Eel Culture

Eel Culture



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The world's species of (anguilla) eels;.

The market demand for eels in Europe;.

Life history of the Japanese eel (anguilla japonica);.

Culture methods - in still and running water;.

Method and organisation of the eel culture industry in Japan;.

Choosing a site for an eel farm;.

Eel farm design and construction;.

Water quality and its control;.

The feeding of eels;.

Diseases and parasites;.

Marketing eels;.

Month by month management of ponds in the Hamanako area of Japan;.

How to catch and treat elvers;.

How to cook eels: Kabayaki, smoked and jellied;.

Recent developments in eel culture in Japan;.

Developments in eel culture outside Japan;.

Check list of requirements for starting an eel farm;.

References and bibliography;.

Appendix 1:Status and organisation of aquaculture in Japan;.

Appendix 2:Suppliers of feeds and equipment in Japan;.

Appendix 3:The meanings of some Japanese words;.


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