Electrical Basics

Electrical Basics

by Rick Peters


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Electrical Basics by Rick Peters

In the dark about how to take care of electrical problems--and worried about handling breakdowns safely? Teach yourself! You know you could replace a faulty receptacle, add a dimmer switch, or install a recessed light...if only an expert would show you how. That's exactly what this all-in-color book, packed with charts, diagrams, and photos, does: it gives you a thorough, yet amazingly easy-to-understand, overview of basic home electricity. No other manual makes everything from blown fuses to circuitry simple and clear, so that you have the power to take command of the everyday glitches that arise. Get the basics of working with wire, cable, and conduit. Do emergency repairs on breakers, blown fuses, frayed cords, and plugs. Test switches and receptacles; install boxes for light fixtures; and add outlets. Replace ballasts; mount track lighting; and extend circuits. Run cable through a wall, and to the ceiling. Every part is identified and every function described in a wonderfully straightforward way. All the fundamentals are covered--even how to select inexpensive specialty tools. It's the one book you need to learn all the basics.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781402710865
Publisher: Sterling
Publication date: 08/01/2003
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Home Electrical Systems
How Circuits Work7
Common Electrical Terms8
Wiring in a House9
Parts of a Residential System10
Service Panels12
Grounding and Polarization14
Working Safely with Electricity16
Mapping Your Circuits20
Chapter 2Electrical Tools and Materials
General-Purpose Tools23
Specialty Tools25
Types of Wire26
Types of Cable28
Conduit and Connectors30
Plastic Conduit and Boxes33
Boxes--New Construction34
Boxes--Existing Construction35
Specialty Switches38
GFCI Receptacles42
Cover Plates43
Connectors and Restraints44
Circuit Breakers46
Service Panels and Switch Boxes47
Chapter 3Working with Wire, Cable, and Conduit
Stripping Wire49
Cutting Wire and Cable50
Preparing NM Cable51
Joining Wire53
Preparing Wires for Screw Terminals54
Preparing Wires for Push-In Terminals55
Connecting Cables to Boxes56
Working with Armor-Clad Cable58
Working with Conduit60
Bending Conduit62
Pulling Wire through Conduit64
Surface-Mount Wiring66
Chapter 4Emergency Repairs
When a Breaker Trips69
Replacing a Breaker70
Replacing Blown Fuses72
Replacing Cartridge Fuses73
Repairing Frayed Cords75
Replacing a Standard Plug76
Installing a Quick-Connect Plug79
Installing a Quick-Wire Plug80
Installing a Heavy-Duty Plug81
Testing Switches83
Testing Receptacles84
Testing GFCI Receptacles85
Chapter 5Working with Boxes, Receptacles, and Switches
Installing Boxes for Receptacles87
Installing Boxes for Light Fixtures89
Installing Boxes for Switches90
Installing Boxes in Preexisting Walls91
Common Receptacle Wiring93
Replacing a Receptacle94
Adding a GFCI Receptacle96
Single-Pole Switch Wiring98
3-Way Switch Wiring99
4-Way Switch Wiring100
Replacing a Single-Pole Switch101
Replacing a 3-Way Switch102
Installing a Dimmer Switch103
Chapter 6Lighting
Replacing an Incandescent Fixture105
Replacing a Recessed Light107
Replacing a Flourecent Fixture109
Replacing a Ballast112
Replacing Track Lighting114
Chapter 7Adding and Extending Circuits
Adding a New Receptacle117
Running Cable through a Wall120
Running Cable from Wall to Ceiling121
Installing NM Cable in New Construction122
Installing Conduit on Masonry Walls124

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