Echoes Of Ancient Indian Wisdom

Echoes Of Ancient Indian Wisdom

by Dr. Shantha N Nair

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Echoes Of Ancient Indian Wisdom by Dr. Shantha N Nair

Echoes Of Ancient Indian Wisdom
by Dr. Shantha N Nair

The Universal Hindu Vision and its Edifice

• Shruti /Smriti
• Vedas
• Upanishads
• Vedangas
• Upa Vedas
• Darshanas
• Agamas /Kalas
• Itihasas /Puranas

The Vedic deities represent not only the forces of Nature but also the forces present in the physical body For achieving spiritual perfection, one has to strengthen the divine forces in one self. At the same time, the evil forces symbolised by the demons are to be slaughtered.

The seven horses tied by the snakes which draw the chariot of Surya (Sun) mentioned in the Rig Veda represent the seven columns forming light and the movement of the sunrays Modem Physics has proved that the sunrays travel in a curved manner. The snakes with which the seven horses are tied to the chariot represent the curved movement of the rays of the Sun.

According to science, the world is embraced by the concepts of time and space. The Vedas advocate that truth can be realized only by freeing oneself form the concepts of time and space. This is possible when we turn our gaze inward, in which we forget ourselves as in a deep sleep.

The true meaning of the concept of animal sacrifice in the Vedas is that Gods must be invoked by means of the sacrifice of the animal in us and bring forth the Agni by chanting the powerful mantras.

The echoes of ancient Indian wisdom can be heard from the oldest of scriptures that existed many years ago. Even thousands of years before they were written down on palm leaves, the teachings were passed on from generations to generations, from the teachers to the disciples in their oral form. These works are amongst the oldest of humanity. They laid the foundation of one of the most tolerant and diverse religions in the world, the Sanatan Dharma or Hinduism, which is marked by a wide range of ethos and philosophical approaches.

Covering the vastness and immensity of the ancient Indian scriptures is akin to capturing a gigantic ocean in a small pitcher. Thus, in this book, the author has tried to catch a few ëechoesí resonating with age-old wisdom and has presented them to the readers. The book unravels the knowledge hidden inside the Samhitas, Brahmanas, Aranyakas and Upanishads of the Shruti that form the Vedas, and in the Smriti like Agamas, Dharma Shastras and so on. In short, it provides a glimpse, or rather a macro view of the ancient treasure of India.

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About the Author

Dr (Mrs) Shantha N Nair, M.A. Ph. D. is a retired Reader and Head of the Department of Economics, S.P.W. College, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh She has written several articles in subject journals published Learnersí Dictionary of Economics, translated a few religious books from Tamil to English for the Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD), co-authored a book entitled A Garland of Gems of Wisdom for a Happy and Successful Life and has authored books entitled Stories from Srimad Bhagavatham, Sri Rama ñ The Lord incamate and Sri Krishna ñ The Poomavatar. Her recent book The Holy Himalayas ñ An Abode of Hindu Gods has been widely acclaimed.

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