Edane (Immortal Highlander, Clan Mag Raith Book 3): A Scottish Time Travel Romance

Edane (Immortal Highlander, Clan Mag Raith Book 3): A Scottish Time Travel Romance

by Hazel Hunter


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A fun-loving American gal, a brooding clan of ancient warriors, and a dangerous castle full of traps. What could possibly go wrong?

From the moment that Edane mag Raith rescues Nellie from a pursuing Sluath, he is smitten. But while he’s certain that she is the woman from his dreams, she doesn’t seem so sure.

Nellie Quinn doesn’t mind spending time with the handsome highlander, but that goes for his entire clan. Shamelessly, she flirts with them all, even as she plots her escape. Her instincts say to run fast and far, and that’s exactly what she intends to do.

While the clan contends with her, and the Sluath hunt her, the mysterious occupant of the castle watches her. When he realizes her unique gift is a lethal threat, he decides to be lethal in return.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781950575138
Publisher: Hazel Hunter
Publication date: 05/27/2019
Series: Immortal Highlander, Clan Mag Raith , #3
Pages: 414
Sales rank: 882,629
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.85(d)

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Edane (Immortal Highlander, Clan Mag Raith Book 3): A Scottish Time Travel Romance 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
pammyl 13 days ago
Dun Chaill in Scotland 14th century A storm had come again and it was time for another storm patrol . Edane mag Raith was going up to keep watch that the evil Slucth wasn't flying in the storm to attack them . The Sluath are soul suckling demon who can travel though time taking people as they go. At one time the Sluath taken the mag Raith, (Domnall the Chieftain, Edane, Mael, Broden, and Kiaran.) They had all excaped them. Then came back to earth, got stuck working for the a druid named Galan because he lied. The Jenna showed up she also excaped the Sluath. Then Rosealise showed up after they came to Dun Chaill. All that happened in other books Back to the storm and edane going up the mag Raith found that in storms they can fly to so they can fight the Sluath . Nellie Quinn came awake on the ground to hear a monster man thing coming after her she ran for her life. When she thought she could go no more a Robin hood guy flying on a horse started shooting a the thing chasing her. That's how she meet Edane and found the mag Raith but she has no memory of who she is other then her name or what had happen to her. When she joins them. Amazing action, fantastic storyline , the characters are so so awesome they pull you in fast in to the story like your there with them. I love this adventure. Hazel hunter is an fantastic writer. So don't miss this story or the series. Voluntarily reviewed a copy and I honestly loved it.
KIJERO 14 days ago
A stormy night and a man taking a turn at guarding his fellow clansmen. A run for her life that is the first memory she has. A joke mad to his chieftain and coming to the rescue of a young lad. A fight that continues with their enemy and a watcher who puts them in danger. Edane Mag Raith is the archer/shaman of his clan. When he goes on patrol during a storm guarding against their enemy the Sluath. He goes to the rescue of who he thinks is a young lad, only to realize that it's a woman. Immediately, Nellie Quinn is drawn to the man who saved her life. With no memory of her past she's determined to leave as soon as possibly, because of the danger she feels at the ruins of the castle the Mag Raith have moved into and started rebuilding. Every time they touch their underworld tattoos have a reaction. When Nellie and Edane touch they share a memory of the underworld. She's amazed by the ability she has and knows more than she tells everyone. The clan fill her in on their situation. An Attempt is made on her life by what the Mag Raith have called their watcher. Edane is given the responsibility of taking care of Nellie. His brother Kiaran is against Nellie from the beginning believing she's someone other than she says she is. Nellie has a flash of memory. The chieftain's wife realizes what era Nellie comes from. Edane believes Nellie's story and defends her against Kiaran. Kiaran catches Nellie trying to leave them and chases her only to have her safe his life. The Mag Raith use another clansman's gift to get the truth from Nellie. She's locked up and Edane keeps his distance. One of the single Mag Raith men make Nellie an offer, that Edane over hears. Edane saves Nellie from a second attempt on her life. She's given the complete truth about the Mag Raith clan and their immortality. After a passionate night together, Nellie leaves but isn't stopped this time by Kiaran because he just wants her gone. Edane follows the next day and finds her at where a former village was. The clan thought that they'd had a sickness and died off and left. Nellie tells him the truth about what actually happened using her gift. She decides that she can't go back to the castle so the start to set her up in an abandoned cottage. Their watcher is threatened by Nellie and tries to get rid of her and his and the Mag Raith's enemy by casting a spell to reveal her location. As a storm start to move in Edane and Nellie share another memory of the underworld and how they met. The third book in the Mag Raith series has the clan's shaman/archer finding the woman that he was given to in the underworld and trying to convince her that she's safe with them. A woman from 1920's America is hiding her true self and only wants to get away from the danger and the death associated with the castle. Can he make her see that the love they share can be forever? Who's the watcher and why doesn't he want the newest member of the clan around? Can they live in peace together or will the Sluath find them. What other traps and revelations are in store for the clan Mag Raith? I look forward to finding out as the stories continue in these unique takes on a historical, time travel, paranormal story all in one.
GinaRMitchell 15 days ago
The story of Edane and Nellie is a compelling, page-turning book. Nellie seems to be a bit unlikeable at the beginning of the story, is she actually a useless, lying flapper, or is it all a ruse to protect herself. Is Edane damned to endless suffering for his perceived past sins? The storylines of Iolar, Galan, and Cul are advanced further. We also get to enjoy all our favorite characters from earlier books in the series. You would think with each story following a general theme; it might get old. Absolutely not, each story is unique and entertaining. Edane is a worthy entry into Hazel Hunter’s Mag Raith series.