Ecclesiastical Documents

Ecclesiastical Documents

by Joseph Hunter (Editor)


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The Charter by which King Henry the Second gave to Ranulph, Abbot of Buildwas, the government of the house of Saint Mary of Dublin, is in the Menasticon, N. E. vol. V. p. 363 : but we find nothing in that work relating to the subjection of the more interesting house of Basingwerk, to which the famed well of Saint Winifred belonged. Indeed, there is much uncertainty respecting everything connected with the foundation of Basingwerk, which it is hoped this document will do something to dissipate. We now see that it was a regularly-constituted house of the Cistertian order as early as 1157, when (being then, no doubt, a new foundation) it was placed under the superintendence of the house of Buildwas: that, in or about 1177, the Abbot and Monks had become uneasy under their subjection, and sought, but ineffectually, to free themselves from it. These facts tend strongly to show that the Charter of one of the Henries, by which the church of Glossop in Derbyshire, the well of St. Winifred, and other property, is given to the honse, belongs, as Dodsworth and Dugdale had represented it, to King Henry the Second, and not to King Henry the Third, to whom it has been referred by Bishop Fletewood. See his Life and Miracles of Saint Winifred, 1713, p. 24, as quoted in the New Monasticon. Not that the earlier date of that grant needed this confirmation, as the style of the Charter, and the names of the witnesses, would guide at once to the earlier reign. The Messrs. Lysons have already noticed the mistake (see Magna. Britannia, Derbyshire, p. 165,) and fix upon the year in which the house of Savigney were engaged in settling the position of the new fraternity, as the year of King Henry's grant. There is nothing in the roll to show for what purpose the house of Cistertium called for these...

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