Eclipse the Skies

Eclipse the Skies

by Maura Milan


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Ia Cōcha never thought she’d be working for the Olympus Commonwealth. But that was before she found out her trusted brother Einn was trying to tear apart the universe. Now, Ia, the Blood Wolf of the Skies, has agreed to help the Royal Star Force on one condition: when she finds him, she gets to kill Einn herself. 

Brinn Tarver has just come to terms with her Tawny identity when the public lashes out against her people, crushing her family. At her breaking point, she starts to question everything she believes in—including Ia. 

After the death of his mentor, Knives Adams is doing his best to live up to a role he didn’t ask for as Aphelion’s new headmaster. Still, with each new step deeper into war, he feels torn between his duties and the pull of Ia’s radical—sometimes criminal—ideas.  

As they fight to keep darkness from eclipsing the skies, their unpredictable choices launch this breathtaking sequel to explosive new heights. 

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780807536384
Publisher: Whitman, Albert & Company
Publication date: 09/03/2019
Series: Ignite the Stars Series , #2
Edition description: None
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 200,519
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.40(d)
Age Range: 12 - 18 Years

About the Author

Maura Milan received her BA in Film Production from USC's School of Cinema-Television and currently lives in Los Angeles, where she works in video production.

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KNIVES ADAMS drummed his fingers against the top of the brushed-steel counter, tapping at a ring-shaped circle of dried archnol. He scanned the room. It was filled with travelers from across the All Black, their faces weary from drifting and their eyes drooped from drink.

His father had just left Aphelion after appointing Knives as headmaster, filling the hole that Bastian had left. Knives had endured a grueling week of following the general's footsteps down the halls, and he knew he had to get out as well, to cleanse himself of everything that was his father. A trip to Myth was an obvious choice. Once he returned, Aphelion would be as it was. Crumbling. A mess. But without his father's orders echoing down the halls.

Knives liked it on Myth. It was so different from Aphelion and from the Commonwealth's capital star system, Rigel Kentaurus, where he grew up. The ventilation on the space station was cheap and shoddy, perfume mixed in to mask the suffocating odor of recycled air, but there wasn't enough freshener in the universe to hide that distinct smell. He breathed in the chemical potpourri of uranium vapors and burned-up engine grease. It was the smell of Dead Spacers, of Drifters, of anyone who spent more time on a ship than on land.

The last time he was on Myth, he had almost gotten his ass kicked, but this time he would be more careful, especially with all the white hearts pinned on people's suits. Einn's supporters were clearly patrons of this place. No matter what he heard in the shuffle around him, even if it bothered him, he would absolutely, definitely not get involved. He was here for one thing.

A girl.

"Look who's back." The bartender sashayed over and rested her elbows on the countertop. She leaned in so that his whole world became her.

Knives angled his head, his eyes flicking from the curl of her dark eyelashes to the part of her lips. She was as beautiful as he remembered.

"What brings you all the way out here, pretty Bug?" The bartender took a sip from her vapor stick and blew the trail of smoke out so that it spiraled all around him.

Through the haze, his eyes locked onto hers. "I've been wondering what your name is."

"All this time?" She leaned in, flipping her head to the side so that he could get a view of her neck. Her light-brown skin looked soft, smooth. "If you want to know my name, you're going to have to try harder than that."

He angled his head so that he could get a glimpse of the sapphire in her eyes. "Should we go somewhere more private?"

* * *

Her fingers slipped through his, and he ran his thumb against her buttery-soft wrist up to the calluses on her palm. She led him through back galleys, shooting him coquettish looks after every other step, and he felt heat rush into his face at the way she made him feel. There was a part of him that wanted to stop her, to pull his arm around her waist and feel the warmth of her cheek against his.

They passed a group of breakers, still dressed in their mining armor, leaning against the wall. They were a loud lot, yammering about the increase in uranium costs and the current market for scrap. One of them, a heavyset man with a thick beard, made eye contact with them as they passed. Knives heard his voice, scratchy through the everlasting hum of the refurbished space station. "Where you going? Can we join?"

