by Alicia Wright Brewster


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ISBN-13: 9780985023027
Publisher: Dragonfairy Press
Publication date: 04/25/2013
Pages: 291
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

Alicia Wright Brewster holds multiple degrees in computer science. This is her debut novel. She lives in Atlanta.

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Echo 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
ConfuzzledShannon More than 1 year ago
Echo is a young adult, fantasy book that takes place in a different world than ours.  This world has people that have learned to master the abilities of the worlds magical elements earth, air, fire and metal. Ashara is the main character. She has learned that she has the power of a etheral.  There is 10 days till the end of the world and Ashara tries to learn her powers quickly. I loved the powerful emotional moments between Lowen and Asha. As I could feel the love and lust through the couple trying hold themselves together.  The most powerful moment comes from a scene with Asha’s best friend Rey.   I loved the characters and hope one day the author returns to them for another book. I possibly wonder if a book could made just about the Believers.  I Loved this book. Something about the characters remind me of Melissa De La Cruz’s Blue Blood series,
Myra-PiecesofWhimsy More than 1 year ago
Echo is a Young Adult Sci-Fi Novel set on a new world that is about to end in ten days. In this world some people have special powers that give them the ability to wield a certain element. The main character, Ashara, learns that she has the ability to manipulate the element 'ether' and is put into one of many task forces that are trying to ascertain what will cause the destruction of the world and how it can be avoided. The characters in this book are great and I would've loved to have heard more of their story. Some I only met briefly, but I was still immediately drawn into their lives and hearts, I would have loved to get to know them more. The story was great! Some of the scenes weren't quite as action-packed and power-ridden as I'd thought they were going to be, but I still thoroughly enjoyed them. The idea of the new timelines was fantastic, though I didn't quite catch on at first, and I loved Loken's metal engravings. The relationships in this book pulled at my heart, whether brotherly/sisterly or romantically inclined. The writing really captured the essence of the emotions and I was easily lost within the folds of each relationship. I really enjoyed the ideas within this book and I thought the writing style was great, but I really think there needed to be more of this book. I think the idea would've done better as a series, or at least a much thicker book. Everything progressed a little too fast and I would've loved more detail in some places. However, the author did a fantastic job and if she can flesh out her stories a little more, I am sure she will have no trouble becoming a favourite author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Littlebookstar More than 1 year ago
What got me hooked on to read Echo is that it’s not the usual dystopian/sci-fi read. Usually in dystopian books, we get to read what happens AFTER the world has been crashed down, wiped out, etc. But in Echo, we get to read on HOW the world is going to end. Although I love the concept of the book, this one falls in the okay/good category read for me. There were times that I was confused, and times where it took me a while to understand what was happening. The things that I love in this book is how the chapters are set up. It has a countdown on how many days left before the world ends (starting with day 10). I also like how there were fantasy elements in the book. I’ve never read a book that has sci-fi, dystopian, and fantasy all in one. The characters has elemental powers, and they use those powers to defeat the Mages which is the villain. The main character is relatable and easily understood. I didn’t have any problems with her, however, she didn’t really stand out with the supporting characters. The things I didn’t like was that the pacing was bit slow for me so it took me longer to read it than I should’ve. As I mentioned before, there were times that I was confused with what was going on. I think it switches scenes too fast for its pace, so one moment I’m reading about flowers, but it quickly changes to trees. I didn’t know why the characters were killing the Mages if it was the end of the world. I mean, don’t you want to spend time with your loved ones if you know for sure that the end is coming? But then there was a twist! I wasn’t even aware of the twist until I read someone else’s review and she explained it. I really liked the romance in this book. The two lovers starts off as not lovers or friends actually, but they were each other’s exes! Overall I recommend this to those who loves sci-fi books or if you’re looking for a fresh dystopian read.
