Echoes Through Time

Echoes Through Time


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This book contains a collection of my poems that span approximately forty years. It was and remains my personal journey into introspective soul-searching and connecting with the universe. It delves into the metaphysical milieu, as well as the natural world as I know and perceive it to be.

Since early age, I felt a certain connection that I was unable to express. However, poetry was my vehicle to enable me to do so. In sharing my poetry, I sincerely hope it will be uplifting to those who read them.

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ISBN-13: 9781490792385
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 11/30/2018
Pages: 50
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.14(d)

About the Author

I was born in Haagen Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany on April 7, 1951 and immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1957 with my family. Writing poetry has been part of my life since childhood. In 1983 I moved to northern Ontario where I still reside. Nature has been a significant influence in my life as well as the spiritual connection to the universe.

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Tiny white droplets of wax Enlaced with gradual intention Meek and forbearing In their humble descent Between times lingering Lingering, one second, two The artisan within pondering Which direction should I take?


Once enlightened Now extinguished by the moon Mantled in darkness, abeyance A feather now revealed Draped in white and grey Gliding from that celestial scene Phantom of the shadows, now a wandering soul An ornament unburdened Only for those who want to see Bohemian by nature, perpetual transformation Decreed the Keeper of the Muse

Lifting the facade of hypocrisy Floating gently downward, audaciously Below on hallowed ground stands a candle free With fallow tip quenched out A relic from the past encouraged now to see Unravelling life's mystery Responsive to its need, fading into history Redeemed to its reality Now bathed in light, renewed for all to see!


In the garden dwelled a single rosebud So beautiful, unique, so alone Amidst an array of exotic blooms Five delicate petals fl exible in the wind Caressing the sun's warmth.

Intimate with the moon's light Its scent so rare Prickly thorns displayed Its survival, natural selection.

Patiently awaiting its admirer Held in particular esteem Gently picked and forever cherished For now it was a rose.

Crusaders on a Quest

From beyond the willows,
Shades of pale-green hue caressing the breeze,
Yonder came the riders,
Crusaders of souls,
They so proclaimed!
Knights to their glory,
Into view they came, gallant, determined,
Determined to play the game.
Perhaps mystical, shrouded,
Fragile intentions eluded

To a realm of imminent doom;
Lives taken needlessly While whispering the name of the Lord.
These men of the cloth from days of yore,
Knights they be not!
But reapers of the land,
Destroying, fragmenting what we know of man!
Are they history or legend be?
It matters not! In the end, the realization,
This never, ever left,
And the thought remains, as truth be taught,
Where did they go astray?

Beyond the Mist

Beyond the mist,
Where shadows dwell,
Images of light persist.
Darkness surrenders To the winding road,
Leading to a forest dense.
Glowing embers alive,
Insight into one's soul,
Whispering sounds of peace,
Understanding of self,
A realm hidden from the past.
Reaching beyond boundaries set,
The past's reality awakens With heaven's warmth,
Now extended within,
Experiencing infinite energy.
Our spirits have now met,
Embraced in one another's bliss.


Warm grains of sand underfoot Infi nite in their display Bathed in moonlight Glistening beneath the stars Enveloped by melodic echoes Of the Spanish guitar A gift of passion shared Tomados de la caminamos Ocasional a lo largo de la playa Each wave, a greeting From the spirit of the sea Cherished by humanity Courage, an ardent quest Beyond the gloaming We will be beloved For all eternity.

The Keeper

In the distance, off the rocky shore Stood an ancient Celtic lighthouse Resting upon the island alone,
Accompanied by its keeper.

The beacon of hope,
Be it in the sea of tranquility Or conquering storms,
His courage is the guiding light.

Serenity calms his spirit For yet another fortnight.
Within this milieu,
Beneath the canopy of twinkling stars,
While the moonlit sea gleams,
The infinite galaxy of Milky Way,
Where seabirds freely soar languidly Into the midnight sky,
His soul's reflection With endless depth Captured my heart; serendipity!

Love or Romance

She stroked his aging face,
Fingertips guided by gentle lines Deep from life's long path.
Untold stories now unfold,
No special sequence, no time.
Romance, one's great love,
One's great defeat, to meet;
Torn between the two When, in the ending of it all,
The deepest infinite line Portraying love Was the result of man's greatest grief!

An Autumn Eve

Relaxing in the evening shade,
Enjoying memories of days now past,
Feeling the cool, fresh autumn breeze,
Among the ancient willow trees.
Walking gradually toward the stream,
Reflections of the moon are seen.
Gazing upwards, so far away,
Northern lights danced with the Milky Way.
Fallen branches with withered leaves

Drifted casually in search of harmony.
Gracefully perched upon a limb,
A lonesome blue heron slept peacefully.
Enveloped gently by the hands of time,
This passive soul now sauntered by.
Having found the well-worn path,
She perpended over life's repose,
Her arms extended in earnest quest,
Embracing eternity,
The final rest.


On the edge of the dream,
Lingered an aura of serenity,
Woven from fragments of reality,
Though driven unconsciously,
A resurgence of familiarity,
Pointing to aspects of underlying frailty.
The Achilles' heel sees daybreak,

From the realm of the shadow,
Never to be eluded,
Cast aside by vulnerability,
Enhancing love and light,
Expanding consciousness,
Departing from masked illusions,
Healing the child within,
Embracing love divine.


A golden hue embraced your tender face,
In gentle illumination,
The passage to our souls,
Guided by a higher entity.

Within the depths of mutual perception,
A spiritual awakening ensued,
Warmth and acceptance led the way,
Surpassing the human endeavour.