"No," the bartender snapped without looking back. "Not allowed."

The breakers chuckled, hooting to each other about what Knives was in for, but their words barely registered. His mind was singularly focused on what would happen at the end of their journey through the back halls of Myth. Knives reached up to let his fingers fly through the waves of her hair. She guided him to a door at the end of a long stretch of hallway, then turned to face him, her back resting gently against the doorframe.

"These are my quarters," she said, a breath of nervousness rising in her voice.

"So are you going to tell me your name?" Knives asked.

Her gaze met his, her eyes open with a strange vulnerability that didn't match the metal and steel of Myth. With quickened breath, she smoothed her hands up his chest until they circled around the back of his neck. Her chin tilted, and her lips parted in invitation. "My name's Eve," she said.

He smiled at her, and she went up on her tip-toes and kissed him, her lip lacquer sweet upon his tongue.

From past experiences, he knew every kiss had its own unique flavor. His first kiss had reminded him of hot chocolate at nighttime. While this kiss — this kiss was of smoke, and salt, and need. Very different from another girl's.

He broke their embrace, trying to hide the confusion in his eyes. She nodded back to her room. "You want to come in?"

He faltered. Despite the grime on her cheeks, there was something innocent in the way she stood before him. A part of him felt guilty for what he was about to do.

He placed a hand on the wall so she had nowhere else to turn but to him. As he leaned in, his mouth came to her ear. "Yes," he breathed, and he felt her body stiffen. He could see her pulse quicken underneath the skin along her neck.

Eve rolled her body to the side, her elbow pressing against a sensor on the wall. With the screech of metal grinding along unoiled rails, the door behind them inched open, and she pulled him into the darkness.

But he could feel her, and he could hear her. And his ears perked at another sound. Of the doors shutting behind them.

That was his cue. Knives stiffened, detaching himself gently from Eve's embrace.

With a click, a light came on, blooming like nightshade in the corner of the room. Someone else was there, waiting for them.

Eve's eyes pulsed from him to the figure sitting on her desk, her lithe fingers curled upon the switch of the rusting table lamp.

Eve immediately reached for the pistol at her side. His fingers clamped around her wrist, stopping her. Her expression shifted as the realization settled upon her: she'd been had.

Knives pulled his gaze away so that it rested on the person sitting on top of the desk in the corner, one leg propped on the plastic tabletop. He took in the curves of her familiar face and the mischief twisted behind her grin. His eyes locked upon hers, and she nodded, satisfied by his trickery. He was here for one thing.

A girl. This girl.

He'd done his part, and now it was all up to her.

Ia Cocha leaned forward out of the shadows. "Hello, Eve."



IA DODGED THE FIRST BLOW, missing the swipe of Eve's nails by only a few centimeters.

Eve snarled, then centered a punch. Ia grabbed her wrist, misdirecting her movement so that Eve stumbled to the side.

"You're not a fighter," Ia said. "Stay down."

Eve bared her teeth. "I should have known that he was yours."

Ia's gaze snapped to Knives, who raised his eyebrows in response. She rolled her eyes and jerked her chin to the door. "Keep watch outside."

Knives nodded, giving Eve one last look, and for a long moment, Ia wondered what really had happened between them.

Once Knives left, Ia crouched before Eve.

"What do you want, Cocha?" Eve hissed.

"Information," Ia said. She reached out, wiping a trail of blood falling from a split in Eve's lip. "I need to know what's happening in my territories. I noticed there are a lot more White Hearts around this entire hub."

Shoving Ia off her, Eve sat up. "Go back and cuddle with your Bug," she said, nodding to the door. "We all know you joined them. Dead Space is no longer yours."

Ia looked down, cheeks red with rage and embarrassment. She was Ia Cocha. Sovereign of Dead Space, Blood Wolf of the Skies.

Traitor to her own people.

After everything that had happened this month, Ia had known they would desert her. But she didn't realize how much it would sting.

