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4.7 7
by The Rapture
One 12," produced and released by the DFA, transformed the Rapture from a benign indie band into hot hot sh*t. Once "House of Jealous Lovers" -- a horrifically mangled jolt with a viscous rhythmic vroom as dynamite as anything from the late-'70s U.K. post-punk bands -- took hold in the underground, anticipation for


One 12," produced and released by the DFA, transformed the Rapture from a benign indie band into hot hot sh*t. Once "House of Jealous Lovers" -- a horrifically mangled jolt with a viscous rhythmic vroom as dynamite as anything from the late-'70s U.K. post-punk bands -- took hold in the underground, anticipation for this album built, built, and kept on building. Has the wait paid off? Yes and no. It has, in a sense, because that single seemed like a case of capturing lightning in a bottle -- a one-off that would define an otherwise extremely average band -- and Echoes ably proves that it was no fluke. The wait hasn't paid off, in a sense, because hype turned Echoes into a monolithic event when, in truth, it turns out that only half of it proves "House of Jealous Lovers" to be no fluke. The lesser half nearly chokes the album, as it casts the Rapture as the same rickety band that it was before the rebirth. "Open Up Your Heart," daringly placed as the third track, is a hollow, momentum-killing piano ballad; on "Love Is All," multiple Southern boogie elements prove to be a mismatch; "Infatuation" closes the album with a murmur. Another detracting feature is the overuse of Luke Jenner's Robert Smith, which is oftentimes more glaring than Paul Banks' Ian Curtis and Jack White's Robert Plant put together. However, when the band is on, it is on. Nearly toppling their previous best, "I Need Your Love" is propelled by a relentlessly thumping backbeat, an unshakable keyboard vamp, and gurgling keyboards -- it's the band's second stroke of indie-dance genius. "The Coming of Spring" is another frantic neo-post-punk slasher, with wonderfully needling guitars cleaved by a Nuggets-worthy breakdown. Lastly, opener "Olio" will be pure heaven for those who secretly wished that Chicago house legend Larry Heard would one day swap out Robert Owens in favor of Robert Smith. These flashes of greatness don't quite add up to what could have been, but the album as a whole is still quite exceptional.

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Rolling Stone - Rob Sheffield
Echoes is the big payback, fusing mean guitars and disco trance for a ferocious new breed of punk funk.

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Rapture   Primary Artist
James Murphy   Multi Instruments
Tim Goldsworthy   Multi Instruments
Luke Jenner   Guitar,Percussion,Keyboards,Vocals
Matt Safer   Bass,Percussion,Keyboards,Vocals
Vito Roccoforte   Percussion,Drums
Gabriel Andruzzi   Percussion,Saxophone
Tyler Brodie   Background Vocals
Pete Caffarella   Keyboards
Helen Stickler   Background Vocals
Amber Lasciak   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

James Murphy   Programming,Engineer
Kevin Westenberg   Cover Photo
Rapture   Producer
Trevor Jackson   Art Direction,Image Manipulation
Tim Goldsworthy   Programming,Engineer
DFA   Producer
Gareth Bayiss   Assistant Art Director

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Echoes 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
all the comparisons & influences aside.... this is an amazing cd. it's been stuck inside my cd player for weeks & i can't stop listening to it. it is like a drug. yeah some people won't like it all that much, but that's the same for any other band. vocals, both, are great. i really like how the songs don't rely on constant guitar for the melody. bass is incredible. great melodies. to me they don't sound like a rip-off of other bands, it's just a really good cd by a really good band.
Guest More than 1 year ago
And it's philosophical too. The Rapture touches on so many deep feelings while giving the beat and tempo shifts that make ya want to stand up and move. (Great driving music). Muscial tone changes from track to track range from profound to raucous; sarcastic to insightfully visionary. And then the beat...what's left to do but get up and move. Superb engineering, and can't get enough of Jenner's voice. Go Rapture!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you know nothing about the rapture or if you do you must buy this record.Every track is awsome in their own way. Olio is my favorite only because i heard it first. So help out the coolest guys in the world , buy this cd !
Guest More than 1 year ago
On first listen, the songs are good--some stand out immediately, some are distracting. Distracting in a way were you think, “How could this song be from the same group, on the same album?” After you get over the initial shock that this band can and does play every type of sound from punk to rock to techno to power-pop to ballads, you realize how great an album it really is. You won’t be disappointed.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is by far one of the best albums that came out this and year, and probably one of the best of the new millenium. Combining punk attitude and furry with dance grooves it is an album that easily documents your life. Several ballads break up the dance floor but the songs are still very strong. Just like those memerable slow dances. Buy this, you will not regret it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was actually introduced to this type of music by a friend and instantly fell in love with it!! I guess because it isn't like any of the music that you hear on the radio. This album is unlike any of the ones I have. Many of its songs have a punk/funk/rock type of vibe. Some of the songs that I recommend are The House of Jealous Lovers, Sister Savior and Echoes. Go out and buy this cd today!! StereofanUSA
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album's hit "House of Jealous Lovers," has been on the internet for quite some time, and its success brought with it high expectations for The Rapture's newest cd release "Echoes." From start to end, Echoes is a force to be reckoned with. The Rapture succeed in making songs even better than "House." My personal favorite's are 'Heaven' and 'I Need your Love.' I saw these guys on Letterman last week, and I am actually fortunate enough to be seeing them live in DC tonight. If you are looking for good driving music, dancing music, studying music, or party music, look no further than The Rapture's 'Echoes.' All my friends have a copy, as well as their last album, 'Out of the Races, and onto the Tracks.'