by Janelle Stalder


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New beginnings, new conflicts, and new adventures arise in the second installment of the Eden Series, Eden-West.

Months after his initial journey to Eden, Aiden is learning to cope with his own transformation. His social status has changed, his friendship with his best friend Ethan is in jeopardy because of it, and worst of all, he has heard absolutely nothing from his new friends in Eden. What has become of the world he fell in love with? Are his friends safe? Is the war over? With no answers, and no hope for contact, Aiden decides to focus on his life in his world.

Just as he makes this decision, he encounters a familiar bright light and thinks he knows exactly what it means. Except the light isn't at all what he expects and neither is the person behind it. When Aiden returns to Eden, it is to a whole new part of that special world, and a whole new set of adventures.

Weeks after Aiden was returned to his own world, Elisa is sent to Nysa, the revered Southern city, to retrieve the one thing she'd rather avoid - Wolf. Captain Turk instructed her to get in and get out - but that is easier said than done. When she finds her missing friend, she also stumbles upon a great deal of trouble. This trouble goes by one name - Markus, the leader of the Sun People.

Follow all your favourite characters as they ready themselves for battle and fight for a world threatened to be destroyed

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ISBN-13: 9781478145479
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/14/2012
Pages: 270
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.61(d)

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Eden-West 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Come out..
shyd More than 1 year ago
I have to say I am so excited when I found out the Eden West was coming out. I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy Once again I was in love with the world of Eden. We once again meet up with all the old characters we loved and learn more about them. Aiden is back in his own world not feeling like he is apart of it and wondering how his friends are doing. He is living his life as a normal teenager when he is sucked back into the world of Eden but this time he ends up in Eden West. The world building that Janelle created this time was simply amazing. The descriptions of this world were so vivid and rich and I felt like I could really envision what the world was like. I seemed completely different from Eden. Janelle just ad such a way with words that sucks you in and makes you never want to leave it. I completely understood how Aiden felt because I was having withdrawals from being away from this world for so long. Aiden is introduced to life on the other side and quickly realizes just how different it is. He also learns that things may not be what they seem either. I loved that Aiden has really grown into who he is and has become such a fierce warrior. In other news Elisa is sent on a mission by her father to bring back Wolf. I loved all the chemistry again between Elisa and Wolf. Elisa's travels introduce her to someone new named Markus. Markus was an interesting character in himself. I actually liked the side of him that he let show when he was around Elisa but didn't too much care for the other side of him. Janelle has a such a way with words and I loved that she could make this story work with all the different points of views but still weave it into one great read. She managed to focus on all the issues that the characters were dealing with but it didn't feel like the story was being pulled into a bunch of different directions. Overall again I was left wanting more as I never want to leave the Eden world when these books end. I am already waiting on book three. Janelle has done it again in crafting such an amazing read. I have fallen in love with these characters and always want to be immersed in their world. The world building is like nothing I have seen out there. The plot is constructed so well and paced so well that when you look up you realize you have finished the book. It just grabs you and doesn't let go. I highly recommend this book to loves of fantasy reads,lovers of a great romance, and lovers of good books period. I loved having the chance to be bak in Eden and can't wait for the next installment.
coleyfl More than 1 year ago
Wow …. Just wow. Janelle Stalder is a force to be reckoned with, her writing just keeps better and better. Eden West continues this amazing fantasy world, I really have not seen anyone better than her at world building in a long time. The plot thickens and the second installment in the Eden series leaves you breathless for the next book. Elisa is a strong female heroine any mother can trust their teen daughters to look up to. Wolfe, the party boy rake, seems to be growing up… a little bit anyway. He is slowly endearing himself to me. Aiden as always has everyone’s best interests first and foremost in his heart. The depth we are seeing with Callum foreshadows what is to come, and I think we are all going to be surprised by him (I hope *fingers crossed*). There are twists and turns I never saw coming and this fantasy novel is one of the best out there. Pick up this series immediately. My Rating: 5+ smooches Recommended for: Teens and Adults go to passionate book divas dot come for the full review with Pictures
Hazel_G More than 1 year ago
