simple recipes give parents on the go a great gluten and caisen free solution when blood sugar levels run low and fast food is not an option. This book is a must have for ANY family with children -- not just those with allergies-- as it promotes eating healthy in a fun and creative way!
BrianneG More than 1 year ago
Eat Like a Dinosaur is not just a book about healthy eating for the whole family, it’s also a love letter that the authors (The Paleo Parents, Matt and Stacy) wrote to their children. Every bright, colorful page draws you into their life and makes Paleo eating seem fun and attainable. The book is thicker and heavier than I thought it would be. As a recipe book that’s intended primarily for kids, I thought it would be fairly light on content. But even though it is a paperback book, it’s substantial! The cover is a bit dark (like a dino), but inside, the happy + bright colors immediately caught my eye. I don’t care for recipe books that are picture-less, and Eat Like a Dinosaur aims to please with full-color pictures for each recipe. Matt and Stacy draw you right into their family, introducing themselves and their three boys and talking about pre- and post-Paleo times. It’s great to read their success stories. Since “going Paleo” they lost a collective total of 200 pounds, their children’s behavior and skin conditions improved, and they became an all-around healthier and happier family. My son enjoyed the brief story that’s included toward the beginning of the book. I love that they focus on getting Paleo kids excited about the food choices they do have, rather than focusing on what they don’t or can’t have. The opening lines of the story resonate with my son: "I don’t eat the same lunch as most of my friends. And I don’t participate in pizza Fridays… My family and I, we’re different because of the way we eat. We eat plants. Dinosaurs like plants. We eat meat. Dinosaurs love meat!" That’s us, too! The cookbook contains over 100 recipes, all of which are free of dairy, wheat, peanuts, and soy. Some of the recipes have silly/disgusting (but fun for kids) names such as Rat on a Stick. My son was (of course) drawn to all of the “treat” recipes. He is dying to try the Watermelon Ice Pops. I can’t wait to try the Black Olive Tapenade and the Maple Chicken Salad. Also: the recipe pages have a cute feature --- “Sticky Notes” where you can write notes to yourself, such as “loved it!” or changes you did (or would) make to the recipe. They thought of everything. The book concludes with ideas for lunchboxes, “make your own night” parties, and fun activities to do as a family to understand where Paleo food comes from. The book concludes with a handy allergen guide for those who need to avoid any of the 8 top allergens. I highly recommend Eat Like a Dinosaur — especially for families with food allergies or sensitivities. It makes the Paleo lifestyle approachable and appealing!