Eve took a puff off her vaporizer. A plume of smoke curled upward, hanging in the heavy air. Her eyes flashed in the low light as she looked Ia up and down. "After you left, there was a hole. An absence of hope in the already-vacuous All Black. But Einn came, and people had something to believe in again. A fight. A purpose. They wanted something to hold onto. It just happened to be him."

Ia sat on the couch, balancing the tip of her chin on her knees, surveying Eve's lean legs sprawled across the dusty floor. "And what about you?"

"I've never taken sides, Ia. You know that."

"Yes, but why do I have a feeling that you'll at least play favorites." Ia had heard all about the women and men that Eve had been romantically involved with. Einn and Eve were together on and off for a few years. Eve was even part of their crew for a time, but not after the breakup. Starships had more space than the average fighter jet, but no matter where you were, you could still hear every joke, every moan, every insult thrown behind closed doors.

Ia's lips curled upward in a smirk. "You hate me, but I know you hate my brother more."

Eve rolled her eyes. "What do you want?"

Ever since Ia had agreed to a truce with Aphelion, her days had been nothing but meetings with that damn general. Ia Cocha was once her own entity, feared and unknown. A dangerous, devouring mystery that no one dared to seek out. Now she was nothing more than the pieces of information the Olympus Commonwealth wanted to carve out of her head. They wanted to understand. They wanted to strategize. They wanted to win.

But it wasn't about victory for Ia, about setting in motion a change of events or protecting what had already been built. For her, it was very, very simple. She wanted to beat her brother. The brother she'd once loved, once trusted more than anyone.

Until he tried to kill her.

After session after session of sitting through the general's endless barrage of questions and getting no useful information in return, she'd quickly realized she needed more than meetings. She needed outside help.

Ia looked at Eve, her eyes catching the light. "I want you to send a message for me."



BRINN STEPPED OUT of the bathroom, the brisk air from the bedroom chilling the damp skin on her cheeks. Since the Armada slaver attack over two weeks ago, the temperature controls had been on the fritz. That included both the water and room settings. For the time being, her showers were very cold and very quick.

She grabbed a few sweatshirts and pulled them on over her base layer. Ia was on a mission with Knives somewhere, but she hadn't said what it was. She rarely talked about what Olympus wanted from her and what her plans were, but Brinn could tell there was always something going on behind those sharp, black eyes. She wished her friend would tell her what it was more often.

As she walked around the empty room, Brinn heard the soft buzzing of her holowatch, which she had taken off before her shower. She scurried about, tossing everything to the side until eventually finding her holo underneath her messy bedsheets.

The ID read Mom. She answered.

A holoscreen floated in front of her, displaying her mother's face, elegant yet softened with wrinkles around the eyes and lips. Her navy-blue hair was tied in a neat, tight bun.

Her mother nodded stiffly. It was her way of saying hello. "Your hair's growing out nicely."

Brinn dragged her fingers self-consciously through her fine, downy hair, shaved short right before she and Ia fought the Armada. It was an undercoat that was never seen, but now there it was. For almost her entire life, she had dyed her hair brown to fit in, to be seen as a Citizen and hide from her Tawny heritage. But now her natural navy-blue hair was growing out. And it would keep growing, until the navy strands hit her chin, her shoulders, the middle of her back. There was no way she would return to that life. To hiding who she was.

Dying her hair had been a source of contention between Brinn and her mom for so long.

It was so strange to speak with her like this. Because now they were the same.

"How are things going at home?" she asked.

"There are more protests on the street," her mom said. "That's actually why I called. I need you to talk to your brother."

Since Brinn had last spoken to him, her brother's eyes had been opened to a movement taking over the refugee communities back home. With the Sanctuary Act on the chopping block and refugees of the Uranium War in danger of losing their homes, Tawnies, Dvvinn, and other integrated communities raised their voices in protest. At the same time, Commonwealth Citizens rose up like a wall that refused to move. They wanted the refugees out. And while Brinn and her family weren't technically refugees, the political left was crumbling, and it was possible that their Citizenship could be revoked. Who knew how long they would actually be safe? Brinn understood why her brother wanted to stand with those crowds, to raise his fist and scream.

