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American Chemical Society
Electromagnetic Fields: Biological Interactions and Mechanisms

Electromagnetic Fields: Biological Interactions and Mechanisms

by Martin Blank, BlankMartin Blank


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Presents a timely, multifaceted examination of electromagnetic fields, including the physical characteristics of environmental electromagnetic fields, intrinsic biological fields, health-related risks, therapeutic applications, and transduction mechanisms. Examines the signal-to-noise problem of biological effects due to low-intensity electromagnetic fields. Describes the biochemical and biophysical mechanisms of interaction of electromagnetic fields with cells. Proposes a mechanistic chain of causality which links the physical transduction to cellular processes.

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ISBN-13: 9780841231351
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Publication date: 01/28/1995
Series: Advances in Chemistry Series , #250
Pages: 550
Product dimensions: 9.10(w) x 6.30(h) x 1.90(d)

Table of Contents

Biological Effects of Environmental Electromagnetic Fields: An Overview, Martin Blank
Spectrum and Intensity of Environmental Electromagnetic Fields from Natural and Man-Made Sources, T.S. Tenforde
Typical Electric and Magnetic Field Exposures at Power-Line Frequencies and Their Coupling to Biological Systems, F.S. Barnes
Bioelectromagnetic Dosimetry, C. Polk
Issues Relating to Causality of Bioelectromagnetic Effects, J.C. Weaver and R. D. Astumian
Comparison of Endogenous Currents in and Around Cells with Those Induced by Exogenous Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields, H. Wachtel
Endogenous Electric Fields Measured in Developing Embryos, R. Nuccitelli
Streaming and Piezoelectric Potentials in Connective Tissues, L.A. MacGinitie
Electric Stimulation of Protein Synthesis in Muscle, M. Blank
Epidemiologic Studies and Their Role in Identifying Potential Risks from Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields, G. M. Matanoski
Magnetic Field Exposure Assessment, R. Kavet
Electromagnetic Fields and Cancer: Laboratory Studies, L.E. Anderson and L.B. Sasser
Electric and Magnetic Field Mitigation Strategies, D. Fugate, W. Feero, and F. Dietrich
Bioelectromagnetics in the Service of Medicine, C.A.L. Bassett
Therapeutic Aspects of Electromagnetic Fields for Soft-Tissue Healing, B.F. Sisken and J. Walker
Electromagnetic Heating for Cancer Treatment, C.-K. Chou
Tissue Electroporation for Localized Drug Delivery, J.C. Weaver, R. Langer, and R.O. Potts
The Role of Coherence in Electromagnetic Field-Induced Bioeffects: The Signal-to-Noise Dilemma, J.M. Mullins, T.A. Litovitz, and C.J. Montrose
Electric and Magnetic Field Signal Transduction in the Membrane Na]+/K]+ -adenosinetriphosphatase, M. Blank
The Role of Cell and Tissue Calcium in Transducing the Effects of Exposure to Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields, K.J. McLeod
Magnetoreception and Electromagnetic Field Effects: Sensory Perception of the Geomagnetic Field in Animals and Humans, A. Kobayashi and J.L. Kirschvink
Magnetokinetic Effects on Radical Pairs: A Paradigm for Magnetic Field Interactions with Biological Systems at Lower Than Thermal Energy, J. Walleczek
Biosynthetic Stress Response in Cells Exposed to Electromagnetic Fields, R. Goodman and M. Blank
Membrane Signal-Transduction Mechanisms and Biological Effects of Low-Energy Electromagnetic Fields, R.A. Luben
Melatonin Suppression by Time-Varying and Time-Invariant Electromagnetic Fields, R.J. Reiter
Effects of Radio-Frequency Radiation on Mammalian Cells and Biomolecules In Vitro, S.F. Cleary

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