EAT SO WHAT! Smart Ways To Stay Healthy Volume 2

EAT SO WHAT! Smart Ways To Stay Healthy Volume 2

by La Fonceur


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What to Eat, What Not to Eat! Still confused? Clear your confusions with Eat So What!

The book includes a bundle of 5 chapters which will make your life healthy and happy. A Nutrition Food Guide for vegetarians for a disease free healthy life. You know you can prevent most of the diseases with nutrition rich food and healthy lifestyle. The health secrets that no one tells you will reveal in book Eat So What! Smart Ways To Stay Healthy Volume 2.

Following Chapters are included in the book:

• 10 Reasons You Should Start Eating Almonds Every Day.
• 10 Reasons Why Alcohol Is A Big No No!!!
• 10 Smart Ways To Incorporate Pumpkin Into Your Diet.
• Prevention Is Actually Better Than Cure.
• Coconut Burfi Sweet And Healthy.

Book explains the nutrition value of food, gives direction on what to eat and gives smart tricks and tips to make life healthier. Also shows how you can eat everything provided you follow some simple rules.

This book has extracted from book Eat So What! Smart Ways To Stay Healthy.

About the Author

La Fonceur is a Dance Artist and a Health Blogger. La Fonceur is Masters in Pharmacy specialized in Pharmaceutical Technology. She has published a Review Article on "Techniques for Producing Biotechnology-Derived Products of Pharmaceutical Use" in Pharmtechmedica Journal. She is a Registered State Pharmacist. She is National Level GPAT Qualifier in the year 2011 and among Top 1400. Being a Research Scientist, she has worked closely with drugs and based on her experience she believes Vegetarian Foods are the remedy for many diseases, one can prevent most of the diseases with Nutritional Foods and Healthy Lifestyle.

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ISBN-13: 9780464148791
Publisher: Blurb
Publication date: 07/27/2021
Pages: 70
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.19(d)

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