TurningThePagesBlog More than 1 year ago
Echo was the first book I've read by Alicia Wright Brewster and after reading it I can't wait to read another one by her. In Echo we're introduced to a semi-time travel theme with an apocalypse looming, romance, action and some paranormal elements. I thought Echo was a really unique read set in a unique world. I've really got to hand it to the author she did a really solid job in the world building department. I thought they way she went about setting up everything was handled very well and added greatly to the overall effect of the book because I was really able to visualize things that were happening in the story. The plot was also really unique and I liked the idea of a group of people going back in time to stop the destruction of the planet. I haven't read many books with that theme but the ones that I have read were good but I thought the paranormal element to this one made it stand out. The characters were solid although I do wish Ashara had been a little stronger as as character. I mean she was strong but sometimes I wish she stood up for herself and her wants a little more especially when it came to Loken whom I really enjoyed as the other main character. I liked seeing their relationship change and grow and to see them get through past hurts that have been causing them both pain. While the story is about saving the world I also liked the more personal aspects of the story. I liked how it was also a journey of forgiveness as well as sacrifice and thought the author did a bang up job writing a compelling plot line that had more than it's fair share of action to keep the adrenaline junkies amongst us readers intrigued as well as being along for the journey and getting attached to the characters and wanting them to succeed. Overall, this was a quick, enjoyable read with a likable cast of characters that were well developed and a good story line set in an interesting time and place. I can see this one appealing to dystopian and paranormal fans for different reasons as well as being that perfect read to get you out of a reading slump like it did me because it offers something new and different. *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my free and honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are 100% my own.
Book_Sniffers_Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Asha lives in a sci-fi world where humans have elemental powers. In some cases those elemental powers overtake the human, turning them into killing machines called Mages. However, Asha's world has a time limit of only 10 days. I liked the idea of the novel. You have the elementals, the seers (who see the demise of the world), the mages and the time rewinding. It was really cool and original with the whole rewinding of time to try to save the world. Only a select few (those who preform the rewind ritual) actually remember everything that happens. However, for everyone else, their yesterday was actually 9 months ago. Every time they fail to save the world before their allotted time is up, they preform the ritual and start all over again. I also liked the characters in this story. You follow Asha as she becomes integrated in a unit who's purpose is to take out mages. She not even sure why she's part of the team since she has no idea how to use this so called power she has. However, pretty soon she learns to harness her new found power and with help from her other teammates and ex-boyfriend (who's also the team leader) dispatch the mages in the area. Even though I enjoyed the story, I did have some hiccups with the progression of it. I found it to be quite slow moving considering the urgency of the matter at hand. They have 10 days to save the world and for some reason I just didn't get that from the story. It isn't until the last few chapters that I felt the clock ticking and things started to speed up for me. Once everything starts turning chaotic and everyone is scrambling around, that was when I was really invested in the story. Regardless, I still enjoyed the author's writing and was entertained throughout the story.
StephWard More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars 'Echo' is a fast paced young adult science fiction novel that follows Ashara Vinn as she attempts to deal with the end of her world. Since the Council announced the Vision that the world would end, families have been staying together and waiting for the countdown to end. They know that the world is going to end, but they don't know how or why. Ashara wakes one morning to find she has been summoned to the Council for training in the Ethereal task force - which is strange since she has never shown signs of being a manipulator. Once at the Council for training, Ashara is told that the world will likely end due to Mages, the same race of people that murdered her younger brother months ago. On top of that, she must be trained by her ex-boyfriend, Loken, and things aren't exactly going as planned. Will Ashara and Loken, along with the rest of the Council and manipulators, be able to stop the end of the world? Or will their fate depend on something much darker - and more dangerous - like Ashara's death? This was an exciting science fiction novel full of suspense and action that had me hooked from the beginning. Ashara is a great female lead character. She's smart, kind, and devoted to those she loves - but she also has the death of her younger brother on her heart and mind as well as her jumbled emotions for Loken. We see her character develop throughout the story, as she gains maturity and acceptance of her destiny and abilities. Her relationship with Loken is strained and very frustrating at first, but it's not the main plot of the book, so it doesn't consume too much of the story. I liked reading about the history of the planet and the different manipulators and their varying abilities. The author creates a believable new world in the book and I enjoyed learning as much about it as I could. The plot itself was intricately woven and had definite suspense and thrills throughout. The narrative was fast paced but not confusing for the reader, and the writing itself was very well done with vivid descriptions that had me easily imagining I was there alongside the characters as everything was happening. Overall, this was a finely crafted novel that fans of YA science fiction will definitely want to experience. Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
