Edgar Cayce on Biblical Reincarnations and the Essenes

Edgar Cayce on Biblical Reincarnations and the Essenes

by D. M. Hoover

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BN ID: 2940157619145
Publisher: D M Hoover
Publication date: 01/17/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 9 MB

About the Author

D.M.Hoover is an author with diverse interests. From Astrology to metaphysics, a life long interest in interpretation of dreams and of everyday crimes as well as Archeology, many of these interests have now been put to print. The most popular of which is Edgar Cayce on Past Lives, a hallmark book investigating why some souls have no need to return to the earth in a reincarnation cycle according to the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce. Towards this end, I investigate the information provided in their natal charts for possible clues as to why he said this is so.

There are other EBooks which advance the understanding of Astrology into a new realm which includes the Cayce material as a guide to new thought such as given in "Expanding on the Astrology of Edgar Cayce" from the perspective of someone who has studied him for over 40 years. A Book on the Essenes entitled, "Edgar Cayce on Biblical Reincarnations and the Essenes" which goes into the archeology and some historical data in simple everyday language for the layperson, surrounding the aura of the ancient Essene communities that existed some 2,000 plus years ago in the Holy Land.

There are EBooks which explain the Fixed Stars and their connection with the Natal charts such as "Regulus and the Generals", for those budding astrologers who also enjoy reading about famous military leaders; "Fomalhaut" another Royal Persian Star is coming soon.

For true crime aficionados, there is the small town flavor of a true crime entitled "What Ever Happened to Little Nancy", based on a true murder which took place in Maryland from the perspective of the author who knew Nancy as a passing childhood friend.

For the Dreamers and who among us does not dream, there will be published soon in 2015, my new EBook entitled "Edgar Cayce Dreams and the Inner Self" so look for it soon. I think it enhances all of our lives to study our dreams more fully helping us become more whole in all ways possible and I'm hoping I can lend a hand in guidance in this way.

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