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El Desayuno Breakfast

El Desayuno Breakfast

by Miss Ina

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PREFACE EL DESAYUNO - BREAKFAST This is the first of a series of books that thematically develops in the child the ability to communicate in Spanish. The concepts and conversational patterns are presented in a simple, easy- to- follow, step- by- step manner. This book, though it is intended for children of all ages that have limited or no knowledge of the Spanish language, can be very useful for an adult that would like to learn and communicate in everyday conversation within the theme presented in each book. PRESENTATION OF CONCEPTS 1. With each illustration, which is clear and to the point, the child can see what is being taught. 2. The Spanish word is written next to the illustration in CAPITAL, bold, large print letters. 3. The phonetic pronunciation appears in parentheses to facilitate and make it easy for the parent or child to read the word. 4. The translation is also given to avoid any confusion about what the picture represents. 5. The concepts that are not represented with an illustration, image or picture, but that are necessary to develop the patterns of conversation, will appear enclosed in a box and are followed immediately by their application in sentences and phrases, thus developing the patterns of conversation related to the theme. 6. When a box with a new concept appears, it will always be followed by the conversational application of that concept. 7. You will see the same concept appear in a box in subsequent pages where its application with new vocabulary or more complex conversational patterns are being presented. The purpose for this, even though it seems redundant and repetitious, is to help the child or the parent avoid having to go back to previous pages in case they might have forgotten the concept. This gives more flow and continuity to the learning and memorization process. 8. At the end of the book, pictures of breakfast items and the Spanish words will appear with no phonetic sounds, no translations and no boxes with the concepts they have learned. This is to test the childs memory and see if the learning process has been achieved. RECOMMENDATION Once the child has learned a new word and the sentence structure that goes with the new word, parents should encourage the child to use it throughout the day every time the opportunity presents itself.

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ISBN-13: 9781496922458
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/15/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 62
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About the Author

Evangelina Alexandra Rivas Lamarche, known by all of her students as Miss Ina, pronounced Miss Ena, was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She has been teaching Spanish for 27 years, and during that time she developed her own conversational Spanish program Spanish in Action to teach and develop in a simple, practical, and natural manner conversational patterns in children and adults in a short period of time. Her program has been established in the state of Florida in many schools and preschools throughout Palm Beach County and Martin County. She is the mother of five beautiful children that she homeschooled for most of their life. Three of them are successful professionals and the two youngest are in college. Her vibrant personality and passion for teaching, her natural approach to teach the Spanish language, and the belief that language should be approached as a whole, including all the beautiful aspects of the culture, the music, dances, the food, the social aspects and the cultural way of thinking, has made learning Spanish for children as well as adults an exciting, fun, interesting and stimulating experience. She has successfully trained many teachers under the techniques and methodology of her program and has changed the view of learning a language to become a positive experience. Her convictions that learning a language should be stimulating, exciting and fun has given her the drive and desire to write a series of books, with elements that will easily engage the child into reading and the conversational application of the concepts that are presented in each book. The first of the series EL DESAYUNO -BREAKFAST has clear and to -the- point illustrations. The vocabulary, concepts and conversational application as well as the phonetic pronunciations and translation guide the child in a flowing manner to go from word and concepts right into the practical application. Her goal with these books is two-fold: 1) that every child will fall in love with the Spanish language, and 2) that their desire and enthusiasm for learning will drive them to want to become fluent in a language that has become a necessary tool in the professional and business world as well as any other line of work in our society.

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