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McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Elementary Number Theory 2nd Edition / Edition 2

Elementary Number Theory 2nd Edition / Edition 2

by Charles Vanden Eynden, Eynden Vanden


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Elementary Number Theory 2nd Edition / Edition 2

This book is intended for an introductory course in number theory, primarily taken by mathematics majors. The author wrote the text with four main goals in mind. He wrote a book that is both easy to read and easy to teach from. The author also aims to ease students into using proofs, and to develop a self-confidence in mathematics surrounding the difficulty of mathematical proof. Although the main users of this text will be mathematics students, a large audience could easily use the book.

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ISBN-13: 9780072325713
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 01/01/2001
Series: International Series in Pure and Applied Mathematics
Edition description: 2ND
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.50(h) x 0.82(d)

Table of Contents

CreditsPreface 0 What is Number Theory? 1 Divisibility 1.1 The GCD and LCM 1.2 The Division Algorithm 1.3 The Euclidean Algorithm 1.4 Linear Combinations 1.5 Congruences 1.6 Mathematical Induction 2 Prime Numbers 2.1 Prime Factorization 2.2 The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic 2.3 The Importance of Unique Factorization 2.4 Prime Power Factorizations 2.5 A Set of Primes is Infinite 2.6 A Formula for ¬(n) 3 Numerical Functions 3.1 The Sum of the Divisors 3.2 Multiplicative Functions 3.3 Perfect Numbers 3.4 Mersenne and Fermat Numbers 3.5 The Euler Phi Function 4 The Algebra of Congruence Classes 4.1 Solving Linear Congruences 4.2 The Chinese Remainder Theorem 4.3 The Theorems of Fermat and Euler 4.4 Primality Testing 4.5 Public-Key Cryptography 5 Congruences of Higher Degree 5.1 Polynomial Congruences 5.2 Congruences with Prime Power Moduli 5.3 Quadratic Residues 5.4 Quadratic Reciprocity 5.5 Flipping a Coin over the Telephone 6 The Number Theory of the Reals (and more...)

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