by Janie Crouch

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Sometimes the deepest scars are the ones that can't be seen.

Single mom Peyton Ward works three jobs to make ends meet. At Linear Tactical she's surrounded by heroes on a regular basis...but none of them are hers. She thought she'd found one in Linear's silent partner, and country music superstar, Cade Conner.

She was wrong.

Unintended wounds still cut just as deep.

Cade may not work day to day operations at Linear, but he takes the mission of the company he helped create—teaching survival intelligence and self-defense skills to the people who need them most—very seriously. And finding out he's wounded Peyton in the worst way possible weighs on him.

So when danger on two separate fronts closes in on her, he will damn well be by her side. Making sure they survive so he can right his personal wrongs.

He might not have been a Special Forces soldier, but Cade Conner knows how to fight. And Peyton is a woman worth fighting for.

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BN ID: 2940161376201
Publisher: Calamittie Jane Publishing
Publication date: 11/12/2019
Series: Linear Tactical Series , #7
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 266
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Echo 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Cheryl-S 3 hours ago
6051172 Cheryl Sanders's review Nov 09, 2019 · edit it was amazing 4.5 Stars This is book 7 in the Linear Tactical series and it features Cade and Peyton. These two have loved each other since she was 18 and he was 21. That was when the magic started. Five years later, a ton of misunderstandings and deceptions and these two have some serious talking to do. They love with the innocence and deep-rooted knowledge that their love is forever, even if she has a hard time trusting that he feels the same as she does. The suspense and action is great, if not a little predictable but the romance more than makes up for it. Jess and Ethan are, without a doubt, my favorite Linear Tactical couple and I can’t wait for the day they get their story because it will be EPIC! I’m looking forward to my next visit with this amazing group of people.
Anonymous 8 hours ago
Get ready to feel all the emotions from happy, angry, love, disappointment and so much more. This book has it all. Be prepared to not want to put it down once you start. A part of the Linear Tactical series, Echo holds its own, but is great if read in order as it references other members of the series. Jamie Crouch weaves an amazing story in this second chance romance including a happy ending. Misunderstanding and assumptions get tangled in jealousy as a stalker tries to frighten Cade and steer his career decisions. Peyton and her daughter are in the way of the stalkers agenda and are thrust into the chaos. A must read! (Arch Review)
Dimac1 9 hours ago
Holy smokes this author does it again with another page turning read that had me glued to the seat. Peyton is a single mom and works for Linear, cleaning their offices part time. Her four year old daughter Jess, has captured the hearts of everyone at Linear and is one smart cookie. She doesn’t know her dad and Peyton doesn’t want her dad, Cade, to know about her. Cade a country singing star and has returned home after many years and actually runs into Peyton, the only woman he has ever loved but he doesn’t understand why she looks like she’s afraid of him and runs away....and their story begins and it’s not to be missed. I LOVED these two and how devoted Cade was to Peyton and what he does to show her that yes, he has thought of her over the years....melted into a puddle. Not only that but Peyton, a strong woman who will do anything for her precious daughter. Can’t forget Jess, what an adorable little girl who steals the scene more than once but not to be undone by Ethan, her eight year protector and that scene with him and Cade....WOW. This story has it all, steam, suspense, amazing characters, twists and turns I didn’t see coming. Once again the story flows beautifully and doesn’t miss a beat but I shouldn’t be surprised since this author is one of my go to’s when I want a read that is filled with the above and no over the top drama. *I voluntarily read an advanced copy and expressed my honest opinion*
Shari Jahn 9 hours ago
Echo by Janie Crouch I don’t like to give stories away with the reviews that I write but let me just tell you how amazing this story is! There are some parts in this book that I can’t stop thinking about. When a book moves you to think about family members or friends in a new or different way it has done a wonderful thing. Peyton Ward is from the wrong side of the tracks but has aspirations for great things. She fakes her address as a teenager going into high school by using her work address to go to the advanced arts high school that is out of her district. The gas station where she works to escape her horrible home life. She also falls for the handsome senior who was a football star and had the most beautiful baritone singing voice. One night her car breaks down and she is close to Cade’s family’s lake cabin. Cade is there and they spend a special Ishtar together. Peyton finds