Because things weren't right.

And what about her? She was training to work for a government who was standing idly by, whose values, she realized, were a sham. Of Progress. Of Prosperity. Of Proficiency. She had seen none of that, not since she stepped foot on Aphelion.

Yet she was still here. She shook her head, trying to stop her thoughts.

She glanced back at her mother and took a deep breath. "I can't stop him from doing what he wants to do, Mom."

"You've always been good at looking out for him."

"Fine." Brinn scratched the fuzz at the back of her head. "Let me see him."

She watched the screen as her mom walked throughout their house, and warm feelings of home came flooding back to her.

Finally, her brother's face was on the display. His hair, like hers, had been cut to show off its true color. His lips were pulled tight as if he knew what she wanted to talk about.

"I'm going," he said.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Brinn asked. "The news says they're gonna start using pulse cannons."

"Let them. You know that what's happening is wrong, Brinn."

She knew. She didn't even want to hide it on her face, and that was enough to bring light to his eyes.

"You should be back home, marching with me. With us," he whispered.

"I can't fly back like that, Faren. I have my studies. I have responsibilities."

Faren's expression narrowed. "Why? Why are you still there? After everything that's happened …"

Brinn couldn't give him an answer because she didn't have one. Those were the same questions that ran through her head when her eyes fluttered open every morning. She looked at the walls of her dorm room, which had been smooth and pristine when she first arrived and were now warped and damaged from all that had transpired since then. Would she wait until they were fully cracked open before she finally left?

She wasn't ready to leave Aphelion. Not quite yet. So she could only offer her brother a few words. She hoped that would be enough.

"Please, Faren," Brinn said. "Be careful."

Faren looked at her, his eyes the same shade of gray but somehow clearer than her own. "I will," he said, and they said their goodbyes.

Brinn sank onto her bed, resting her face in her palms. She hadn't told him to stop. She hadn't told him to stay home. Because she was proud of her brother. That was true.

But she also wanted him to be safe. And the only real way to ensure that was for the government to keep the Sanctuary Act in place.

She decided to put her trust in her government one last time.

Right at that moment, the lights cut out.



KNIVES SAT IN THE PILOT SEAT of his 504 Kaiken, staring out into the expanse, the stars in the distance blinking at him. They only made the silence more obvious. Even without looking back, he knew Ia was slumped in her seat. She was sulking. It emanated off her like a dry heat.

"You got what you needed?"

"Keep this under wraps, Knives," she reminded him. "You can't go reporting that we ran off to Myth."

"Of course. You think I want to hear the general screaming into my ear?"

Ia quieted at the mention of General Adams. Ever since she'd found out the true identity of Knives's father, things between them had been strained. But was that really why she was giving him the cold shoulder right now?

"It was nice getting off campus," Knives said, trying to lighten the mood. "We should do it again."

"I'll make sure to invite Eve," snapped Ia.

He stabbed his finger down on the autopilot button and swiveled his chair around to face her. "What does that mean?"

Ia shrugged. "You seemed comfortable with her."

"You told me to get her into her room. I wasn't going to lead her at gunpoint in a space station filled with —"

"With what? Dead Space murk?"

"No. That's not what I meant. Dead Spacers don't like Citizens. You would know."

Her eyes narrowed. "And I still do."

"Fine," Knives muttered to himself. He turned his chair back around and gripped his steering wheel. She was trying to start a fight. About anything. Everything. There was no point talking to her, not until she cooled down.

He flew the rest of the way in silence, pretending to pilot when in actuality the navigation systems were still set to auto. He took the time to think, to seethe, to simmer. All he wanted was for things to be calm between them, to have her stand beside him and smile, but since the attack on Aphelion, it sometimes felt like they were still on opposite sides of a chasm.

