The Elements of New Testament Greek Paperback and Audio CD Pack

The Elements of New Testament Greek Paperback and Audio CD Pack

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This package provides one of the most successful and widely used biblical Greek textbooks of all time, J. W. Wenham's The Elements of New Testament Greek, along with a newly recorded CD containing spoken versions of the vocabulary lists in Wenham's book, and a new manual for the learning of Greek syntax with examples keyed to Wenham. The CD offers a valuable pronunciation guide, and the syntax lists show in detail how Greek grammar works. Taken together, these items provide the student with the basic resources required to learn New Testament Greek, whether in a classroom context or for self-study. The shrink-wrapped set contains: •The Elements of New Testament Greek by J. W. Wenham (292 pages, paperback) •Vocabulary Words for New Testament Greek spoken and recorded on CD by Jonathan T. Pennington •Syntax Lists for Students of New Testament Greek by Norman H. Young (80 pages, paperback)

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ISBN-13: 9780521002578
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 03/01/2002
Edition description: Unabridged
Pages: 142
Product dimensions: 5.43(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.46(d)

About the Author

The late J. W Wenham authored one of the most successful textbooks for the study of biblical Greek: The Elements of New Testament Greek (1965).

Based in Illinois, Jonathan T. Pennington teaches biblical Greek and runs a company, Pennington Ink, which records and manufactures teaching resources on audio cassette.

Norman H. Young teaches biblical Greek in the Faculty of Theology, Avondale College, Cooranbong, Australia.

Table of Contents

The Elements of New Testament Greek by J. W. Wenham Preface; Preface to the 1991 edition; Introduction: English grammar; 1. The Greek language; 2. Capital letters, breathings and other signs; 3. The present indicative active; 4. Verbs; 5. Second declension nouns; 6. The genitive and dative cases; 7. Gender: second declension neuter nouns; 8. First declension feminine nouns (i); 9. First declension feminine nouns (ii); Revision Tests 1; 10. First declension masculine nouns; 11. Second declension adjectives: the attributive use of adjectives; Adjectives used as nouns; 12. Predicative use of adjectives: present indicative of the verb 'to be'; 13. The imperfect indicative adjective: compound verbs; 14. Demonstratives; 15. Imperfects; 16. Cases, time, prepositions: preparatory use of 'there' and 'it'; 17. The passive voice of the present and imperfect indicative; 18. The relative pronoun: the present imperative; Revision Tests 2; 19. Personal, possessive and reflexive pronouns; 20. The present infinitive: uses of the infinitive; 21. The future active; 22. Verb-stems and tense-stems; 23. The middle voice: futures; 24. The first Aorist active; 25. The second Aorist active: principal parts; 26. The future and Aorist of liquid verbs; 27. The first and second Aorist middle; Revision Tests 3; 28. Third declension masculine and feminine nouns with consonant stems; 29. Third declension neuter nouns; 30. Third declension adjectives. interrogative and indefinite pronouns; 31. Third declension nouns with vowel stems; 32. Adjectives and pronouns of the first and third declensions; 33. Comparison of adjectives. Formations and comparison of adverbs; Revision Tests 4; 34. Perfect and pluperfect; 35. The Aorist and future passives; 36. Participles; 37. The genitive absolute: periphrastic tenses; 38. The subjunctive mood; 39. Prohibitions; 40. Contracted verbs; Revision Tests 5; 41–44. Verbs; Revision Tests 6–7; The next step; Vocabularies; Table of principal parts; Summary of grammar; English-Greek vocabulary; Greek–English Index; General index. Vocabulary Words for New Testament Greek spoken and recorded on audio cassette by Jonathan T. Pennington (two cassettes) Spoken pronunciation guides to New Testament Greek based on the chapters of J. W. Wenham's book. Syntax Lists for Students of New Testament Greek by Norman H. Young Introduction; 1. The infinitive; 2. The articular infinitive with prepositions; 3. The participle; 4. The subjunctive mood; 5. Conditional sentences; 6. Miscellaneous syntactical items; Appendix: Glossary of grammatical terms.

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