Elements: Veil of Darkness

Elements: Veil of Darkness

by Kate Fuentes

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Talon Thorn's entire world comes tumbling down around him as he experiences the unexpected separation and possible death of his twin brother Gage. He struggles to balance the emotional onslaught of anger and guilt in a life where triumph can fade to cataclysmic despair in an instant. With the ancient prophecy to protect mankind still looming over him, Talon remains confident he can unlock the impenetrable gates to an unknown dimension and free his family from the evil that has held them captive for so long. Reality cross connects with fantasy and shatters the misconception the Earth realm is the only civilization within our universe after Talon uncovers the path to mystic portals. Dark forces remain ever present and are lured by Talon's fury combined with his supernatural abilities to harness the elemental power of fire along with extraordinary shape-shifting skills. He must embrace the courage to control his amazing gifts and follow the hidden evidence that may lead him to discovering his lost family or deliver him directly to the enemy. Malicious minions have challenged the sole survivor of the 'Brothers of Prophecy' and will try to obliterate the only remaining force that can save humanity.

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BN ID: 2940013785489
Publisher: Dreampath Books
Publication date: 12/14/2011
Series: Elements , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

I'm the author of a young adult fantasy series called Elements. I modeled the characters after my two sons and created the fantasy realm as a story to read to my children at night. I'm fascinated at the enormity of endless imagination that we as humans are capable of having, and enjoy being able to write fiction for others to appreciate as well.

I am quite passionate about writing but also enjoy helping those that are underprivileged, forgotten, and oppressed by working in a global reach department during the week in the hopes that I may bring attention to the causes which will, in effect, inspire others to volunteer or champion for those less fortunate locally and around the world.

I like to meet other people from diverse cultures and backgrounds and hope to one day travel to various locations and countries to volunteer in different areas

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Elements 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
TheChaoticBuffalo More than 1 year ago
Series or Novel? I received this book from the author, Kate Fuentes. Book series come in several varieties. There are those based on a character or characters that are present in each book of the series. The characters may not change much from book to book in the series and the plot of any book in the series may not depend significantly on what occurred in previous books. To some extent, Tom Clancy’s books about Jack Ryan and the John Wells Series by Alex Berenson fall into this category and could therefore be read in any order. The Harry Potter books are an example of a series that must be read in order because the characters change and the series itself has an ongoing storyline. Some series – like Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Series – have a storyline that continues throughout the series, but any book in the series can be read as a standalone or as an integral part of the series. Elements: The Beginning is the first book in a different kind of “series”; something I would call a cliffhanger series. There are several reasons – none good, in my opinion – that I can think of for turning a story into such a series. Regardless of the reason for doing so, the result is several incomplete books since all but the last have no ending and the last in the series has no beginning in itself. The Elements Series is the story of Gage and Talon Thorn – twins born in Montana but moved to New Zealand by their father when they are six months old. Under the guidance of their Maori nanny’s uncle, Maui, they learn to control and use the supernatural powers they’ve inherited from their mother and her Gaelic family. On their eighth birthday, they discover that they are instrumental in a prophecy related to the king of the underworld, Maradati, and his desire to destroy humankind. As the twins learn more about their powers, they realize that they are stronger together than they are separately. This knowledge is of little use as Talon is left behind when Gage dives through a closing portal in pursuit of Maradati. At about 150 pages, I see no reason to make this the first book of a series. Even the title screams for a single book called Elements. If the series contains three books, combining them would only create a moderately long novel that would likely allow for a less jumbled approach to the story. With dream/vision sequences and changes in tense and point of view, it’s often difficult to tell where in the story one is. Also distracting is the frequent mischoice and misuse of words – such as “detour” where “deter” is clearly intended. Ardent paranormal fantasy fans – regardless of context – will likely enjoy this one.
Brianna1 More than 1 year ago
Elements (The Beginning) was a thrilling read, that incorporated many twist and turns! Things are not always as they look is an old adage, which shows itself to be true in this wonderful book. Ms. Fuentes, creates an edge of your seat adventure! From the extraordinary events that surround Gage and Talon’s birth; to the description of the ancient evil. Plus, I literally let out a surprised, gasp!…at a certain part (do not wish to spoil it for you:), when Ms. Fuentes tossed in a surprising twist in the story. There hasn’t been many stories, that have actually surprised me; You know where there is supposed to be an…oh wow moment…and it actually turns into a…what now?… Not here in Elements, my mouth actually dropped open with…you’re kidding me right?!:)(Keep your eye on the birdies in the story:) When that happens, now…that’s a good story:) I recommend Elements(The Beginning) by Kate Fuentes, a Top Pick!:) Check out Ms. Fuentes second installment in the Element series!
Read_A_Book More than 1 year ago
Fuentes has created an epic tale of adventure in her debut novel, Elements: The Beginning. Born to a "gifted" mother and human father, Gage and Talon must learn to tailor their powers as an age old war between humanity and the underworld begins to threaten their very existence. I found this novel very interesting and really enjoyed the many different characters Fuentes brings to the novel. Watching Gage and Talon grow throughout the story was exceptionally interesting, especially as most novels gloss over these developmental stages, yet Fuentes follows the young boys from childhood all the way to their teens as they find new abilities and learn to overcome new challenges. I really enjoyed this first book in the series and am interested to know what happens next for the Thorn twins, especially as this novel concludes in medias res. Three stars.
Mousy75 More than 1 year ago
Exciting new author with unlimited possibilities! This is well written and very intriguing book which will appeal to a wide range of age groups. Can't wait for the next...
connie17 More than 1 year ago
Book sounds amazing can't wait to read!!