Your eyes are the lighthouse to my soul,
Therein dwells enduring love,
A constant reflection of you,
Melding together is a journey,
Of mutual bliss!


From above, serenity was seen Floating in silence,
Spreading both wings,
Gliding into view,
Above the deep green,
Reaching mightily,
Exchanging shadows with,
The monarch of the sky,
For a mere moment On that particular eve.


Look around and what you see Are chaotic souls afire Sense of truth in this reality Draped in coats of greed and power Now members of the Club, "Miscreant".
All senses left behind Internally distraught If they'd stop and really look

And search for the light The affirmation of the truth The opposite of greed is love As our teacher reveals His power is steadfast and true They cried out for help He answered their call
"Embrace me," he urged
"For I am your lifelong friend."

Journey Home

Wandering through the mind's inner eye Searching for thoughts lost Encountering fragments of momentary reflect On happiness.

Bliss, harmony, tender heart Inner strength, an ardent friend Grasping past glimpses of solitude While on the path endured.

Footsteps treading cautiously As the moon's smile glances In the direction opposite Enabling the state of sleep.

Dreams escape to reality Meeting past, present, and future Crossing the threshold with ease As heart, mind, and soul Embrace peace.


Friendship, the golden key Held by those of antiquity Compassion, the treasured pathway Open our hearts amid the misery As the mirror reflects humanity.

Let universal bondage be the way Felt by all as witnesses To this widespread tragedy Hope comes forth from within.

May each tear we shed Remind us of our frailty Let us all be selfless In our own unique way.

Prayers given up for all the perished And those astray To be reunited with family, friends To the open arms Of our true humanity.


The heart and soul of every man Is mirrored by the light Interfacing his reality Of yet a different kind.

His gentle hands extending To reach that ending point Whispers are relinquished Through tears shed years ago.

Alone and often worried He walks the face of earth Watching for the signals Of those who walked before.

Gentle images awakening The depths of his very soul His inner spirit remembers That long walk to the end To the end of that very road.
Reflecting on life's experiences Imprinted on that man,
He has conquered solace,
From within his very soul.

Shooting Star

Down the trail steadily,
With a carefree spirit,
Going with the flow.

Meandering through the valley trails,
Beneath a canopy of joy,
Breathing in the air of awakening.

No longer a restless soul,
You come upon a meadow green,
The sun illuminating your journey there.

Pausing for reflection,
You gently place your cycle, blue,
Against the nearby ash wood tree.

Your shoulder finds comfort there,
When an overwhelming inner urge,
Sees you gazing toward the heavens,
As a shooting star passes overhead,
It all makes sense!

Soul Mates

From deep within came a sigh,
Euphoric in nature,
Blissful in rhyme,
Intense beyond the realm of words,
As the two souls intertwined.

Floating beyond the natural world,
Known as heaven in their minds' eye,
Cherishing the moment in this eternity,
There they dwelled in harmony,
Soul mates evermore.


Within my heart Shadows assembled collectively With acquiescent sighs, reveille To the depths of my soul Having dwelled in disarray Now filled with bliss As your tender-hearted spirit Found mine reflective.

The Runner

In the early hours of each day,
His shadow passes by my way;
His stride is constant, paced,
Breathing rhythmically, self-control.

Daily, alone, solitude,
At the mercy of nature's temperament,
Oftentimes I question why.
So elusive yet defined,
The runner in me sighs;
Fatigue has led the way.

For brief moments in our lives,
Your shadow passes by With a glance And a shared acknowledgement;
What truly is your quest?


One's inner voice, solemn Arising from spiritual depths Enlightened, searching Glimpses of past encounters Life's acknowledgements Embracing, experiencing unison Understanding, pondering Perpetual interaction Blissful, whimsical Familiar entities drifting Into the warmth within Encompassing truths Once withdrawn, now touching Heart's regality Unspoken desires fulfilled Extending beyond daily trivialities

Assured of one's destined reality Intermittent stepping stones Heart, mind, soul Fervent in their quest To put the past to rest Ascending to simplicity Tears, fears forgotten Having found his way No longer complacent Reaching past the shadows Beginning definitive bonding Permitting time to slip graciously by Emphasizing the eternal sigh Acceptance is the way The key to love's sanctuary.


Beneath the ocean's surface Where Neptune rules the sea Could be heard the alluring echoes From the sirens of the deep,
Heard clearly As the tide water hits the shore Passing by Davy Jones's locker Into the nether world below Enchanting, timeless Thereupon the greeting From the mermaid of your dreams United now forever In the deep blue sea.

The Old Cross Keys Inn

Along the road from Belfast to Derry There rests the Old Cross Keys Inn,
Having endured three hundred years of history,
With the inviting gesture of a thatched roof,
The worn pathway Displayed brown cobblestones,
Gracefully leads to a latched door.
Permeated within its uneven walls And fatigued stone floors,

Enchanting and warm,
As the fireplace sits centre stage,
Its hearth a welcome sight,
Unseen spirits of days gone by Are a comforting thought.
A dark shadow lingered at the doorway.
An invitation was uttered from within As the gentle wind rustled through the trees:
"Do come in" and "Choose a seat."
The gallery hosted a gathering;
Despite that, he found a place,
Front row center.
He indeed was pleased!


With eyes so bright and true,
I came upon this Irish lad Leaning comfortably against An old gas lamppost;
His shadow intertwined With the light above,
Streaming magically Upon the path below.
Mirrored sanity in his eyes Showed a loving soul,
Divine and altruistic.
His smile reflected Endless awareness,
Subtle yet subdued.
His hand reached out For mine in love.


Excerpted from "Echoes Through Time"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Gitta Bernauer.
Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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