They spoke all the time, but they weren't actually talking. Any mention of the fact that his father was the general was always a conversation killer.


Excerpted from "Eclipse the Skies"
by .
Copyright © 2019 Maura Milan.
Excerpted by permission of Albert Whitman & Company.
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Eclipse the Skies 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous 28 days ago
Such an amazing sequel!!! I loved the character arcs so much, and I’m so happy with how the relationships were developed. This book sent me on a wild trip and made me cry. I love how developed and in detail the lore is and how many twists are involved. And oh my god, that cliffhanger??? I NEED the next book right now! And might I just add, while I do love Ia and Knives together, you know what would be just as good? Ia, Knives, AND Vetty all together. Just saying. I will say though, I don’t really appreciate having one of only two, out, gay people killed off :/
sincerelykarenjo 4 months ago
4.5 ROUNDED TO 5 Surprising, twisty, and utterly exhilarating, Eclipse the Skies is a fantastic and emotionally moving finale that left me broken and in tears, but I loved every moment. So, there’s a monster black hole in my heart and I’m an emotional wreck right now. Everything aches so much and I have this uneasy heaviness on my chest that just won’t go away… I don’t feel like that’s the end and I really don’t want it to be because as bittersweet and kind of fitting as it is, that’s not the conclusion I pictured for this amazing series. Just… I can’t accept that it’s over. But, alas it is and I have to say goodbye to these complex, flawed, but incredible space heroes I’ve come to admire and love. In this thrilling conclusion, loyalties will be tested, allegiances will shift, secrets will be unraveled, and something sinister and dark might just destroy and end everything. Can Ia, Brinn, and Knives find a way to save the universe and the people they love? I have to admit, there are some parts of this book that I don’t particularly like. I also really missed the humor and playful bantering between the characters in the first installment and wanted something a little bit more in the romance aspect of the book. Some parts are also a bit rushed and even a little disconnected. That being said, I still really enjoyed a huge chunk of this novel and I can honestly say that I had a blast racing through the finish line and watching everything unfold. The plot is filled with plenty of action, drama, tension, and twists and turns that will either break or warm your heart. The ending is something I hate and love at the same time and that’s all I’m going to say about that… definitely prepare yourself for the FEELS cause there’s so many emotions in this book and those last few pages really got to me. My absolute favorite part of this novel is seeing the characters go on their separate journeys, learn something about themselves, and fight for what they believe in. Ia, Brinn and Knives have definitely been through so much, done terrible and amazing things, and evolved into the kind of heroes I love. They’re also very likable, relatable, and I rooted for them the entire time. I’m quite sad to say goodbye to them, but I feel so proud of Ia, Brinn and Knives and everything they’ve accomplished individually and together. Maura Milan’s vivid storytelling is absolutely gorgeous, alluring, and impressive. Eclipse the Skies delivers a wonderfully emotional and absolutely unforgettable sci-fi adventure with all the feels I love. But this story isn’t just about fun and thrills… it’s also incredibly thought-provoking — an examination of humanity at its core, a reminder to never lose hope in the face of darkness, having the courage to stand up for justice and ultimately remembering the good and happy moments that are worth fighting and living for. This is such a stunning and thoroughly satisfying series and I really wish there’s more. I received an advance reader copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review and for participating for a Blog Tour hosted by Shealea @ CAFFEINE BOOK TOURS.. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Anonymous 4 months ago
I received this ARC for free in exchange for my honest review. I really thought this book had a lot of potential. I liked the plot and how some of that played out, like with the old myths that were somewhat based in fact; I always find that kind of thing interesting. The world building was good, you got a feel for the kind of turmoil going with the government and the refugees; the progression and escalation of the events related to those things all made scary, wonderful sense. The attention to detail in individual settings and to the different ships and planets and things of that nature painted a great picture for the things taking place. What didn't really click for me though were the characters. All 3 POVs in this series had these really excellent backstories that could have made them into such rich characters, I just didn't care for how it was executed. It was almost