Definitely a winner! Loved going back to Eden! Eden West is a YA Fantasy written by Janelle Stalder and the second book in the Eden Series. The Review: I was so excited to return to Eden! I've been waiting for this book for a while now and the author did not disappoint! This was a truly excellent read and the adventure was even better the second time around. Story: The beginning of the book spends time in Aiden's world. Things have changed for him at home as well as at school since being back. Whereas before, he was picked on and bullied and lacked an appreciation for his family, we find he's taken the lessons he learned from his trip to Eden and have applied the courage and strength into his everyday life. But soon Eden calls and Aiden is once again transported to the otherworld. Things are different for Aiden when he goes back. In the first book, Aiden was a part of the Kings Army along with Wolf, Elisa, Logan and Felix. This time, Aiden is set up with The Riders on his own journey while Wolf, Elisa and Logan have their own quests and adventures. Old enemies resurface, new characters are introduced, new friendships are forged as well as new and exciting challenges for all our favorites from book one. And though I missed their connection and friendship, the story never faltered, was no less adventurous and it kept me glued to each page. There's even a bit of romance. Aiden meets a mysterious and magical forest girl and Wolf and Elisa are still skirting around one another while a handsome Lord has his sights set on Elisa, creating an interesting triangle. The Wrap Up: Questions from book one were answered and new questions in this book were posed. The author does an amazing job with the story, the characters and the journey each have to take in order to find their way back to one another. The ending was fantastic! I love that we left off on a pretty significant cliffy. Im definitely ready for the next book! I can't wait to see where the story goes from here! NOTE::I read this as a R2R with Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Fanatics! at Goodreads. As always, a special thank you to the mods and author for allowing me to participate.
Danielle_C_Smiley More than 1 year ago
Genre: YA (but really all ages) Fantasy Publisher Type: Indie My Review: The hard thing about writing reviews of subsequent books in a series is that you tend to repeat yourself a lot. Just like in book 1, I can tell you that Ms. Stalder has an amazing gift for writing extremely complex characters with complicated relationships. I love that the protagonists and antagonists alike are dimensional and not purely good or evil. One of my favorite characters, Callum, is technically a "bad guy." Rose puts it best, "War was never an easy thing to deal with, and everything about this war appalled her. Yet she considered Brutus one of her most trusted friends. Sometimes the world was so filled with shades of grey, it was hard to believe there was ever such a thing as pure black and white." The lack of a clear black and white is one of the things that make this such an intelligent and engaging novel. I was also impressed by the way the author was able to weave in "reminder hints" of book 1 throughout the first part of Eden West. There's a temptation for an author to either jump right into the story (which only works if the reader just finished the last book) or to provide an information dump within the first few pages to catch the reader back up. Ms. Stalder was able to gently insert subtle hints throughout the first part of the story that had me remembering details and events without feeling like I had to skim through a synopsis of the previous book. Eden West differs greatly from the first book as our main characters are separated and very much unaware of what is happening to the others. Story lines are perfectly layered upon one another, taking us from event to event, from perspective to perspective, masterfully building the plot and creating crazy amounts of suspense. I absolutely love the way the story unfolds!!! As the novel concludes, we have enough closure of the main conflict to feel satisfied, but there's some major cliff hangers, both in the romance and action. My only complaint is how am I supposed to wait to find out what happens?!?! Yikes! I'm not sure I can stand it!!! Cover Art: I have a thing for cover continuity throughout a series. This is a great example of how to do that right. Much like book 1, I'm torn between loving the simple, crisp design that utilizes an important symbol from the book and being disappointed that the covers don't show off the crazy creativity of the story within. Overall the cover style is growing on me and I, as always, do love the polished look! I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. See more of my reviews on my blog, Known to Read.
CrazyBakingMom More than 1 year ago
I love a well thought out, epic fantasy series and this installment in the Eden series totally delivers. Janelle Stadler does a great job with the necessary plotting, planning, backstabbing, political positioning, heartache, uncertainty, battles of various sizes and the ever present evil sorcerer that has plans he hasn’t shared with anyone yet as her band of characters grows in number as well as individually. The alternate reality she created is imaginative while still enabling the readers to relate to the struggles being faced. Just as Aiden is finding his place in school and coping with all his changes he is sucked back into Eden with no idea why or how. Stadler skillfully ties the story of Aiden’s return to a different part of Eden to that of his friends. We get to see things from various perspectives, which work really well. And the ending…..perfect. I look forward to the next installment so we can find out what happens to everyone!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Eden West, the second book in the Eden series does not disappoint. Janelle Stalder delivers an epic tale filled with several stories woven together that keep the reader dying for more. This can be difficult to do, but not once did I feel confused because Stalder has a way of making the reader fall in love with each of her characters. Eden West introduces you to more of them too, and they are as interesting as the ones you loved from Eden. The book is filled with rich descriptions of the different lands and the people that inhabit them and it also includes that touch of mystery that keeps you guessing along the way. My only issue was that it had to come to an end! I can't wait for the next installment in this series to find out what happens with Wolf and Elisa, Aiden and Lily and Callum and Rose. Hurry up Ms. Stalder--don't keep us waiting too long!!