Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits: Real-World Strategies That Work / Edition 3

Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits: Real-World Strategies That Work / Edition 3

by Ilona Bray
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Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits: Real-World Strategies That Work / Edition 3

Getting tax-exempt status is just the first step for your nonprofit organization-whether it succeeds or fails depends on your ability to raise donations from individuals, companies and institutions. The question you're facing is, "How do I get my hands on the cash?"

You'll find plain-English answers in Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits. Featuring advice and stories from over 50 experienced fundraisers, foundation staffers, journalists and more, this book explains how to:

make a fundraising plan

work with individual donors

keep givers giving

develop mid-scale and major donors

plan special events

solicit grants from foundations and corporations

get media coverage

use the Web and social media to further fundraising goals

start a side business to raise funds

and much more

Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits also provides grassroots strategies for struggling nonprofits and dozens of real-life success stories. Best of all, it cuts out the jargon and "consultant speak" that's all too common in nonprofit books.

The 3rd edition is completely updated with new stories and samples, the latest IRS rules and regulations, social networking guidance and tips for holding green events.

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ISBN-13: 9781413312539
Publisher: NOLO
Publication date: 08/24/2010
Edition description: Third Edition
Pages: 528
Product dimensions: 7.24(w) x 11.04(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

1 Your Fundraising Companion 1

2 Fundraising Tools 5

Fundraising People 7

Fundraising Skills 33

Fundraising Equipment and Technology 43

3 Developing Your Fundraising Plan 55

Getting Started: Set Your Fundraising Goal 57

Evaluate Your Nonprofit's Fundraising Assets 69

Develop Your Fundraising Strategy 75

Create the Final Plan 83

4 Attracting Individual Supporters 85

Make Your Organization Look Support Worthy 87

Understand What Motivates Your Supporters 96

Bring in New Supporters 107

5 How to Keep the Givers Giving 143

Thank Your Supporters (and Help Them Satisfy the IRS) 145

Communicate Your Essential Message 148

Invite Supporters to Get More Involved 161

Analyze Your Donor Base 162

When to Call Your Supporters 166

6 Midscale and Major Donors 169

Background Research 171

Get to Know Your Existing Supporters 177

Annual Renewals of Support 183

Lectures, Small Events, and Parties for Major Supporters 185

One-on-One Meetings 189

Setting Up a Focused Major Gifts Campaign 207

7 Funds From the Great Beyond: Bequests and Legacy Gifts 213

How to Attract Legacy Gifts 216

Handling Simple Inheritance Gifts 218

First Steps Toward Attracting Inheritance Gifts 226

Preview of Other Legacy Giving Arrangements 236

8 Special Events 241

Survey of Special Events 245

Choose the Right Event for Your Organization 265

Keep It Green: Attend to Environmental Issues 268

Develop a Realistic Budget 271

Plan and Pace Event Activities 276

Deal With Risks and Liability Issues 284

Last-Minute Tasks and Tips 287

After the Event 289

9 Raising Money Through Business or Sales Activities 293

Tax Rules for Business Activities 296

Learn From Other Nonprofits' Experience 303

Develop Your Own Great-And Low-Risk-Business Idea 313

Measure Your Ideas Against Reality 320

Final Planning and Test Runs 325

Licensing, Sponsorships, and Other Relationships With Existing Businesses 333

The Next Steps 337

10 Seeking Grants From Foundations, Corporations, and Government 339

Understand the Funders 340

Research Grant Prospects 347

The Proposal Process, From Query Letter Onward 363

Follow Up With the Funder 385

Grant Renewals 387

11 Creating Printed Communications Materials 389

Brochures 391

Newsletters 392

Annual Reports 396

12 Designing Your Website to Draw in Donors 405

Basic Contact Information 408

Your Organization's Personality 409

Freshness 412

Content 414

Donation Information and Opportunities 417

Information on Where the Money Goes 422

Information About Funders and Donors 422

Tracking Users 423

13 Outreach by Traditional and Social Media 425

Placing Your Organization's Stories With Traditional Media 426

What Makes a Good Story 428

Who to Approach With Your Story 433

Pitching and Placing Stories 443

Protecting Yourself in Media Interactions 456

Making Your Own News: Social Media 461


A Worksheets 471

Fundraising Worksheet 1 Sample Cost Analysis

Fundraising Worksheet 2 Fundraising Assets

Fundraising Worksheet 3 Fundraising Strategy Chart

Fundraising Worksheet 4 Mailing Evaluation

Fundraising Worksheet 5 Meeting Checklist

Fundraising Worksheet 6 Projected Special Event Expenses

Fundraising Worksheet 7 Projected Special Event Income

Fundraising Worksheet 8 Grant Priorities Summary Chart

Fundraising Worksheet 9 Grant Prospects Research Overview

Fundraising Worksheet 10 Check Your Website's Fundraising Effectiveness

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