Electric Waco Chair

Electric Waco Chair

by Waco BrothersWaco Brothers




"History is written by the winners/this is a loser's song," begins "Walking On Hell's Roof Looking at the Flowers." Indeed, these righteous iconoclasts may be standard bearers for the alt-country movement, bar-band division, but their favorite subject is failure. With titles such as "It's Not Enough," "Where the Mighty Fall," and "Cornered," the raucously tuneful anthems on the band's fifth album address life's indignities and disappointments, alternating moonlighting Mekon Jon Langford's indictments of social inequities with former Wreck member Dean Schlabowske's tales of individual entrapment. But the band's stripped-down, raucously tuneful attack presents an uplifting yang to the lyrics' yin. While the presence of mandolin and pedal steel in the band's lineup connects the Wacos to the country traditions that they revere, uninhibited punk rock hearts beat beneath the band members' western shirts. Although it's not as "electric" as its title suggests, Electric Waco Chair offers more focus and depth -- and less overtly boozy riff-rock -- than last year's Wacoworld. "Nothing To Say" describes the executives who "spent a million dollars" on the 15-year-old singer who's "got nothing to say." These aging veterans have plenty to say on the far less extravagant Electric Waco Chair, which, for an album about failure, is quite a success.

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Release Date: 10/17/2000
Label: Bloodshot Records
UPC: 0744302005423
catalogNumber: 20054

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