Editing with Avid Xpress Pro

Editing with Avid Xpress Pro


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ISBN-13: 9780321199690
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Publication date: 12/20/2003
Series: Avid Educational Series
Pages: 475
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.89(d)

About the Author

Avid Technology's award-winning team of Education Specialists has extensive knowledge in all aspects of film and video post-production.

Table of Contents


Avid Educational Services. Other Resources. Symbols and Conventions. Comments? Copying the Files from the Accompanying DVD-ROM.

Lesson 1. Avid System Overview.

System Hardware. Basic Editing Steps. Avid Terms and Concepts. Starting the System. Creating and Opening a Project. Working in the Project Window. Working in Bins. Using Online Help. Review Questions. Exercise: Get Started.

Lesson 2. Basic Editing.

The Editing Interface. Playing Clips. Marking the Edit Points in a Clip. Creating a New Sequence. Adding Shots. Removing Material from a Sequence. Essential Basic Tools. Review Questions. Exercise: Basic Editing.

Lesson 3. Fine-Tuning.

Locating an Audio Edit Cue. Trimming. Explaining Single-Roller Trims. Performing a Single-Roller Trim. Dual-Roller Trimming. Additional Trim Features. Real-Time Effect Playback. Adding Dissolves. Review Questions. Exercise: Trim the Rainforest Sequence. Use Trim Buttons.

Lesson 4. Additional Editing Tools.

Viewing and Changing Settings. Using the SuperBin. Additional Navigation Tools. Mapping User-Selectable Buttons. Using Toolsets. Subclipping and Storyboarding. Review Questions. Exercise: Subclips and Storyboards.

Lesson 5. Saving Your Work.

Saving Bins. Retrieving Bins from the Avid Attic..Ending the Session. Review Questions. Exercise: Back Up Your Project.

Lesson 6. Editing Dialog.

Trimming Dialog. Creating Split Edits. Maintaining Sync. Review Questions. Exercise: Edit Dialog.

Lesson 7. Working in the Timeline.

Using Locators. Adding and Patching Tracks. Configuring the Timeline. Saving a Customized Timeline View. Editing Segments in the Timeline. Slipping and Sliding Segments. Review Questions. Exercise: Work in the Timeline.

Lesson 8. Working with Audio.

Introduction. Adjusting Level and Pan in the Audio Mix Tool. Adjusting Audio Gain with Keyframes. Automation Gain Real-Time Recording. Review Questions. Exercise: Fine-Tune Audio.

Lesson 9. Capturing Media.

Setting the Capture Options. Choosing the Video Resolution. Setting Audio Levels. Capturing Footage. Logging and Batch Capturing. Review Questions. Exercise: Capture Video.

Lesson 10. Preparing Your Bin for Editing.

Using Text View. Adding a Custom Column to a Bin. Sorting and Sifting Clips. Moving Clips Between Bins. Review Questions. Exercise: Organize Your Bins.

Lesson 11. Creating Titles.

Getting Started. Working with the Title Tool. Formatting Text. Applying Shadows and Borders. Choosing Colors. Saving, Fading, and Revising Titles. Rolling and Crawling Titles. Review Questions. Exercise: Create Titles.

Lesson 12. Media Management.

Locking Items in the Bin. Deleting Clips and Media Files. The Media Tool.MIdentifying Media Relatives. Review Questions. Exercise: Media Management.

Lesson 13. Recording a Digital Cut.

Preparing to Record a Digital Cut. Creating Insert, Assemble, and Manual Edits. Review Questions.


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