like you spent so much time getting acquainted with who these characters were in the past and the things that shaped them that we almost ran out of time to see them turn into what they were ultimately supposed to be. Which is I think why some of their motivations for the things they did didn't really click for me. It also made some of hard-hitting moments feel a bit less intense than I think they were intended. Also, Brinn's entire arc in this book did not make any sense to me at any point. And I did not care for the ending. Not just because I wish it would have ended differently or whatever (though, I really wish it did) I just didn't understand the why behind it. Like I get that it was tragic and now we've come full circle and all that but it was completely unnecessary. There wasn't a compelling reason of things to end the way they did. But I guess that comes back to my thing about character motivations. Anyway. It wasn't all bad. I have a tendency for focus on the bad parts and I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea. It wasn't bad. The world-building aspect was actually really great. Despite my issues with the characters, they had their quirky lovable moments also and I rather enjoyed the banter when everyone wasn't just trying to survive the day.
SaraGv2_0 5 months ago
3.5 out of 5 Stars ***ARC received from Albert Whitman & Company and NetGalley in exchange for honest review, opinions are all my own, even if a little behind. Thank you!*** Once again I am torn just as I was in the last book. There are still a lot of really interesting concepts and idea but it never really fleshes itself out in a full story. There is a lot of repetition, do you like to hear the phrase blood wolf? Cause you better as it comes up all the times and while it makes sense in the context of the story after the third or fourth time hearing it in a single chapter it wears out its welcome. Like the previous book the book is told from the perspective of each of the three characters, Ia, Brinn and Knives. In the last book I really found myself disliking Ia, so very much yet in this book I really actually liked her. Unlike the last book, Ia has a little more balance to her. She is more vulnerable having lost all her tech and nearly having been killed by her brother she is a more interesting character. There is a balance between her arrogance and her vulnerability, her interactions with the other characters feels a little more natural. Now Knives, well Knives is just kinda there you could have dropped huge sections of his story and still not missed anything. His sections of story are important to the overall plot but his is weighed down by the responsibilities he has been given. I still liked Knives, he is still an interesting character making the tough decisions between what is right in the moment and what is right for the future. Now Brinn... I liked Brinn in the first book, I really found her struggle interesting, it just doesn't come through in this book. Most of her actions run counter to who she is, we are led to believe that Brinn is run by her logic, it greatly affects her emotions. It just doesn't work in this book, particularly not with Brinn because known of her decision of logical or emotional. They are just plot points to move the book forward. I have a hard time believing that she would make the decision she did. Even if ruled by the emotions at the beginning there would be no reason for her to continue to work with him other than that the plot required it. This book felt like it was designed to be a trilogy that got forced into a duology. There is a lot of plot the author shoved into this book and I think it would have been a much better series if she had another book to work with as there are so many interesting themes this book dealt with. I also liked the ending, with the themes of life and death it really felt like it was the only way the book could have ended. I appreciate an author that will go there with her ending, builds up to it and follows through.
thegeekishbrunette 6 months ago
Well guys, this author literally crushed my hopes and dreams and I refuse to believe that this is the end. Eclipse the Skies took me on a crazy ride of emotions and I don't know if I will ever be okay. If you haven't read the first book then definitely skip over this review and go read it! Ia is back along with all of the other characters we were introduced to as well as a couple new faces. Ia's personality definitely takes a backseat for a bit of the book as she becomes quite vulnerable. I liked to see this side of her because it shows that she isn't just a kickass character but a girl that also deals with not feeling good enough. Brinn also did a 180 for most of the book. Sweet and by the books Brinn had a lot of character development and I was here for it! Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed her a lot in the first book but it was also exciting to see this new change and how she became more of a morally grey character. Definitely one of my favorite character developments of all! Knives is still Knives and although he does some pretty heroic stuff, he wasn't that big of a character in this book. Well, for me at least, he wasn't. I was okay with this because I enjoyed reading about Brinn more. Knives does go through quite a bit and even when he starts to feel like all hope is lost, he manages to find the inner strength to continue on. There were a couple minor characters that I just fell for from the beginning, Goner and Vetty. Goner is another criminal just like Ia and although he is such, I couldn't help but find him to be quite interesting. He is pretty morally grey and I loved every plot that included him. Vetty was talked about in the first book but never made an appearance. As the ex of Ia, it seemed like he would make things pretty awkward but honestly it was just the opposite. They were still great friends and he would do anything for her. I loved it! Just like in the first book, the romance is very minimal. A couple kisses, maybe an "I love you" but its not a major plot point and I was okay with this. Sometimes you just need more action and less romance. I mean I do anyways. The plot was interesting and kept me engaged the whole way through. Just like in the first book, there is political talk and a civil war forming due to a group of people being different than the rest. This is a very important topic and I think the author always does a nice job of discussing it. As for the plot twists, there were so many! I didn't expect any of them and may have had a standard shock face permanently glued to my face because of them. The ending is gut-wrenching and honestly just thinking about it makes me sad. I need more and I need it now! Overall, I really enjoyed this sequel and actually liked it more than the first book. If you are a fan of YA sci-fi then definitely give this one a shot! I did and I loved every moment of it. eARC provided by publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own
TeresaReviews 6 months ago
Thank you to NetGalley, Maura Milan, and publisher Albert Whitman and Company for the opportunity to read Eclipse the Skies in exchange for an honest review.  While I didn't quite enjoy this book as much as the amazing first installment, Ignite the Stars, this was still a fun, fast-paced read full of dramatic action in space, as well as a relatively satisfying end to the duology that I wasn't quite expecting! As in the first book, this book follows three third-person limited perspectives: Ia Cōcha, Brinn Tarver, and Knives Adams. With the appearance of Ia's brother, Einn, the universe is falling to chaos. With the death of the previous Aphelion headmaster, a man who was looking into wormhole science for the sake of jumping places more quickly and efficiently, the knowledge now falls to Brinn. Between the death of her family members, Einn's promises, and Ia's knack for dishonesty for her own gains, Brinn has a tough choice to make. Ultimately, she follows Einn, a warrenter of freedom at the rise of chaos. This is probably the only part of the book I truly disliked. While I found it interesting that Brinn would take this stance, as well as plausible, it just wasn't 100% believable enough that the motive was powerful enough for her to do this. If anything, I feel like she would have gone to Knives. But of well. Einn wants Ia dead and Ia wants Einn dead. When Einn commands mutual friend Goner to kill Ia, he nearly succeeds. Einn and Brinn think Ia is dead while Knives and Ia's ee help her recover from a fatal gunshot wound. Together Knives and Ia must figure out some way to take on Einn. With Brinn on his side, the power of science will be in his favor. The power to travel through and pull from other universes. Ia follows a myth to find the only way she can think of to bring her brother down, but perhaps what she needed was within all along. Did I mention there is a black hole? We know what black holes out in space do, right? I enjoyed the science in this novel, though it did feel a bit out of place on occasion. I enjoyed the ship race that Knives entered. It has a very visual Star Wars or Outlaw Star feel to it. As much as I loved Ia as a character in the first novel, I felt a bit disconnected from her in this novel. I also thought Brinn was downplayed a bit and could have done much more for her part. Einn had his moments, but he was also rather blah. The end was interesting. I neither like nor dislike what happens to the main players in this story. Overall, the end was satisfactory. Like I said, not the same excitement I had as with the first book (in which I could not shut up to friends or social media about it), but still a quick, fun read with a great deal of fighting action in space and decent dramatic buildup to the end of this duology. What's next, Maura? :)
thereadingchick 6 months ago
