Elements of the Picaresque in Contemporary British Fiction

Elements of the Picaresque in Contemporary British Fiction

by Ligia Tomoiaga



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Elements of the Picaresque in Contemporary British Fiction by Ligia Tomoiaga

This study looks back at the picaresque, with its Spanish roots, and especially with its tradition in English literature; then, it comes to contemporary times, and identifies elements of the picaresque in contemporary novels. The main thesis of the author is that the picaresque has never left the literary scene in Britain, being an aesthetic invariant, which expresses a natural inclination of the British authors towards the picaresque story. Postcolonial authors also favour this genre as a consequence of their own literary tradition, which includes particular variants of the picaresque, and as a result of their own situation as immigrant/displaced authors, which gives them material for stories of displaced characters - rogues. The study rigorously identifies the sources of the contemporary protocols of the picaresque, as well as a few variants of picaresque stories in a selection of novels the author accounts for theoretically.

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ISBN-13: 9781443837774
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Publication date: 05/01/2012
Pages: 250

About the Author

Ligia Tomoiaga holds a PhD in Philology and is an Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Cluj Napoca, the North Centre in Baia Mare, the Faculty of Letters, the Philology and Cultural Studies Deparment. She teaches British and American literature, UK and American history, culture and civilization, and popular culture. Her research interest is in genre studies, especially. She is also an international conference organizer at her university.

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