Elden: World of Dreams: The End Is Only the Beginning

Elden: World of Dreams: The End Is Only the Beginning

by Joshua Morris


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Elden: World of Dreams: The End Is Only the Beginning by Joshua Morris

Divinitie Lords. In the wake of Elden, it was they who ruled. Countless lords who mostly had different views on the world’s system of multiple rulers. Though this never caused a conflict, or at least to a major scale of destruction. Remarkably gifted in all types of fields, the Divinities were blessed with eternal life. It was the world’s dream. The thought of peace, kindness, and will to stride for greatness. A feud had arisen between two completely different foes. This would cause a war were alliances came together for both sides. Personal reasons. One lord began working on a way to save Elden from a horrific fate but ran out of time.

Outside his original plans, Gellik made preparations. Thalasis, lord of Shadows, creates a massive energy wave of dark magic that almost completely levels the world’s life during the war, as everyone was busy fighting each other. However, the true enemy that dreadful day was Malavis, who was hiding in the shadows till the war was over. It was all his intention to become the only remaining ruler of the world. There was the only one left standing in his way. In the end, Gellik would get the last laugh by saving Elden with his keen research—an ability to store information that would otherwise be lost forever.

After the war, a new Divinitie would rise. Though he wouldn’t be like anything before. The Miraculous Stone. Gentle and unsure, he would use his new-found powers to recreate life in the world. This would be the beginning of Elden’s bright future. First it was the Order. They would become the first of intelligent life, charged with creating ideas that could better the world as a whole. Then the newest to join the order thinks of an idea that is beyond anything they’ve seen before, which causes another order member, Anteevon, to become jealous. The order grants him permission to bring his dream to life, giving him the greater wand that is used to forge the masterful ideas they come up with. He would embark on a journey that would take him across the world.

The first to use the Gateway would also be the last. Dreoravers, they sought out the means to gain the power to get revenge. Orthboneus wanted his idea to better their world; instead it became a nightmare. With the first users becoming a threat, he used his magical powers to lock them away inside. During which the Miraculous Stone created more life. Years of kingdoms rising; names and titles earned.

Once Orthboneus Liro was drained completely, he could no longer hold the Ravers in place. Fleeing before they woke. Feeling betrayed, their rage grew even more, unleashing a wrath that would cause Elden to respond quickly. Ojintez, King of the Klays, would take this time of desperation to unite. In turn, after a swift war achieves victory. But the Ravers would retreat back to the now corrupted Gateway. The Stone alongside the Order would commend him of this incredible feat, naming him hero of Elden and head of the new protectors of the world. The Council.

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ISBN-13: 9781524558857
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 02/22/2017
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.41(d)

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