herself in an awkward situation. She is supposed to go London Film Centre to further her studies in film but she is pregnant with Cade’s baby after just one night! Her life takes on a completely different direction then she planned. Cade had the best night ever with Peyton but after their one night together she never contacts him again. He thought they were so good together. He buries himself in his music to get over her. Why didn’t she ever call him? He gave her every way to get in contact with him and she never did. This story takes you for a ride that you will not forget. Hold on tight because this story will rock your world. Love, loss, sadness, loneliness, friendships, twists,turns and action packed doesn’t even begin to describe what you will experience with this story! This is a truly 5 star read!
cherlym 18 hours ago
Surprised! I know I should never be surprised with Janie Crouch great writing, but I was with this book. I am not a fan of second chances. This one was not the usual ongoing of miscues, mistakes, etc. They are there of course, but deftly done and definite part of the plot. Thrilled with the pov from their High School days. Fell in love with Cade myself. Peyton is one strong single mom specially with her background. I loved the Jess interaction with adults and Ethan's with Cade. I have to admit I knew from the get go who the culprit was with the danger, but even that had a twist. This can be read as a stand alone, it tugs on heartstrings, makes you laugh, and makes your heart thump. Thank you Janie Crouch for the arc, for taking the repetition of second chances and shaking it up, making me smile along the way. I freely volunteer to share my thoughts and opinions. Nothing was requested or required.
paytonpuppy 19 hours ago
This book was hard to summarize as I want to relate the entire wonderful story, but I know I can’t do that…but I want to. Peyton Ward, single mother, gets her own story in this delightful and emotional series. Cade O’Conner, who Peyton has loved since high school, left Wyoming to make his mark in the music world. Prior to leaving, his father had passed away and Peyton was there for him. She had a full scholarship to a London Film Centre and would be leaving as well. When life got in the way and after almost dying at the hands of her abusive stepfather, Peyton remained in town raising her four-year old daughter, Jess (a truly adorable character). Cade returns and learns that Peyton never left and why. To try to get close to Peyton again, he hires her to film a documentary for his new single Echo. Someone had been stalking Cade before he returned to Oak Creek, but now the danger has turned towards Peyton and Jess. Will Cade and his friends at LT be able to protect them and find out why they are being targeted? This is a thrill ride from beginning to end with an amazing prologue! I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation from the author. (by paytonpuppy)
Lexee9 19 hours ago
I absolutely loved this story!! We have seen Peyton from the beginning of this series. She has been somewhat on the fringes of Linear Tactical for years. Her daughter, Jess, is best friends with Ethan, who is Finn's son. Ethan and Jess are just absolutely precious together. Cade has been mentioned in previous books as well. This is a standalone read though. We get to know Peyton and Cade throughout this book and they are wonderful. Peyton has been working hard for years to give her daughter everything she could possibly need. She has avoided Cade when he has come back into town which hasn't been too hard to do. This time they run into each other and Cade has reached his breaking point. He has a ton of questions and wants answers as he always wanted Peyton. I loved watching these two figure things out together. They had some pretty big issues to work around and certain things that caused confusion and kept them apart. They didn't know that the other never stopped thinking and wanting them. This story was well written and I fell in love with these characters. There are a lot of sweet moments in this story along with the intrigue and action. Cade has been dealing with a stalker that is escalating. Overall, I just adored this story and I can't wait for more in this series! I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Sandrathereader 20 hours ago
I have to honestly say the Linear Tactical series is one of my favorites and I am always anxiously waiting to devour the next book. Echo definitely did not disappoint! In this 7th book, we get Peyton and Cade’s story and it is filled with so many emotions, suspense that gets your heart pumping, amazing secondary characters and a fantastic happily ever after. Peyton was an amazing heroine, she endured so much in her life and then to see a little bit of happiness for her and then to get it taken away just broke my heart. But I was in awe of her strength to move on and do whatever she had to to give her daughter Jess the best life possible. Cade on the other hand, lived in a completely different world. He was privileged and he had an amazing career in the country music scene. Different sides of the track but they had such a deep connection. But due to interferences and misunderstandings they were separated in the harshest of ways. Now five years later, Cade is back and when the truth is revealed, he is determined to get his family back. He may not be an active member of the Linear Tactical team, but he is integral to the overall operation. He has the training and it definitely comes in handy when danger comes calling. I not only loved the love story between Cade and Peyton, little Jess was such a scene stealer. And then the moments with her and eight-year old Ethan made my heart melt. The camaraderie and loyalty of everyone in the Linear Tactical world is top notch and it continues to show. Echo was an amazing read and I highly recommend this one and all the others in this series. 5-star read for sure!