BuriedUnderBooks More than 1 year ago
The phrase “hit the ground running” takes on new meaning in Echo and this is absolutely not a bad thing. Most of the time, we have to wade through a lot of worldbuilding and character development before the story actually gets going good but not this time. Ms. Brewster has wisely let the central premise take root immediately and, after all, why not? Would you want to putz around forever if your world was going to end in just 10 days or would you want to buckle down and get to whatever has to be done to stop the apocalypse? I love the idea of a second Earth that was supposedly colonized by the very people who want a second chance at taking good care of their home planet and yet… their good intentions may all have been for naught. Or have they? If the Elders can rewind time repeatedly, might they find a solution to the problem in one of those timelines? If not, is it a given that they will rewind those ten days on an endless loop? Can you imagine the havoc that could cause in everyday life? The author takes the reader on a journey of despair and hope and redemption and, inevitably, heartbreak. Ms. Brewster is such a good writer with an engaging cast of characters, whether they be good, evil or somewhere inbetween, and her storyline is one of the most creative I’ve seen in young adult fiction in quite a while. Ashara is very likeable, largely because she’s a strong person, not just a strong woman, but she also has some vulnerability, particularly when it comes to Loken. Ah, Loken, what a fella! Don’t get me wrong, though—Ash can be downright whiny at times and definitely difficult to cope with but that’s OK, it’s normal. And let me count the ways I love Rey. One last thing I must mention is the cover. I could be dead wrong on this but I *think* the model is a woman of color. I can’t help questioning myself because I can’t find a mention of it in any other review I’ve located so, if I’m seeing it wrong, I apologize. The large traditional publishers have done a woeful job of promoting protagonists who come from non-white cultures, to the point where they have been known to deliberately have a white model portray a person of color as though no one would notice. They seem to think sales will be hurt if the cover art shows a black or Asian or whatever model and they apparently don’t recognize the value in (1) having a non-white girl or guy on the cover and (2) actually having a model who reflects the character. Anyway, if I’m not dreaming this up (which is always possible), Ash has “light-brown skin” and several other characters have varying degrees of brownness so I applaud Dragonfairy Press for doing what’s right.
Yzabel More than 1 year ago
What attracted me to Echo was the world it depicted—a world on the brink of destruction, more o nthe science-fiction than really dystopian side, with paranormal powers to boot. I liked this world the author wove through her story: close to ours in many aspects, yet with powers based on elements, each practitioner being able to perform feats based on his/her elements (people working with Air can move very fast, those with the power of Metal can bend, extend and control anything containing metal, and so on). The concept of rewinding time, too, was a nice add-on: while it might seem at first sight that it made things too easy, it has its drawbacks, and it quickly becomes clear that it can't be used as a good method to prevent the end of the world, only to delay it. I'm still unsure about what to think of Ashara. On the one hand, she often came as whiny, as boasting "I want to save the world" only to run away at the first sight of real danger; on the other hand, considering how she was brought to the Ethereal task force with only ten days to learn to master powers she never knew she had, I don't think I could blame her for being quite overwhelmed. Other characters, such as Rey or Krin, were more likeable, at least to me. And there was no love triangle. Things between Ashara and Loken were sometimes awkward, sure, but at least their respective relationships were otherwise clearly defined. (I'm no fan of love triangles for the sake of love triangles, if this makes sense; and too often, the YA genre revolves around such devices, as if they had become mandatory. So, kudos to the author, who wisely chose to avoid that.) What I liked less in this book: 1) There are only 10 days left, but I didn't really feel a sense of urgency until the last chapters. Also, Ashara's progress seemed to go to fast past some point, especially if we consider the "quiet" circumstances she was in for most of the story (no spoiling here, but she wasn't so often on the field, nor in actual training). 2) A few points in the story would have deserved more of an explanation, notably the part about Ashara's father. I kind of got it, but... something was still lacking in my opinion. 3) The Elders' decision about Ashara. Somehow, I'd have expected them to be more clever about that whole situation. 4) The temporary shift in points of view near the end, when all the other chapters were from Ashara's. It would've worked better if the story had been told in the third person, and if the technique had been used from the start. Because of those things that tended to annoy me, I'm giving "only" 3 stars to this book. Nevertheless, it remained an enjoyable read, written in a pleasant style, and I enjoyed the world built here by the author.