Eating Yourself Sick: How To Stop Obesity, Fatty Liver, And Diabetes From Killing You And Your Family

Eating Yourself Sick: How To Stop Obesity, Fatty Liver, And Diabetes From Killing You And Your Family

by Joseph S. Galati MD


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Stop Eating Yourself Sick
Take Control Of Your Health

The United States will not be able to afford metabolic syndrome,
a combination of disorders including obesity, diabetes,
cardiovascular disease, elevated cholesterol and fatty liver—
all of this is caused by poor eating habits. This could be a potentially fatal epidemic if not controlled, and most importantly, it can significantly impact the health of your children. If present trends continue,
an American has a 57 percent chance of being obese at the age of thirty-five.
So, what’s the solution?

Joseph S. Galati, MD, has decades of experience researching and studying the effects of poor eating habits. After witnessing so many patients with metabolic syndrome, he wrote Eating Yourself Sick: How to Stop Obesity, Fatty Liver, and Diabetes from Killing You and Your Kids to raise awareness of the health issue that’s sweeping across the United
States. In this book, you’ll learn:

The symptoms and challenges of metabolic syndrome

How family structure is critical to your physical well-being

Different diets and food choices that can prevent and treat diseases

The importance of exercise in the face of metabolic syndrome

Now is a time to take charge of your well-being, whether you’re maintaining good health, or striving to achieve it. Dr. Galati seeks to give you the knowledge you need to defeat metabolic syndrome, and live a happy, healthy life.

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ISBN-13: 9781599329147
Publisher: Advantage Media Group
Publication date: 05/03/2018
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 601,981
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About the Author

Joseph S. Galati, MD is a native of Long Island, New York, and has been involved in clinical research in liver disease for over thirty years. Following medical school at St. George’s University of Medicine, he pursued further training in internal medicine at SUNY-Health Science Center-Brooklyn/Kings and expertise in liver disease/transplant medicine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center,
• ne of the finest liver centers in the country. He is the founder of the Liver Specialists of Texas and he is devoted to caring for his patients suffering with both acute and chronic liver disease, as well as individuals with digestive tract disorders.

Dr. Galati has been an invited speaker both nationally and internationally, having lectured in Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Outside of the office, Dr. Galati is an avid photographer, enjoys backpacking, traveling, and cooking at home for his family and friends. He and his wife, Geraldine, are active with several Houston charities, and have two children, Joseph and Elizabeth.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Family, Faith, and Food 1

Chapter 1 Understanding Obesity-Related Disease: Your Wake-Up Call 9

Chapter 2 The Role Of Family, Food, And Lifestyle 33

Chapter 3 Fatty Liver Disease: The Ugly Truth 55

Chapter 4 It's Your Body: Learn How It Works 71

Chapter 5 Take Control Of Your Health-Now 97

Chapter 6 Food Games: Man Food Vs. Earth Food 113

Chapter 7 The Kitchen-And Family-Revival 135

Chapter 8 A Few Cooking Basics 153

Chapter 9 Exercise: It's A Good Thing 175

Chapter 10 We Walk the Walk 189

Conclusion: No Excuses-"You Gotta' Wanna' Do It" 197

About the Author 203

Endnotes 205

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