Kristen Bergh-Lewendon 24 hours ago
Peyton’s is the story I think I’ve been dying for since the beginning. Cade is just pretty much perfect, even though he’s not a hero in uniform, which was a bit of a departure for the series. Also different in this book, is that the intrigue and danger are more secondary to the story of Peyton and Cade finding their way back together after so many miscommunications and misunderstandings. Somehow, as much as I loved Peyton in all those previous books, in her own she frustrated the living daylights out of me. I loved seeing how much she accomplished by herself, how fierce and independent she was. But she used that independence as a shield to keep her from accepting help and to punish Cade long after he’d atoned for the sins that were his own. Almost more than seeing Peyton’s happy ever after, I was in this one for the kids. Jess is just a precocious ball of sweetness and light. Giving a story filled with lots of big emotions, as well as action and suspense, some much appreciated comic relief. And Ethan, who only plays a very minor role in this book, gets the best scene of all. I was very nearly in tears for how extraordinarily special it is. I don’t know who’s up next to find their forever, but I can’t wait to read it. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author.
ytcruz 1 days ago
This seventh addition to this series has a solid, engaging plot with complex characters in the form of Peyton Ward and Cade O’Conner. Peyton and Cade met in HS . Their artistic talents bonded them. But their backgrounds were totally different. Peyton lived in an abusive home , and Cade was born into wealth. A few years later, before Peyton was due to leave for London to attend filming school, a night of passion changed the life of Peyton in more ways than not, while Cade believed he had been forgotten. Assumptions were made in which the two had been hurt. Now five years later, Cade is back. This story was a little different from the previous books. One was that the first few chapters presented the POV of Peyton and Cade of the same circumstances. Another was that though Cade was a financial supporter and friend of Linear Tactical , but not one of the active members. Lastly, Peyton and Cade were younger that the previous characters. Aside from the last 20% of the story, in which the action really occurred, this was more about relationships , family, misunderstanding, hope, and new beginnings. This story was another one filled with heartbreaking moments as well as heartwarming ones with some action . Last but not least, the cover is gorgeous. I was entrusted a copy of this book. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
Momma_Becky 1 days ago
Every time I think I have a favorite couple in this series, Janie Crouch gives me another to rival the last. So, I'm just going to say that I love all the couples in the Linear Tactical series, this one included. Cade and Peyton have history, maybe even more history than Cade's aware of. As I read Cade and Peyton's story, one phrase kept coming to mind - star crossed lovers. Of course, I won't go into how far the whole star crossed thing may have gone (no spoilers here). As for the romance, Cade and Peyton are good together, and they both tug at the heartstrings, together and separately. Cade is an absolute sweetheart, and Peyton is such a strong character even when she doesn't seem so. And when you find out her whole story, she only earns that much more respect. Then we have the scene-stealer! Little Jess is a hoot. She's full of spunk and vinegar, and she's larger than life with her impromptu conversations. As much as I love all the characters in this series, Jess is hands down, the one who stands out, the one you can never get enough of. Then we come to the suspense part of this romantic suspense, and the author gives us a double whammy, so this couple is hit from both sides. We have a fair amount of red herrings, each one pretty equal as far as plausibility, and I did guess at least part of it. However, there's an excellent twist thrown in that I did not see coming. When you put it all together, what it all boils down to is another thoroughly engaging romance with terrific characters, suspense, edge of your seat danger, and we even get to catch up with past favorites in the series while Echo still stands on its own. We do get a little bit of a hint about what's next in the series, so I'll be anxiously waiting to see where the next addition to the series takes us.