Economics and Politics of Transition

Economics and Politics of Transition

by Christopher T. Sanders (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9780333575420
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan UK
Publication date: 06/18/1992
Series: European Economic Interaction and Integration Workshop Papers
Edition description: 1992
Pages: 421
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction; C.Saunders - PART 1: CONCEPTS, THEORIES AND AIMS - Transition of Economic Systems: Basic Aspects; N.Kloten - Transition from Command to Market Economies; R.Yevstigneev - Concepts of Transition in Socialist Economies; K.Laski - The Neoliberal Concept of Economic Order; H.Leipold - Comments on Part 1; R.Lang, H-J.Wagener & K.Laski - PART 2: TRANSFORMATION POLICIES IN EASTERN EUROPE - Policies for Stabilisation and Adjustment in the Transition Period; E.Hochreiter & P.Back - Monetary and Financial Policies in the Transition Period; P.Rieger - Foreign Economic Relations in Eastern Europe's Transition; J.Stankovsky - Comments on Part 2; G.Fink, V.Kudrov, N.Mates & D.Salvatore - PART 3: AGRICULTURE IN THE TRANSITION PROCESS - Problems in East European Agriculture; C.Boffito - Agriculture in the Hungarian Reform; I.Benet - The Restructuring of East European Agriculture; K-E.W dekin - PART 4: COUNTRY STUDIES OF TRANSITIONS: WEST - West Germany: the Monetary Reform of 1948 and the Rebirth of the Market Economy; J.Molsberger - Austria: Solutions in a Unique Political Environment; H.Androsch - France: Two Big Transitions; B.Cazes - Comments on Part 4 G.Chaloupek - PART 5: COUNTRY STUDIES OF TRANSITIONS: EAST - Czechoslovakia: Strategies for Systematic Change; K.Kouba - East Germany: Transformation to a Social Market: Opportunities and Risks; W.Heinrichs - East Germany: a Special Case or a Precedent?; J.Kammerath - Hungary: Issues for Privatisation; L.Bokros - Hungary: Transformation in Progress; M.Tardos - Poland: the Adjustment Programme; U.Plowiec - Poland: Underpinning the Transition: the Shadow of the Round Table Agreements; B.Kaminski - Poland: Building a Joint Venture from a State Enterprise; R.Dolczewski - Soviet Union: Programmes of Economic Reform; V.Kudrov - Yugoslavia: Experience of Systemic Change; D.Vojnic - Comments on Part 5; N.Mates, K-E.Schenk, J.Kosta, A.Lukaszewicz & A.M.Vacic - PART 6: CONCLUDING REFLECTIONS - Economics and Politics of Transition; H-J.Wagener - Specific Features of Transition from Plan to Market; A.M.Vacic - List of Participants - Index

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