Effective Brand Leadership: Be Different - Stay Different - Or Perish

Effective Brand Leadership: Be Different - Stay Different - Or Perish


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Effective Brand Leadership: Be Different - Stay Different - Or Perish by Chris Edger, Tony Hughes

How do you create, scale-up and evolve a world class food service brand? How do you revive a brand that is faced with (seemingly) terminal decline? Packed with real-life Case Studies and key insights from the Founders and Leaders of some of the most dynamic and established food service brands (Giggling Squid, Cabana, Miller & Carter, Burger & Lobster, Hache, Drake & Morgan, Giraffe, Byron, Premium Country Dining Group, Domino’s Pizza, YO! Sushi, TGI Friday’s, Pizza Hut, Toby Carveries etc.) this book is essential reading for aspiring or ambitious food service leaders. Written in an informative, accessible style without abandoning any of its empirical rigor this book is essential reading for food service leaders at all levels within the industry who want to win during every stage of their brand’s evolution or hospitality students who want practical insights into the fundamentals of effective brand leadership.

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ISBN-13: 9781909818781
Publisher: Libri Publishing
Publication date: 04/01/2016
Pages: 280
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.30(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Professor Chris Edger PhD is a multiple author on retail leadership whose latest book Franchising was shortlisted for the prestigious 2016 CMI Management Book of the Year. Described as the UK’s ‘leading expert on multi-site retail management', Chris has appeared on/written for media outlets such as C4 News, ITV, BBC News Online, Propelinfo, Daily Mail, Guardian etc. Tony Hughes is a luminary of the UK food service industry. During his career he established TGI Friday’s in the UK and was responsible for developing brands such as Toby, Vintage Inns, Premium County Dinning, Village Pub & Kitchen, Miller & Carter and acquiring Harvester, Browns and Alex in Germany.

Table of Contents

Foreword Paul Charity v

Contents viii

List of Figures x

About the Authors xi

Acknowledgements xii

1 Introduction 1

Case Study 1 Nando's: Building Brand Strength, Chris Edger 20

2 Originate 23

Case Study 2 Originating Brands, Tony Hughes 24

2.1 Research Gap 26

Case Study 3 Miller & Carter: Finding the Gap, Tony Hughes (founder) 28

2.2 Compelling Concept 30

Case Study 4 Burger & Lobster and Cabana: Creating Compelling Concepts Misha Zelman Jamie Barber (founder-owners) 34

2.3 Vibrant Culture 37

Case Study 5 Haché and Giggling Squid: Creating a Vibrant Culture, Berry Casey Andy Laurillard (founder-owners) 47

3 Escalate 53

Case Study 6 Giraffe: Growing a Successful Concept Hussel Joffe (founder-entrepreneur) 54

3.1 Accelerate Network 56

Case Study 7 Drake & Morgan: Rolling It Out Jillian McLean (founder-owner) 62

3.2 Systemise Organisation 64

Case Study 8 Millie's: Systemising for Scaling Up Andrew Emmerson (ex-MD) 71

3.3 Drive Awareness 72

Case Study 9 Byron: Driving Awareness Tom Byng (founder CEO) 76

4 Evolve 81

Case Study 10 Premium Country Dining Group: Evolving the Portfolio Tony Hughes Paul Sue Salisbury (founder-entrepreneurs) 82

4.1 Customer Insight 85

Case Study 11 How do Evolvers Generate Customer Insight? Ian Dunstall 89

4.2 Agile Organisation 91

Case Study 12 YO! Sushi: Maintaining Agility in Evolving Organisations, Vanessa Hall (CEO) 97

4.3 Implementation Capability 99

Case Study 13 Domino's Pizza: Improving Operational Implementation, Patricia Thomas (Ex-Executive Director, Operations) 103

5 Perish 107

Case Study 14 Why Brands Perish in the US, Frank Steed (former CEO of some of the US's biggest food service brands) 108

5.1 Incompetent Leadership 109

Case Study 15 Tales of Incompetent Brand Leaders Chris Edger 114

5.2 Resource Starvation 116

Case Study 16 Starving Brands in the US Frank Steed (former CEO of some of the US's biggest food service brands) 119

5.3 Concept Obsolescence 120

Case Study 17 Berni Inns: How an Iconic Brand Became Obsolescent Tony Hughes Alan Jackson 123

6 Revive 129

Case Study 18 TGI Friday's: Reviving a Brand, Karen Forester (CEO) 130

6.1 Galvanise Organisation 133

Case Study 19 Pizza Hut: Galvanising the Organisation Jens Hofma (CEO) 138

6.2 Sharpen Execution 141

Case Study 20 Toby Carvery: Turning It Around Kevin Todd 145

6.3 Refresh Proposition 149

Case Study 21 Refreshing the Proposition Philip Harrison (founder-owner of Harrison Design) 152

7 Conclusion 157

7.1 Reprise - Strong Brands 158

7.2 Critical Leadership Transitions 161

7.3 Be Different - Experiential Distinctiveness 166

7.4 Stay Different - Maintain Experiential Distinctiveness 188

7.5 Final, Final Thoughts 193

Bibliography 196

Index 198

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