At the end of Ignite the Stars, our three heroes found their lives changed in ways that made them question all they’d known previously. Eclipse the Skies is the story of how Ia, Brinn, and Knives rediscover their reason to fight for their beliefs, even if it’s hard to see the path to enlightenment. Ia, the Blood Wolf of the Skies, lives for the day when she and her brother will come face to face, knowing only one of them will be left alive. Brinn embraces her heritage just as the world wants to demolish that same heritage. Knives finds out his father is not the ogre he thought just as he is about to lose the chance to make amends. Needless to say, Eclipse the Skies definitely takes a turn to the dark side, as our characters fight to overcome adversity. I will admit, I did miss the more swashbuckling adventure the first novel set into play. It was a little harder for me to lose myself in this world without the interaction between these characters. They were separated through most of the book and all three of their storylines were pretty gloomy. The story picked back up when they started interacting with each other again and that’s when my enjoyment of the book ratcheted up. This was a good sequel to Ignite the Stars, but beware, the pace is a little slower and the plot a little gloomier. My favorite character, Brinn, really took a turn to the dark side and I’m still recovering from that momentary panic that she wouldn’t return to the light. If you’re a fan of young adult and would like to give this sci-fi series a try, please read the books in order as this novel is a continuation of the previous plot. ❤️❤️❤️❣️ I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Hi Friends :) I started reading Eclipse the Skies immediately upon finishing Ignite the Stars. I just had to know how it ends! I love just being able to binge a whole series instead of having to wait for the next book to be released. Special thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for sending me this eARC in exchange for an honest review. So we're back with my babies Ia and Knives, who both find themselves in situations they never expected to be in. Ia is on the Commonwealth's side (mostly) because her beloved brother is trying to kill her? Plot twist I did NOT see coming! Knives is now headmaster of the Academy and is very not ready for this type of responsibility. Partly because he's hardcore crushing on Ia who is a known criminal and normally Commonwealth enemy numero uno. I won't go too much into the plot of this story so I'm not too spoiler-y but I did enjoy reading this follow up. There was plenty of action and more slowburn romance from our friends Ia and Knives, though if I'm being honest it was too slow of a burn for me. There were definitely aspects of this book that didn't fully do it for me, so I had to drop the rating. Even though Ignite the Stars was a 5 star read, I had to give Eclipse the Skies a 4/5. First off, a lot abut the plot feels unfinished. It felt like a lot of ends were not wrapped up and I still had many questions at the end of the book. The romance was lacking, I definitely prefer more romance between the main characters. Lastly, I was not happy with the ending. It felt very stiff and wasn't a "happy" ending - which I definitely prefer. But, it seems like she left it open so she could return to this world at a later date. For this, I will postpone final judgment.
magicalreads7 7 months ago
**I received an ARC from the publisher. These are my honest opinions, and in no way was I compensated for this review.** 3.75 stars I saw that this book was in “Read Now” on Netgalley and rushed to download it. Except, I hadn’t read the first book, despite having heard great things, so I checked it out from the library and read it all in one sitting. And I’m so glad I had the sequel on hand! Eclipse the Skies was a thrilling read from start to finish. This book was a lot more technical than the first one, so there’s a lot more world building. Milan brings constant action; there isn’t any time for you to breathe because the characters are always in very stressful situations, especially in the second half. So much happens in such a short amount of time that I didn’t really know how to process anything! We also get to learn more about the mythology of this universe! It was definitely interesting to see more about the religious system and whatnot. Ia is her lovably annoying self, and there’s so much growth on her part. I loved reading about her, the consistently strong, arrogant character, at her emotional lowest and then overcoming it. We also get to know more of her past. Knives’s character development was also so good! I loved seeing him grow into his duties and stop rejecting his responsibilities. It was nice to see him open up more too. I was honestly a bit annoyed by Brinn, but I could also understand her decisions. This book deals a lot with some morally gray areas, and it was interesting to see how each character dealt with everything. Apparently the author said that she changed some things from the ARC in the finished edition, so I’m not quite sure what to expect. Eclipse the Skies was a fast-paced read, with very human characters. They have doubts and ambitions, and I loved reading about them. I think this might be the last book in this series, but I would love to read more from this author in this universe!