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Effective Bible Teaching

Effective Bible Teaching

4.0 1
by James C. Wilhoit, Leland Ryken

ISBN-10: 0801096855

ISBN-13: 9780801096853

Pub. Date: 10/01/1988

Publisher: Baker Publishing Group

Shows teachers how to develop the "big idea" of a passage, improve their classroom skills, and allow the text itself to suggest creative teaching methods.


Shows teachers how to develop the "big idea" of a passage, improve their classroom skills, and allow the text itself to suggest creative teaching methods.

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Baker Publishing Group
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5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.54(d)
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18 Years

Table of Contents

Part 1: Effective Teaching
1. The Changing Landscape of Bible Study
2. The Church's Unfinished Task
3. The Tasks of the Effective Teacher
4. The Teacher: The Human Element in Teaching
Part 2: The Methods of Effective Bible Teaching
5. Discovering Unity in Biblical Passages: The Genre and Structure of a Passage
6. Thematic Unity in Biblical Passages: Teaching the Big Idea
7. Bridging the Gap
8. Principles of Biblical Interpretation
9. Understanding the Methods of Inductive and Directed Bible Studies
10. Leading Inductive Bible Studies
Part 3: The Bible We Teach
11. What Kind of Book Is the Bible?
12. Types of Writing in the Bible
13. Teaching the Stories of the Bible
14. Teaching the Poetry of the Bible
15. Teaching Other Genres of the Bible

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Effective Bible Teaching 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In this book, Wilhoit and Ryken detail the basic and necessary components to teaching the Bible. They start by explaining how to teach (such as ¿challenging¿ students with thought provoking questions), and then shared what to teach (i.e. parables or epistles) (48). I feel the main purpose of the book is to show teachers how to interpret Scripture and pass the interpretation onto others (85). Another important function of the book is to ¿look honestly at where Bible teaching stands today and diagnose where it fails¿ (15). It is important for a teacher to realize that the mindset one has in regards to the Bible will affect how he or she teaches Scripture (i.e. hermeneutics involved and belief of the inerrancy of the Bible). ¿Effective Bible Teaching¿ is a readable technical manual (a sort of ¿A to Z¿ listing) in how a teacher should instruct students using the Bible so they can ultimately incorporate Scriptural truths into their lives. The authors¿ suggestions on how to get an accurate interpretation were simple yet worth mentioning¿ a teacher must discover two things: (1) What a passage meant to the original people for whom it was written, and (2) What it means for us today (32). I found the suggestions helpful because teachers who have been poorly trained may not have realized the basic information needed for proper Scripture interpretation (hermeneutics). Overall, I agree with the authors¿ ideas, and their description of Bible teaching¿ which is ¿ministering to people,¿ changing their faulty ideas about God, showing them how to live in faith, helping people to get rid of ¿self-defeating habits,¿ and encouraging them to learn ¿habits of holiness¿ (51). These are important aspects of Bible teaching that all teachers should address.