Educating Children with Autism

Educating Children with Autism

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National Academies Press

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Educating Children with Autism

Autism is a word most of us are familiar with. But do we really know what it means?

Children with autism are challenged by the most essential human behaviors. They have difficulty interacting with other people-often failing to see people as people rather than simply objects in their environment. They cannot easily communicate ideas and feelings, have great trouble imagining what others think or feel, and in some cases spend their lives speechless. They frequently find it hard to make friends or even bond with family members. Their behavior can seem bizarre.

Education is the primary form of treatment for this mysterious condition. This means that we place important responsibilities on schools, teachers and children's parents, as well as the other professionals who work with children with autism. With the passage of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1975, we accepted responsibility for educating children who face special challenges like autism. While we have since amassed a substantial body of research, researchers have not adequately communicated with one another, and their findings have not been integrated into a proven curriculum.

Educating Children with Autism outlines an interdisciplinary approach to education for children with autism. The committee explores what makes education effective for the child with autism and identifies specific characteristics of programs that work. Recommendations are offered for choosing educational content and strategies, introducing interaction with other children, and other key areas.

This book examines some fundamental issues, including:

  • How children's specific diagnoses should affect educational assessment and planning
  • How we can support the families of children with autism
  • Features of effective instructional and comprehensive programs and strategies
  • How we can better prepare teachers, school staffs, professionals, and parents to educate children with autism
  • What policies at the federal, state, and local levels will best ensure appropriate education, examining strategies and resources needed to address the rights of children with autism to appropriate education.

Children with autism present educators with one of their most difficult challenges. Through a comprehensive examination of the scientific knowledge underlying educational practices, programs, and strategies, Educating Children with Autism presents valuable information for parents, administrators, advocates, researchers, and policy makers.

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ISBN-13: 9780309072694
Publisher: National Academies Press
Publication date: 10/11/2001
Pages: 324
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

Table of Contents

Executive Summary1
Committee's Charge2
Diagnosis, Assessment, and Prevalence2
Role of Families4
Goals for Educational Services5
Characteristics of Effective Interventions6
Public Policies7
Personnel Preparation7
Features of Autism11
The Challenge of Educating Children with Autism12
The Committee's Work13
Organization of the Report19
IGoals for Children with Autism and Their Families
2Diagnosis, Assessment, and Prevalence23
Multidisciplinary Perspectives23
Prevalence of Autism and Related Conditions24
Screening Instruments25
Medical Considerations30
Implications for Intervention31
3Family Roles32
Special Demands on Parents33
Teaching Parents Needed Skills35
The Advocacy Role36
Support for Families37
From Research to Practice39
4Goals for Educational Services40
Interventions as Paths to Goals41
IICharacteristics of Effective Interventions
5Development of Communication47
Core Communication Deficits48
Planning for Intervention50
Intervention Approaches52
From Research to Practice63
6Social Development66
Developmental Constructs and Theory66
Commonalties and Individual Differences69
Planning for Intervention71
Interventions Used to Teach Social Behavior75
From Research to Practice81
7Cognitive Development82
Cognitive Abilities in Infants and Very Young Children83
Stability and Uses of Tests of Intelligence84
General Issues in Cognitive Assessment87
Theoretical Models of Cognitive Dysfunction in Autism88
Academic Instruction and Outcomes90
From Research to Practice92
8Sensory and Motor Development93
Constructs and Deficits94
Intervention Techniques98
Sensory and Motor Development and Educational Programming101
From Research to Practice102
9Adaptive Behaviors103
Developmental Constructs and Theory105
Form of Adaptive Behaviors106
Assessing Adaptive Behavior and Planning for Intervention107
Intervention Studies110
Intervention Programs112
From Research to Practice113
10Problem Behaviors115
Nature and Persistence of Behavior Problems116
Preventive Interventions118
After the Fact: Teaching Alternative Behaviors121
Other Interventions127
From Research to Practice131
11Instructional Strategies133
Types of Instructional Strategies133
Individual Versus Group Instruction137
The Use of Peers as Instructors138
The Roles of Selected Disciplines138
12Comprehensive Programs140
Selection and Overview of Model Programs140
Theoretical Orientations of Program Models147
Convergence and Variability of Program Dimensions149
Intervention Studies166
IIIPolicy, Legal, and Research Context
13Public Policy and Legal Issues175
Adequacy of Services and Resources181
14Personnel Preparation183
Need for a Support Infrastructure183
Kinds of Personnel186
Providers of Personnel Preparation188
Content of Personnel Preparation Programs188
15Methodological Issues in Research on Educational Interventions193
Separate Literatures194
Early Screening and Diagnosis195
Description of Participants of Studies197
Methodological Issues199
From Research to Practice209
16Conclusions and Recommendations211
Diagnosis, Assessment, and Prevalence211
Role of Families214
Goals for Educational Services216
Characteristics of Effective Interventions218
Public Policies222
Personnel Preparation224
Needed Research227
Biographical Sketches290

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