Eight Through Twelve

Eight Through Twelve

by Clifford Best


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I became a believer in Jesus Christ after I turned forty. As a result of my new converted perspective, I started seeing my former self in people who thought they were saved but weren’t. I also met people who doubted their salvation, people who couldn’t explain why they were saved, and others who admitted their faith was unfulfilling. I subsequently determined that their weak spiritual condition was the result of not having a personal relationship with Christ Jesus. That’s because they never became acquainted with him by studying his life and ministry as recorded in the Gospels.

I wrote Eight Through Twelve to show believers that anyone who has a humble heart and a desire to know Jesus more intimately can indeed draw closer to him by studying his ministry as recorded in the Gospels. In these five chapters in the Gospel of Matthew, the reader will learn that Jesus described himself using three distinct titles – Shepherd, Teacher, and Master. It is my hope that a sincere study of Jesus’ life using this book will lead readers into a more clear relationship with him as his sheep, student, and servant. We can’t truly understand Jesus until we know him. And without knowing him, we can’t truly love him. But if we love Jesus as our Savior and Master, we can love others the way he loves us. That is my prayer for anyone who seeks to know Jesus using Eight Through Twelve.

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ISBN-13: 9781490853116
Publisher: Westbow Press
Publication date: 11/20/2014
Pages: 308
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